4 Expert Tips For Raising Your Home Appraisal

When you are refinancing or selling your home, handyman Orange County is part of the entire process. A home appraiser’s job is to determine a property’s worth in relation to the current market. This means that the cost of your home today is likely to be different from what you have paid for it.

If you are fortunate enough, your home’s value will have risen during the entire duration you have lived in it. This will make the sale profitable or the refinancing easier. On the other hand, if the appraiser sets a value that’s lower than the amount you’ve originally paid for the property due to certain circumstances like a recent real estate slump, then you will surely be facing problems in recouping your money by the time you are approved for a brand new mortgage or when you sell it.

Of course, Orange County handyman has to be objective. An appraiser looks for many different factors that can affect a home’s value like its condition, amenities, materials, and square footage. Once they are carefully assessed, the professional will research comps or comparable properties that have been sold within the area recently in order to identify the market value.

In other words, it’s unlikely that you will be able to charm the appraiser of your home into thinking that the property is worth more than it actually is. Save yourself the trouble and don’t think about putting fresh-cut flowers Phoenix on your dining room table. Also, cookies in the oven won’t shoot up the value of your home unless you are showing the entire place to a potential buyer.

What you can do to ensure your home’s appraisal value is as high as possible is to keep in mind the tips listed below:

Gather Your Own Comps

If you know several homes that are similar in the neighborhood and have sold recently, then don’t hesitate calling them to the attention of the appraiser. The professional may not be familiar with the area and may miss certain comps that would have worked to your benefit. The likely scenario is that the appraiser will appreciate your help.

Spruce It Up

De-clutter, give your walls a fresh coat of paint and make minor repairs if necessary. Even if you are just refinancing, you would not want messy desks and dirty dishes to be immortalized in the photos that will be taken by the appraiser.

Don’t Neglect Your Home’s Exterior

Even before the professional reaches your door, he or she will be taking notes. If you have a yard, a little tidying up will already go a long way. Tear out the dead bushes or trees in the area as they can detract the appearance of your home. If your walkway needs repair, make sure it’s sorted before the appraiser arrives. Put numbers on your mailbox and seal your driveway as well.

Point Out Major Improvements

If you’ve just replaced your roof, mention it. However, don’t expect that doing major improvements will increase the resale value of your home as only a few projects can recoup every penny that’s been invested. We suggest that you replace your entry door with one that’s made of steel as it has proved to help homeowners to at least break even.