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Walk-Through Checklist for a Vacating Renter

You are vacating a rented property and if you receive your security deposit again is contingent on the unit passing inspection. Utilize exactly the identical check list that the landlord signed when you moved in and allow it to be the guide when you leave. The concluding walk-through is the real key to getting all or a portion of your deposit . The more amazing the house is through the check-out the better impression you’ll make.

Assess Together With the Landlord

Filling in the check-out list by yourself presents just one side of this story. Have the his or her representative with you to cover the house and be sure he signs off with the things on your list. Take photographs for back up. Make sure you keep a copy of the final list, signed by the landlord as well as yourself.

Total Appearance

All rooms should be clean with no litter or debris evident. Insides of closets, cabinets, medicine chests and laundry centers have to be clean and filtered. Floors should show no signs of discoloration. Wipe the front door so that it poses a positive welcome and clean the area coming to the house. Check light fixtures and be sure all have bulbs.

Windows and Coverings

Wash the windows on the interior and should you have sliding doors leading out, wipe all of panes. Be sure no bugs or dirt are on window sills. Damp clean the dividers and vacuum draperies of dust.


Fill image hanging holes then sand flat. Vacuum following sanding, and in case you’ve got the ideal paint, then use it to touch up walls, baseboards and railings. It is not necessary to completely repaint the unit but be certain the walls are clean and without any harm.


Clean the baths, including the bathtub and toilet. Make certain no mold is about the grouting and that the area sparkles and smells great. Eliminate all soap bars and wipe away any soap scum. Leave a roll of toilet paper in the holder. Wipe the air extractor and the ground. When there’s a shower curtain, wash it before checking out, or clean the glass shower doors and the track they are in.


Clean the oven and stove top, such as any roasting pans that stay with the oven. Remove everything from the refrigerator and wipe down all the shelving, including inside the freezer. All cupboards should be wiped with a damp cloth, indoors and outside. Eliminate the extractor filters and wash them in warm water. Leave the countertop spotless and the rest of the appliances ready for a new tenant.

Final Check

Walk in the unit and examine it as a new tenant would. If it looks clean, smells great and is as presentable as possible your check list is complete. Switch in the keys and clickers, and be certain the landlord signs on them.

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