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The spotlight is on Hollywood, as awards season comes to an end. This made me consider movies in which the architecture is integral to the storyline, where a home becomes an important personality. This listing of 10 is certainly not all inclusive. I have resisted including movies just because the set design is perfection, like A Single Person or Something’s GotId Offer. Additionally, I have never seen The Fountainhead, because it’s my favourite book. Please chime in under in the Remarks section about any I have overlooked.


Grey Gardens (The Criterion Collection): Edith Bouvier Beale, Edith – $21.99

Some call it a gorgeous love story. Some call it a chilling story of residing in a raccoon- and – flea-infested, cat urine–filled home. Most soil somewhere in between the two. In case you haven’t seen Grey Gardens, you are passing up a ton of cultural references and you do not even know it.

Watch the first teaser first, let it marinate and then rent the HBO movie that stars Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore as the two Edies. The latter will answer a whole lot of questions, and also the set designers did an amazing job of imagining and representing the home in its entire glory.


The Money Pit – $5.49

Long before Tom Hanks was stuck on a deserted island he was stuck with this dreadful house and went through a renovation nightmare. I get sucked into this home every time it airs. Tom Hanks is completely hilarious, but the home itself steals the show. Watch it during the frustrating elements of a renovation to observe how things could be much worse.


Home Alone – $11.71

A large, empty brick home plays a big role in this blockbuster. These parents figure out how to leave their son Kevin home alone, and he has to not just take care of himself, but also shield the home by a couple of inept burglars.


Beetlejuice (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) – $5.19

Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! This movie brought about a new method to describe a particular style of interior d├ęcor. “It was a complete Beetlejuice living area” immediately conjures up odd proportions, a dash of bravura modern and extreme use of color. You have to see the movie.


Housesitter – $8.99

Housesitter opens with Steve Martin, playing an architect, suggesting to his girlfriend in front of a gorgeous white home he is designed with a red bow wrapped about it. She says no. Input Goldie Hawn, who’s always dreamed of living in this home.

Another movie with a fantastic home (such as all Nancy Meyers movies) is It is Complicated, where once more Martin plays an architect. Architect is the job screenwriters often give characters.


The Lake House (Widescreen Edition) – $4.99

This movie is so boring I fell dead in the midst of it, however, the glass house to the lake as well as how it joins the two main characters is of the utmost significance to the storyline. It’s also a really neat-looking home; along with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, it’s easy on the eyes. However, if you just wish to watch both of these celebrities and you wish to remain alert, I recommend leasing Speed instead.


House of Sand and Fog – $9.59

This is only one of the most depressing movies I have ever seen in my life, but I can’t think of another movie where the home is as central to the storyline. Additionally, Jennifer Connelley Ben Kingsley and Shohreh Aghdashloo provide performances.


The Notebook – $6.99

If any of you have not seen The Notebook (you’ve seen it at least 10 times or not at all), I do not wish to ruin any surprises, but also the unbelievable renovation of a home as well as the reasons for doing this are very significant.


In The Holiday, the whole plot is made by the two main characters’ swapping of homes. One is a cozy little cabin in the U.K., the other is a big and sleek Hollywood home. As this is a Nancy Meyers movie (such as It is Complicated and Something’s GotId Offer), both are dreamy. Due to the temporary new digs, life changes to the two main characters ensue.


Marie Antoinette – $6.23

In Sofia Coppolla’s Marie Antoinette, the palace in Versailles plays a significant part, from initially imprisoning Marie Antoinette, to later representing so many of the excesses that drove the French Revolution. Another important set is Antoinette’s special escape, the Petit Trianon, a smaller chateau on the home.

I know I am missing movies where a home steals the show. Please share your favorites in the Remarks section.

‘True Grit’: Classic, Old-West-Style Design
Sixties Southern Style: Inspiration from ‘The Help’

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Eclectic Homes

Guest Picks: 20 Affordable Area Rugs

The floor in the front of my sofa is looking awfully bare. The requirements? A fun patterned rug that doesn’t cost more than $1,000. — Melanie from You’re My Fave

Hand-Hooked Chelsea Southwest Multicolor Wool Rug – $264.34

I don’t usually go for Southwest themes, but I saw this rug in a bedroom that was not themed and the colors and patterned seemed fresh and modern.

West Elm

Gradiated-Stripe Cotton Rug – $19

Classic stripes in three different colors with a accent trim? I am sold.

Urban Outfitters

Bead Silhouette Printed Rug – $50

A contemporary pop of pattern and colour. It’s about the small side but might make a great addition to a kitchen or laundry area.


Island Graphite Chevron Rug – $199

A nice neutral rug with a subtle chevron pattern can be easily added to any area.


Up-Close Cranesbill Rug – $398

This modern abstract pattern will add colour and interest to your flooring. I enjoy that the most important colour is a nice shade of gray instead of a white that dirties simpler.


Expanding Colorscape Rug – $698

My husband is concerned with all the coziness of this rug we select. This will provide him the softness he needs while not compromising about the pattern that I need.

Home Decorators Collection

Rosa Area Rug – $69

I enjoy the safe color of the one. It would not be hard to fit and it sill conveys interest.

Home Decorators Collection

Chrysanthemum Area Rug – $119

Although florals are often regarded as girly, the large-scale pattern and navy colour of the rug make it a bit more masculine. At least that is the argument I would give to my spouse.

Garnet Hill

Bogart Flat-Weave Wool Rug – $68

If Oprah recommends it then it has to be useful. I really like the deep teal one.

Garnet Hill

Droplets Hooked Wool Rug – $98

This droplet reminds me of this classic stem pattern from Orla Kiely. That’s a win in my book.

Garnet Hill

Houndstooth Flat-Weave Wool Rug – $188

Houndstooth is one of these classic patterns I don’t think I’ll ever tire of. If you stare at it for too long it might cause a hassle though.

Cost Plus World Market

Nomad Sculpted Rug – $349.99

I typically don’t go for red, but combine it with a nice gray and it looks sharp enough to blanket the floor.

Dash & Albert Rug Company

Spinnaker Woven Cotton Rug – $30

Dash and Albert have stripes down. I really like how brightly colored this rug is, as well as the very affordable price.

Rugs USA

Firouz Shadow Ikat Ivory Rug – $209

This ikat pattern looks way more lush and expensive than it really is. It almost looks like something from the pages of a magazine.

Handmade Alexa Modern Damask Wool Rug – $205.27

Just how long has the damask pattern been about? Long enough to know that it’s always going to be a classic.

Amy Butler Hand-Tufted Ivory Floral New Zealand Wool Rug – $499

Amy Butler knows how to operate a blueprint, and this flowery rug is no exception. It’s a great cost for your designer look.

Dash & Albert Rug Company

Tattersall Black/Ecru Woven Cotton Rug – $33

I feel like this one would fit in well at a cabin. It kind of cries “mountain man.”

Handmade Alexa Pino Suzani Rug – $295.79

I haven’t really considered lavender, but I am thinking it might certainly work paired with navy and gray.

Rugs USA

Cenon Ikat Black Rug – $209

Another ikat pattern that looks luxe in more manly colors.

Rugs USA

Homespun Modern Trelllis Charcoal Rug – $59

Gray is my preferred neutral, and this trellis pattern feels classic yet fresh. Is that possible?

Next: More guest product selections

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Eclectic Homes

Lose It: CDs, DVDs, Cassettes and VHS tapes

As we continue to get our audio and music on the internet, we develop from an increasing number of types of technology. That the CD was the press storage solution of the long run. Now, it is becoming nearly as obsolete since VHS and cassettes. While streamlining your stuff makes for a more ecofriendly potential, what can you really do with your leftover tapes and CDs when you are done?

While plastic casings and covers can at times be recycled, the CDs themselves and the tape in VHS and cassette tapes requires a special recycling procedure. It might require a little additional work, getting the excess crap out of your house and rescue it from filling landfills and polluting air and water is a fairly wonderful benefit.

Use It!

Unfortunately, aside from re-watching and listening to them, there are not many practical applications for worn out VHS tapes, cassette tapes, CDs, and DVDs. There are some quirky crafts for things beyond repair, however your best choice for tapes and CDs that nevertheless work would be to give them. Odds are there’s somebody out there who will believe that your trash is an absolute treasure.

Give them to the Goodwill, the Salvation Army, or the Alternative Community Training organization. ACT provides work for handicapped people who work on erasing and repacking donated VHS tapes, cassette tapes, and floppy disks. Usually tapes still in good shape following erasing are resold, whereas the plastic portions of the rest are recycled.

Give them to the local library or school if the content is applicable. Some schools will also utilize cassette tape for crafts (there’s a rumor that it creates great puppet hair).

Try giving them away on Craigslist or even Freecycle. You would be amazed by how many people would jump at the chance to get a bit of music/media history.

When you have a particularly impressive collection, try selling them on eBay or Amazon.

Lose It!

VHS and cassette tapes:
Check with your town’s recycling guidelines. Some cities will allow you to recycle the plastic casing with the tape taken out, which means you can throw them in your recycling bin.

Mail things in to GreenDisk, Back Thru The Future, or Nationwide Recycle by Mail. Each company has different shipping rules and regulations, but provide easy options that you mail in your old VHS and cassette tapes, and have them disposed of correctly.

CDs and DVDs: Much like VHS and cassette tapes, CDs and DVDs will need to be recycled at special facilities. Most of these discs contain aluminum, lacquer, gold, dyes, glass, silver, and nickel — one of other harmful substances and substances. Throwing them from the garbage or recycling can be harmful. A number of the facilities that procedure VHS and cassette tapes will also procedure CDS or even DVDs.

The CD Recycling Center of Americahas a record of places where you are able to mail in small quantities of DVDs and CDs — along with their jewel boxes — such as processing. For bigger quantities of disks, there’s a separate collection of facilities nationwide where you can fall off boxes and boxes of old CDs and DVDs.

When you have a fantastic collection, try selling them on eBay or Amazon — you’d be amazed by how much people will pay to get a CD of some vague’80s band.

More Use It or Lose It tips:
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Eclectic Homes

Regional Modern: Oregon Homes Respond to the Landscape

It could be easy to argue that what pushes architecture and design from Seattle, Washington is the same from Portland and other areas from Oregon to the south, developing a general Pacific Northwest modern fashion. There could be some truth because in regards to landscape and climate, but every metropolitan region is unique in cultural and other aspects. This leads to idiosyncratic if similar modernisms in each region.

Portland is known among people interested in architecture and urbanism because of its dense core and varied transportation, a consequence of strong top-down planning that is forward thinking in its sustainable objectives. Here, the greenfield suburbanization of all farmland that is the favored clinic around the USA is eschewed in favor of preserving a greenbelt around the city. While this general plan has led to some quality interventions in the urban core, the houses that follow clearly fall outside that region — and into other parts of Oregon — and therefore are indicative of style that reacts to landscapes rather than city life.

More regional modern structure:
Chicago | Boston | Austin | NYC | NY Metro | Seattle | No. Calif.. | San Francisco | L.A. | Coastal L.A.

SRM Architecture and Interiors

This holiday home (which afterwards became the client’s most important home ) is at the Hood River Valley east of Portland. This photograph indicates a solid natural setting marked by trees but also vineyards.

SRM Architecture and Interiors

On both sides the house is built into a hill, but on the opposite side it opens upward towards the distant Mount Hood. Here the plan follows an L-shape to cradle the outside area, which can be indicated by planters, pavers along with a pool.

SRM Architecture and Interiors

The house itself is a mix of industrial and natural materials.

This nook near the pool comes with a timber roof and walls of Corten steel, wrought iron, and metal louvers in front of glass.

Each material responds to specific conditions (cover, fireplace, windows) and can be closely written at a human scale.

Skylab Architecture

This house is also built at a hillside, making it a split-level design with three floors on the front but two on the rear. The center floor cantilevers dramatically at the far end of this picture…

Skylab Architecture

… creating a strong statement about the house in relation to its own landscape. The patio at the tip of the cantilever offers and experience such as sitting at the trees.

Stillwater Dwellings

This prefab house is situated in Bend, southeast of Portland. It takes advantage of views of the nearby Cascade Mountains. While prefab and modern might not bring pleasing graphics to mind, this design reacts to its site gracefully through a subtle butterfly roof form and terrace using this view. To boot, it just took approximately 8 weeks from start to finish, including 6 hours (!) To erect the house set up after it was manufactured off.

Another prefab by Stillwater Dwelling, this time in Portland, uses similar kinds but on a smaller scale. The butterfly roof form helps to ensure that outdoor walls have more generous glazing. The low point of the roof can be used to catch rainwater for graywater recycling.

2fORM Architecture

This escape is located at Vida, much south of Portland, near the Willamette National Forest outside Eugene. The surrounding hills and trees are only stunning, and in this way it appears appropriate that the architect and customer built upward. This minimizes the footprint of the house and gets up the occupants to enjoy the environment.

2fORM Architecture

The substances are rather functional, chiefly CMU and timber. It is worth noting here the way the rainwater is collected for reuse, an off-the-grid move that is essential in distant locations like this.

Giulietti Schouten Architects

Mainly closed out of the road, this one-story residence opens up in the trunk to visually link the house to its environment and supply space for outside dining and pleasure. The cantilevered patio is a wonderful touch that emphasizes the slope descending from the house.

Paul McKean architecture llc

This previous house returns to the place of this initial, the Hood River Valley.

This escape is significantly more small, and it truly attempts to minimize its footprint by lifting itself above the landscape.

It is clear that natural beauty is something cherished in and around Portland and other areas of the nation, extending from urban plans to the floor plans of houses.

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