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Budget Decorator: 16 Ways to Bring Summer in Your Kitchen

Envision stepping through the threshold to your own summer home, hearing the screen door shut behind you while you drop your bags and sigh with relief. You have came. What is it all about summer getaways that makes us feel wonderfully carefree? What if it were possible to re-create at least some of this atmosphere in our own homes, daily? In this new show, we’ll be focusing on ways to do just that. Join us as we go room by room discovering creative ways to get this away-at-the-beach atmosphere in the home daily.

Have a look at these 16 creative, budget-friendly tips for bringing this wonderful summery feeling to your kitchen.

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1. Decorate with market finds. Place juicy berries ripe peaches in a major bowl, then plunk an armful of sunflowers in a pitcher and also keep fresh citrus hand in a glass apothecary jar.

2. Roll an indoor-outdoor rug. Bring in a dose of colour without worrying about spills and stains with a tough indoor-outdoor rug in the kitchen.

Martha O’Hara Interiors

3. Place palm fronds in a huge glass jug. Unusual and fun, large palm fronds will outlast any blossom fragrance and are much more striking.

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4. Curate beach finds. Sift through these buckets of flotsam and set your best finds open shelving in the kitchen. Coupled with stacks of plates or glassware, they’ll attract a festive, beachy vibe to the room.

5. Set up a kitchen bar. You understand everybody ends up in the kitchen at parties anyhow, therefore be ahead of the curve and also establish a bar right on the counter.

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6. Paint a wall. A great huge chalkboard in the kitchen is the best spot for writing shopping lists, go-to recipes and inspiring quotes.

7. … and use it in order to make your summer record! Give yourself an inspirational boost by listing all of the fun things you hope to do (spend all day at the beach, make ice cream, go to an outside concert) this summer.

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8. Add portable tunes. Make cooking the easiest weeknight dinners feel fun and summery by cuing up some music. A tiny portable iPod dock is going to do the trick — and portable speakers can even proceed with you in the event that you have dinner al fresco.

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9. Grow herbs. If you rig a creative wall-mounted container garden such as the one displayed here or plant a few basic pots and plunk them on the windowsill, using fresh herbs on hand is a summer must.

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10. Pack away half of your dishes. Make your shelves and cabinets easier on the eyes and reduce cleanup time by packaging away everything but your most frequently used dishes, glassware and cooking resources.

11. Put up open shelving or eliminate cupboard doors. Give your kitchen a breezy feel by doing away with cupboard doors swapping out upper cupboards for shelving. You will be astonished at how much bigger your kitchen will feel.

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12. Organize a baking station. Be prepared for summertime treats by collecting all of your go-to components and ingredients in a handy spot. Flours and sugars decanted into resealable glass containers not just seem pretty but will remain free of pesky bugs.

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13. Curate your cookbooks. Keep things simple and inspiring by sorting through your cookbooks and placing aside volumes that you know you will not utilize during warmer months (winter soups and stews, I’m looking at you). In the first nip in the air this autumn, it is possible to go grab that box of books and then swap from the summery ones.

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14. Update a skillet with trendy colors and easy-care cloths. Seat cushion covers and cushions in swimming pool hues feel refreshing once the sun is blazing outside. If you reside in a warm climate, then you might also want to think about using fadeproof (and easy-to-clean) outside fabrics.

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15. Go for a natural appearance. Keep things simple and new with colors produced from natural fibers, wood and white ceramics. Try classic bistro chairs or stools in the breakfast room, a sea grass or sisal rug, woven baskets to keep dish towels and a large earthenware jug for wooden spoons.

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16. Swap out cookware. Dig your biggest bud for freshwater stalks and dust off the ice cream maker — it is time to prepare for summertime cooking! If you’re tight on space — and that is not? — pack the gadgets and tools you probably will not be using anytime soon (such as the turkey roasting pan) to make room.

Inform us : How do you prefer to utilize your kitchen in the summertime? Any summertime rhythms you can not wait to make?

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