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Up the Luck in Your House

St. Patrick’s Day obviously has me thinking about the luck of the Irish. I am not one to burn sage in a new area before residing there, nor am I going to really go overboard with luck-totem purchases, but I can’t help but think about how I can bring more blessings and positivity in my home. So I did some digging and found a few manageable tweaks and enhancements.

Shoshana Gosselin

1. Shamrock patterns. The four-leaf clover is famous for bringing good luck to the Irish. But who says you’re only limited to one? Throw pillows and partitions create ideal canvases for shamrock artwork. Create your own shamrock-filled space by employing this DIY stencil pattern …

Martha O’Hara Interiors

… or replace the coffee table with a set of upholstered, nail-trimmed four-leaf clover accent tables, like the ones in this chic sunroom.

2. Red doors. In Ireland, red doors are thought to ward off evil spirits and ghosts. Most civilizations — regardless of what their opinions are of the supernatural — regard the red door as a barrier dividing good and evil. Doesn’t this crimson door cause you want to find out what is on the opposite side?

Debora carl landscape design

3. Lucky numbers. I’ve known those who have bought houses due to the home number’s auspiciousness, and no quantity is thought to be as blessed universally as eight: You’ll find eight days of Hannukah, Buddhism gets the Eightfold Path, it is the atomic number of oxygen, and it is the amount of unmoving stars in the skies symbolizing the perfect orientation of planetary energy. Add up the home numbers in the picture above and you get lucky number eight.

Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

4. Sapphire. The blue jewel is supposed to protect its wearer against misfortunes, accidents, unexpected and natural calamities, and psychological tensions — and what might be more agonizing than watching a televised game of your favourite group contrary to their number-one rival on your media room? If you can’t afford loose sapphire gems, experiment with sapphire paint.This otherwise impartial guy cave is wrapped in a lovely sapphire blue, bringing elegance and elegance (and hopefully fortune) into a manly area.

Rossington Architecture

5. Koi fish. A koi pond on one’s property is supposedly among the most powerful feng shui symbols of wealth and good fortune.

Design Studio -Teri Koss

If a pond is just not within your budget, paintings of swimming pool swimming, like in this paperweight sink, may also bring fortune, wealth and a joyful marriage.

Louise Lakier

6. Dream catchers. The Native American dream home, said to have originated in the Sioux Nation, is thought to catch bad dreams in the home, leaving its inhabitants with a peaceful and serene mind. If hanging one over your mattress doesn’t mesh with your design style, think about dream catcher artwork or décor similar to this nautical window in blown glass in the design of a dream catcher.

Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

7. Bamboo. Heralded as one of the luckiest feng shui symbols, the lasting and hydroponic bamboo plant brings calmness and luck to virtually any environment. Bamboo also doubles as a durable barrier and ornamental plant in any Zen-inspired walkway or garden.

Hazelnut New Orleans

Hazelnut New Orleans Gold Coin Pillow – $210

8. Gold coins. Don’t we all wish we could have gold coins lying round the home to throw in the air for good fortune? Never mind the fact that gold bullions and artwork are just two of the most trustworthy financial investments you may make; seemingly, a few gold coins which are either glued into a path resulting in the front doorway, or put around the doorway, invite wealth and prosperity into the home or business. I wonder whether a gold coin throw cushion on the entryway slipper chair would suffice for good fortune?


9. Wishbones. Common lore has it that if two individuals tugging on a wishbone from a Thanksgiving turkey create a wish, following the wishbone fractures, the individual with the larger piece gets their wish granted. I hope that you all stick to actual turkey wishbones and stay clear of any pulling those blue Hans Wegner midcentury wishbone seats.

Anita Roll Murals

10. Elephants. The elephant totem is thought to be a harbinger of good fortune, wisdom and strength in several civilizations. Some think of the massive creature as being among the smartest animals on earth, and I have to agree. Elephants’ ordinary life span is 70 years, so that they have to be onto something. Wild, lovely pachyderms are celebrated in this nursery’s wall art …

For Folks design

… and gilded in this elegant Hollywood Regency–motivated console vignette.

ers, let’s How have you invited fortune and blessings into your home?

Bringing Symbols of Luck Into Home Design

Guest Groups: Good Luck in the New Year

Easy DIY St. Patrick’s Day Décor

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Accessories 101: Staffordshire Dogs

Staffordshire dogs are some of the very traditionally sought after ceramic décor. Dating back to the 1700s for working class families to decorate their houses, the pottery comes from companies in the County of Staffordshire, England. Staffordshire spaniels are available in many sizes and color combinations, with the all-white figurines being the hottest.

While the appearance is quite conventional, today’s designers are combining those figurines in much more contemporary and contemporary contexts. The prevalence of this Staffordshire has carried into important retail outfits, which have generated updated versions of this appearance. Obviously, the original antiques are equally hard to find and expensive. However, reproductions may look just as good and are readily accessible. In any event, the puppies are sure to bring a little timelessness to any space.

Ann West Interiors

Here, the puppies are placed where they were meant for: the mantel. You can see why. They look good flanking another parts of ceramic. The oversize glass boats which hold thistles are radically contemporary compared to this Staffordshire, all which make a nice mixture of styles.

Philip Clayton-Thompson

In this tropical all-white space, the accession of this big white Staffordshire puppy on the table, paired with the dark shade of this lamp, adds warmth and formality into the differently casual room. The contrast between the loosely slip-covered chair and the traditional ceramic generates an authentically diverse aesthetic.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

The red and white Staffordshire dogs are a surprise element to this room. By placing them under the red lacquered table, the designers may be referencing a style without putting it fully on display. The area remains contemporary, with a key inclusion of Victorian glamour beneath the coffee table.

Astleford Interiors, Inc..

The casual positioning of these dogs onto the table amid the rest of the ceramic sets creates a layered appearance. Clearly, there’s a high-low element to the group.

What’s nice about putting a piece of Staffordshire in your desk is you really get to appreciate it every time you write a letter or work. And, in this instance, the porcelain spaniel goes nicely with the fun yellow lamps and old fashioned telephone. It seems absolutely retro.

Furbish Studio

Black Staffordshire Dogs – $72

These are not actual, but they seem it! The black and white blend is classic, and the puppies’ small size makes these suitable for practically any space.

Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler Staffordshire Spaniel Lamp-left at Table Lamps – $395

The matte finish and angular design are contemporary and fresh.

Porcelain Dog Pillow Cover – $12

This pillow is a perfect way to bring this appearance without needing to acquire the porcelain.

Carleton Varney Set of two White Staffordshire Porcelain Dogs – $16.99

You could have this traditional all-white appearance with the gold chain at a very affordable price.

More: Great Dogs in Style

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14 Ways to Take Advantage of Your Wallpaper

So you’ve made the decision to commit to wallpaper, chosen the best one and are now standing in your recently papered room. The paper may be up, but the procedure has only just begun. Next step: making the most of your wallpaper by way of décor.

Wallpaper isn’t merely a colorful or textural backdrop, but it’s an element which should interact with the overall design, and your décor decisions must reflect that. The job can often feel daunting or overwhelming, but I am hoping these next images will provide you the confidence to the handle the project successfully (while having some fun). Before you know it, visitors will soon be ooh-ing and aah-ing in your wallpapered room (and begging you for design wisdom!) .

Valerie interiors + design

Think bold colour. Don’t be afraid to match boldly colored wallpaper with different bold colour in the décor. This floral purple paper pops from these red contemporary dining seats. Balanced with a lighting fixture, the dining area becomes the region of the room.

Cynthia Mason Interiors

Pull out colors of the wallpaper. Really integrate the paper in your space by furnishing the room in the same colors found in the wallpaper. The green chest and neutral sink jar and accessories allow this toilet feel unified.

Attempt a pattern in a complementary scale. In case you have patterned wallpaper, make it pop by upholstering the furniture in a pattern of dimensional scale. The crucial word here is scale: Notice how the layout on the seats is smaller than that on the walls, so therefore balancing both within an eye-appealing pair.

Rupal Mamtani

Contemplate neutrals. Make your wallpaper the announcement bit by furnishing the room in neutrals. The delicate, natural feel of these pieces is calming from this floral paper, leading to a peacefully chic sanctuary.

Dan Brown

Re-create elements of the wallpaper. Have wallpaper with distinct shapes or designs? Reflect them in your own design. The circular shape of this very unique hood pulls the circles out from the paper while at the same time providing this contemporary kitchen a sculptural element.

Peg Berens Interior Design LLC

Match the wallpaper’s mood. The bursts within this paper have a playful, party vibe, and paired with these crystal sconces provide this toilet an understated feel of glamour and elegance.

Elizabeth Dinkel

Find furnishings with smaller-scaled layouts. Fabric isn’t the only element to consider when pairing patterns; furnishings will also do the trick. As always, scale is all. Try a mirror with a smaller-scale Greek key pattern with this green pine paper for a toilet that is both amazing and fresh.

M.A.D. Megan Arquette Design

Find furnishings with larger-scaled layouts. Scale goes either way: Furnishings with a larger scale will work just well playing off paper with a smaller scale, such as these dining chairs, in addition in a Greek key design.

Laura Bendik Interiors

Utilize the wallpaper’s pattern within the room. If you’re really stuck on how best to incorporate the paper, simple pull in the exact same pattern through an accessory. Throw pillows are a great choice — create custom made pillowcases and you’re all set!

Michael Fullen Design Group

Function in bold, graphic designs. If your wallpaper can be categorized from the dark, white, gray or neutral families, then you’ve got a great opportunity to inject colour and a sense of playfulness through daring, colorful prints. It’s a no-brainer for kids’ rooms, where pleasure is always welcome!

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc..

Go monochromatic with pops of colour. If your wallpaper is made up of essentially one colour or different colors of one colour, think about fusing all elements of the room by choosing furnishings in the exact same colour. To avoid it feeling excessively overly light, add one bold color through accessories, placed intermittingly through the room.

Nicole Lanteri Design

Hang colorful frames. Because frames have a rather intimate relationship with the walls, they’re a great opportunity to bring a little excess life to wallpaper. Bold colors pop from the paper, or even antique gilded gold eyeglasses for rich colors such as purples and blues. If you look closely in this picture, you’ll realize this designer pulled a particularly intriguing trick with the red-framed bit: Rather than showcasing art, he abandoned it empty, essentially framing the wallpaper. Yet another way to enhance the paper!

Niche Interiors

Ground it with organic pieces. Should you feel like your space is getting just a little pattern mad between wallpaper and décor, ground the appearance with a natural piece. It will round out your appearance, plus it’s hard to go wrong with well rounded, natural furnishings.

Margaret Carter Interiors

Have some fun with it! This dreamy, forest-like wallpaper would not be complete without a googly-eyed gargoyle keeping watch. The unexpected is what makes design unique.

Decorating Secrets: How to Layer Patterns Proper
DIY Project: Wallpaper Goes Mobile

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New Icons: Kartell’s Bourgie Table Lamp

It’s so much fun when designers mash up forms with contemporary materials. In the instance of this Bourgie Lamp, designer Ferruccio Laviani crafted traditional Baroque shapes from a modern material, polycarbonate. The result is a modern lamp that provides a wink and a nod into a age where the more ornate something has been, the better.

Kartell Bourgie Table Lamp – $362

Laviani’s layout adds creativity into the mix. Its own lampshade is a matching polycarbonate, and the height can be corrected by adding spacers between the foundation and the shade.


This bedroom combines fantastic-plastic and Baroque style, and our small Bourgie is just the guy to tie the two together.

Side note: Wondering about these fab throw pillows? They are all by Hable Construction.


The Bourgie was an ideal choice for Swedish blogger Signed by Tina, who mixes traditional and contemporary bits in unexpected ways, as the lamp does.

Watch the rest of this Exceptional home


Tina also used Bourgie as a reading light, now in the chrome version. This is a woman who knows how to play with texture, and the metallic lamp emphasizes the reflective qualities of this background.

Simply Grove

Blogger Kirsten of Simply Grove is also a lover of matching the Bourgie with metallic background. Here it functions as a lamp.

Nicole Lanteri Design
The Bourgie is all up to the job as a desk lamp, giving light and style without being cumbersome.

Peter A. Sellar – Architectural Photographer

This Bourgie forges a solid relationship with the crystal chandelier, tying the dwelling area and the foyer together.

Peg Berens Interior Design LLC

Don’t want things to be this transparent? In addition to crystal, the Bourgie also comes in black, white, chrome, gold and white. Black definitely shows off his fine figure the most clearly.

Modern Icons: The Logico Lamp
Modern Icons: The Caboche Chandelier
Hot and Loaded Desk Lamps

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Here's the Best Way To Master the Throw Pillow Combination

Do not fret, mastering a throw-pillow combination isn’t rocket-science. While several of those masterful damaged combinations down in to some simplified style formulas, do not consider them. There are not any hard fast rules; before you get the correct mix and organization, it is actually about changing things up.

Here are a variety of throw pillow mixes that operate from “I may do that!” to “do not attempt this at home without an interior designer.” Keep in mind that occasionally the mixes that can’t be described or divided in just about any manner will be the ones that are most effective about.

Tobi Fairley Home Design

1. 1 Design + 1 Sound. It Is an easy combination that will get a huge impact. When employing a powerful pairing of colours like orange and blue, whatever you need to get a backcloth is white or cream.

Niki Papadopoulos

Here is a method to attempt 1 Design + 1 Sound in a space that is minimum. The designs are refined, but for the powerful diamond pattern on the pillows. A couple of pillows that are solid pick on the grey tone in the diamonds to include balance.

Natalie Younger Interiordesign, Allied ASID

2. 1 Daring Routine + 1 Little Pattern. This is another phase beyond point No. 1; the design on the cream-coloured pillows here is so delicate that it almost reads as a strong.

Liz Stewart

3. Foundation of Main Colours. Retaining an easy palette lets you get fun playing together with the model of the pillows (squares, rectangles, bolsters, a such like). Primary shades plus several punches of orange reign combination throws. The designer even offers played in the ottoman combination with distinct sizes and contours.

Tamar Schechner/Nest Fairly Issues Inc

4. On a Regular Basis, all Florals. Anybody who h-AS seen a bungalow in England understands that we now have no two flowery prints that clash with one another.

Hint: When some of flowery prints seem to be clashing, just add a third. A DD a fourth, and therefore on, till it just operates if these seem like they’re clashing. This combination has an extensive selection of colour palettes floral fashions and scales, and the effect is asking and refined.

Tara Seawright Interiordesign

Here a set of pop flowery that is quite distinct prints combine and mingle. Pairing black and white using a brilliant pattern is an unanticipated move. The huge sectional definitely enlivens; without the pillows this dark and substantial item of furniture might have pulled this chamber down.

Baysix Layout

5. Layout 1 + Design 2 + Design 3 + Design 4 + Design 5 Same Colour Palette. In other words, use as numerous patterns as you like as long as the frequent denominator is the identical colour palette. Make sure you vary the the dimensions of the designs whenever you can when you take care of this.

Studio Marcelo Brito

6. 1 Motif. By sticking with these geometric tribal designs, the designer has gathered a fascinating and harmonious number of pillows.

Summerour Architects

While patterns as well as the colours in this mixture have become varied, the majority of the pillows are kilim, which ties the big group of them together.

Caitlin Wilson Layout

7. Opposites Entice. White-on-periwinkle toile satisfies David Hicks’ geometric Manhattan Project Fiorentina, underlined by way of a slash of gold? In the event that you had mentioned this outloud, I’d have believed you had been mad, but it really is proper and therefore dramatic here. The gold that is strong toss reasons the two designs, as well as their scales that are huge stand as much as the really large scale of the hand on the carpet.

Caitlin Wilson Style

8. 1 Large Geometric + 1 Modest Geometric + 1 Boldface Flowery: It Is a masterful mixture, and bear in mind the ottoman and wall paper are tossing in a lot more scales, colours as well as designs. But when you break it down to fundamentals, it is just contours tied together by a wonderful palette of colours that are opposite and those three scales, blue and orange.

sarah & bendrix

9. It Only Works: Now, I possibly could deconstruct this and discuss about utilizing black and white and neutrals hit with pink, but significantly, who understood an eyechart, a pink Union Jack, one big bloom, some sequins and modern botanic-ish prints would operate? That is a good example of throwing every-thing in the mixture with wild abandon and simply having fun. Throw the formulas out the window and only have interesting, in the event you are grabbed by the spirit.

Andrea Schumacher Interiors

I don’t have any notion why this diverse combination functions so good the best way to describe, but it does.

Inform us: What Is in your combination of throw pillows?

Routine Play: Combination Prints to get a Conventional-Modern Appearance
Inspired by the Run-Way: Mixing Designs
Designs: Ikat

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DIY: The Key to Hanging a Plate Set

Hanging several plates is quite simple for those who possess a helper as well as the proper tools. When you are doing yourself to it, having the right can eventually be a finger- wall, whacking -scarring fest that is spackle. It doesn’t need to be this way. Read on for the key to creating an ideal organization — of another wall or plates artwork — co -proprietor of Inside Theatrical Production Services in Birmingham, ALABAMA.

Mandi Smith T Interiors

When she and Dad were married 46 years past These plates were my Mother’s first china routine,” Mandi states. When their their property was hit by lighting and combusted, the plates were no longer useable (up close they’re snapped throughout and stained in places), therefore she created art out of these. After attaching each plate into a standard spring loaded plate hanger, “I hung this string by myself on a Sunday day.”

Mandi Smith T Interiors

Anyone who is hung a group on a wall has at least one story of mis-aligned artwork, fingers that are bruised and slammed-up partitions. It will not help, Mandi notes, that several groups contain graphics with distinct hanging mechanisms on the rear, various wire lengths, or aspect latches and no-wire — all which can impact the peak of a bit, making it a task to get the positioning right.

Next, the 5-measure alternative.

Mandi Smith T Interiors

1. Catch some left over newspaper and outline each plate or framed piece on the paper and cut them out. Take advantage of your paper cut-outs to determine the correct layout of the string. Experiment by means of your group on the ground Flagstaff to to sort out the organization you enjoy best.

2. Following the strategy you exercised on the ground, lightly record the cut outs to the wall. Occasionally step back to be sure to are joyful using the peak of the complete group as well as the spatial arrangement.

3. After you’re fully fulfilled by the arrangement on the wall, it is possible to start hanging the plates. “I make use of this instrument to get the precise positioning of the nail,” Mandi claims. “I got it for Xmas 12 months, and today I just cannot stay without it!” The item is called Amount and Hang. “You just hang your plate (or other art) on the hook in the underparts of the the instrument and hold it up to the wall in addition to your paper cutout.”

4. “When it’s totally lined up together with the cutout, lightly push on the image/plate as well as the device makes a modest impression on the wall suggesting where to set the nail. It is actually a snapshot!”

Mandi Smith T Interiors

5. Once all the nails have been in place, it is possible to take away the paper cutouts and put the plates on on their nails. Ta da!

An additional suggestion from Mandi: “I didn’t know relating to this product once I hung my plates, but found it after and purchased it for a lot of jobs since. I really like it helps the plate to sit nearer to to the wall for a cleaner appearance.” See her first tutorial here.

Does Mandi’s wall inspire to make your personal wall facility? Some more thoughts to enable you to get started:

My Sweet Savannah

A big platter anchors an accumulation of ivory and cream parts.

Dufner Heighes Inc

This brilliant group is animated by a care-free, asymmetrical organization.

Several white plates collected like an extension of the bouquet on the dining table in the middle looks.


A trio of mis-matched plates is shape as well as the best size with this corner by the staircase.

Balance by putting platters that are bigger in the middle and bottom, the changing weights of little and big plates.

Two Tale Bungalow

Groups adore to perform with lines.

Consider a clue out of your plates to think of a contour to your group. Here, four platters that are oblong type a greater oblong shape that properly crosses the breadth of a hearth.

what’re your plate-hanging tricks?

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