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Guest Picks: Sophisticated Bedroom Finds for a Single Guy

I read a post a couple of months back about a new niche group of clients for interior designers — single and educated men seeking to create more trendy living spaces. The standard-issue down comforter, Star Wars and Bob Marley posters, and thrift shop couches are being traded for something a bit more sophisticated. My own single brother asked for artwork for Christmas, so it appears like some growing up has happened. My mother and I recently set out to make a sophisticated and stylish bedroom for my bro, and here’s what we came up with. — Sarah from The Estate of Matters

Thom Filicia Inc..

Thom Filicia has a manner with casual and modern rooms. This is a great example of the mix of neutral, muted tones in what I consider to be a manly area.


Macausland’s Blanket – GBP 175

I keep watching the wool camp blanket over and over again. I adore its homespun appeal mixed with a classic stripe.

Cost Plus World Market

Courtney Bed – $599.99

The marriage of upholstery and wood with this bed will stand the test of time.

Lands’ End

Tailored Hotel Embroidered Dot Duvet Cover – $109

I’d like to use a classic resort sham and sheet set that can pair well with any accent blanket as tastes change.


Rattan Trunk Basket – $598

Stow away pillows, additional bedding or filthy clothes in this rattan trunk positioned at the end of the bed.

West Elm

Supply Kudu Table Lamp – $169

I love the sculptural shape of the lamp. In a subtle manner, in addition, it mimics antlers. It will look great on a tall dresser as part of a vignette.


2013 Moon Calendar at Night Sky Silkscreen Printing by Rendij Studio – $15

I like the picture quality and the deep azure of the lunar poster.


Vintage Electric Fan, Retro Blue by NeOld – $38

Both practical and good looking, this fan has a stunning and glistening deep blue base.

Petite Rustique Bamboo Roman Shade – $32.99

How can you really go wrong with a classic bamboo colour in almost any space? These great-quality sunglasses come in a multitude of widths and therefore are at a excellent price point.

West Elm

Abacus Table Lamp, Clear – $149

The neutral tones of the glass lamp makes it great as a bedside light. I would opt for a pair.


Dreamy Seascape Photo by Eye Poetry Photography – $30

This highly effective seascape print goes over the bed.

West Elm

Veneer Spheres – $16

Here are a few more sculptural accessories for a table or shelf or on top of a pile of books.

One Kings Lane

Pune Wood and Bone Box, Black/Ivory

Your guy can store his watch or other small accessories within this beautiful bone box.


French Directoire Dresser – $1,499

I like the straight lines and weathered finish with this chest.


TĂ„rnby Rug, Flatwoven – $99.99

This is an inexpensive option to cover a larger surface area in the bedroom. It will look great with a traditional over-dyed oriental rug layered for softness.

Rugs USA

Over-Dyed Makah Multi Rug – $2,796

Buy a bigger Persian rug to layer over a huge jute rug so that you can step out of bed onto a softer rug.

Somerton Montecito End Table – $235.20

This instant bedside table has shelves to get a laptop, books or publications.


Hand-Woven Original Silk Ikat Pillow Cover, Dark by Sukan – $49.95

Here’s a picture accent pillow for the bed.

Elton Chair – $499

Utilize a tufted chair for reading or sitting down to wear shoes.

Cost Plus World Market

Tribal Carved Wood Accent Table – $149.99

This is a great accent table to place next to this chair.

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The way to Eliminate a Light Fixture Box to Install a Recessed Light

When installing a recessed light fixture at the place of an existing light fixture you have to remove the old fixture and disconnect and remove the wiring as well as the ceiling box. The method used to eliminate a ceiling box differs depending on the type of box you have. Nail-on ceiling rod mount into the side of a truss or ceiling joist using nails attached to the sides of the box. Bracket boxes use a bracket affixed to the side of the box that attaches to the face of the ceiling joist using attachments. Cut-in boxes utilize a single bracket or numerous brackets that fasten the ceiling box into the drywall.

Removing the Wires

Turn off the power to the ceiling box and remove the lights. Use a voltage tester to verify that the power is off. A voltage tester contains two probes, one that you use to get hold of the lead or hot wire and the other to get in touch with the ground or impersonal. The tester will light up or vibrate, depending on the model.

Determine how many wires are in the box. It’s crucial to identify how many sets of wires and how they are connected before you remove them. If there’s more than one set of cable in the box, you’ll have to disconnect them from each other before removing them from the box. It’s important that the wires are reconnected in the new recessed fixture’s junction box in exactly the same fashion in order that all circuits will continue to work.

Remove the cable or wires in the box by first loosening and removing any cable nuts, using your hands, and independent connected wires utilizing a pair of pliers. Next, you have to loosen any clamps that secure them into the ceiling box. Metallic boxes use a screw and clamp securing the cable to the box. Loosen the screw with an applicable type of screwdriver, normally a slotted one, and push the cable through the opening at the box and into the void behind the drywall. If the box is either plastic or composite material, then it might have a plastic flap beside the entrance hole that secures the cable to the box. Use a slotted screwdriver and pry the flap away from the cable while simultaneously pushing the cable into the void at the ceiling.

Cut-In Boxes

Determine which type of cut-in box you have. Round boxes of this variety have a screw at the middle of the rear of the box. Square cut-in boxes have screws situated on opposite corners that, when loosened, release plastic wings that enable the box to be removed from the ceiling.

Loosen the mounting screws using an applicable type of screwdriver.

Remove the box in the ceiling.

Nail-on Boxes

Wedge a little, flat pry bar or slotted screwdriver between the box and ceiling joist to eliminate.

Apply steady pressure on the tool to pry the box in the ceiling joist.

Remove the box in the ceiling after it is detached from the ceiling joist.

Bracketed Boxes

Determine the place of this ceiling box mount. Because the mount attaches to the face of the ceiling joist under the drywall, you have to lower the drywall to reveal the mounting bracket.

Use a utility knife to cut the masonry around the mounting bracket on the ceiling box. Be careful and start with a little region to minimize drywall damage.

Remove the mounting screws or nails securing the bracket to the ceiling joist to publish the ceiling box.

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Repairing an Interlocking Floor

Among the benefits of the interlocking wood or laminate flooring is it is usually not ripped down, making repair less of a challenge compared to traditional hardwood or pasted flooring. Occasionally it’s important to mend an interlocking flooring if the timber suffers wear and tear over time, like warping in warmer, more humid temperatures, or splitting age. With the right tools you’ll be able to fix almost every problem that comes up with time, maintaining your flooring in high-quality condition for a long time to come.

Loose Planks

If you’re up against a laminate interlocking flooring installed in a floating format, the tongue-and-groove system utilized to lock the pieces together isn’t glued or nailed down. Instead, the pieces are stacked against each other and the snap-together components hold everything in position. Over time, there’s the possibility that these pieces may jar loose with heavy foot traffic. A rubber mallet is the only tool required to resolve this issue. Begin with the very first piece where you notice something loose, and tap the upcoming adjacent piece tight against the initial one using a rubber mallet. Work your way from that point, tapping each following piece tight using all the one at the row previous until you reach the wall. You might need to remove trim pieces on one end of the ground to access the ends of the laminatefloors A tough rubber tapping block using a sloping end helps prevent damage to the boards.

Wood Putty and Caulking

If your flooring have started to crack with age or drying out, then there’s an easier alternative than repairing a piece, provided the cracks are minimal — less than 1/8 inch wide and never growing with time. Locate a matching color of wood putty and use a putty knife or your finger to press wood putty down to the cracks. However, putty is only a temporary fix and isn’t helpful in cracks which are continually growing. The best choice is to wait at least six months after a new floor installation or after you first see the cracks appear to make sure they aren’t likely to grow anymore, which is a symptom of the underlying motion problem. Another option, and also a more flexible alternative, is a polyurethane caulk. Once you realize the cracks are not moving, use your preferred filler to topically fix the issue.

Removing Individual Pieces

Most flooring professionals speed replacing and removing individual pieces in an interlocking floor to be one of the most difficult facets of flooring repair, especially if you’re up against an interlocking hardwood flooring that is also nailed down. First, cut the center out of the slice you want to remove using a jigsaw or rotary tool, which gives you distance to disconnect the two halves in the rows on either side. After disconnected, then slide them into the center where you eliminated a section to generate space, then remove the pieces and clear from the person department.

Re-installing Individual Pieces

After removal, a replacement piece needs to be re-installed, and there’s very little margin for error because the smaller you cut the slice, the more of a difference there will be after it is installed, which may lead to loose pieces in the surrounding region. The replacement piece needs to be cut tight to fit, making getting it back in hopeless unless you cut off the tongue from one end of the slice, thus only interlocking with one border when you install the replacement piece. Alternatively, cut the slice slightly tight, remove the the tongue and groove from either side, and slip it into place using glue. You will find a variety of glues useful in this setting to help hold the piece in place, plus you are able to face nail it using finish nails for extra security and strength, countersinking and capping the nails using wood putty to hide the patch.

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The way to Connect a 3-Prong Stove Cord

When you purchase a new stove, you may be surprised to discover it was not provided with a power cord. Due to changes made to the National Electrical Code in 1996, stove manufacturers have no way to know if you have a three-prong or four-prong socket installed at your home, which means you have to install a cord on your stove to match your socket. Joining a three-prong cord to your stove is not much different than joining a four-prong, but a three-prong cord is not color-coded, which makes it a bit more complex.

Remove the hex-head screws holding the cover panel to the bottom back of the stove using a screwdriver or nut driver. Remove the cover to expose the 3 electrical connections on the terminal block.

Start looking for the circular opening at the sheet metal beneath the terminal block. Slide the horizontal ends of a strain-relief connector up through the hole, therefore the screws on the strain-relief connector are around the exterior of the stove.

Remove the 3 hex-head screws in the terminal block. Set the screws aside.

Slide the ring terminals on the ends of the three-prong stove cord up through the strain-relief connector. Line up the ring terminal on the stove cord’s middle wire with the middle screw opening on the terminal block. Thread one of the hex head screws through the ring terminal and into the terminal block hole. Tighten the hex-head screw.

Connect the stove cord’s right wire to the right terminal hole opening the terminal block. Connect the cord’s left wire to the left terminal hole opening the block. Use the hex-head screws to secure the left and right cord wires to the terminal block.

Tighten the two screws on the strain-relief connector to hold the three-prong stove string to the rear of the stove. Replace the cover and secure it using the hex head screws you removed above.

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How to Refinance & Get an FHA Loan

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA), a Part of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), insures loans. When a borrower defaults on an FHA product, the government steps in and repays the creditor the delinquent amount. Homeowners in various scenarios may be eligible for an FHA loan. Considering that the home crash and mortgage catastrophe that took hold across the nation beginning in 2007, the FHA has focused a significant part of its efforts on struggling homeowners.

Speak to a participating FHA lender. HUD and the FHA don’t lend money. The government guarantees loans approved by banks offering FHA products. Since FHA notes on its site, homeowners generally look to FHA refinancing if they are struggling in their present mortgage.

Ask the FHA lender you contact about the government’s choices for homeowners who owe more on their mortgage than their home is worth. Effective September 7, 2010, FHA lenders can provide eligible homeowners that are present but”submerged” in their current mortgage the opportunity to refinance into a FHA fixed-rate item. Under the policy, lenders must agree to forgive at least 10 percent of the balance on a submerged homeowner’s first mortgage, bringing the worth of his loan down to a max of 115 percent of his residence’s present price.

Compile documentation that verifies your employment and income history, such as tax returns and pay stubs. Make sure your credit report is in order. You can acquire a free copy from each of the significant credit reporting agencies in the yearly Credit Report site. Prepare to describe any credit flaws. While FHA products are widely known for their stringent qualifying standards relative to conventional loans, you still should prove you could make the payments on your refinanced loan.

Check eligibility standards for the FHA underwater refinance option. By way of example, HUD reports that debtors should have a FICO credit score of at least 500 to qualify.

Compare yourself against current FHA approvals if you are trying to find a loan aside from the underwater refinance option available at September 2010. Since points out, you might want to take into account an FHA loan if you are in an adjustable-rate mortgage with a monthly payment that become unaffordable. To qualify for an FHA refinance outside of a unique program, however, you might require a fantastic credit score. In June 2010, HUD reports that the average FICO score of debtors approved for an FHA refinance was 694. FHA lenders approved almost 30,000 refinance applications in June 2010; over 20,000 were adjustments from conventional to FHA loans.

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How to Rent a Single-Family Home

Tenants who lease a single-family home rather than a flat in a multifamily home enjoy more solitude, yard area and silent. A house also gives most tenants a larger sense of homeyness and permanence, even if the ultimate aim is home ownership or a eventual move into another rental. Make the practice of locating your home, completing your rental program and preparing to sign your rental faster and more efficient by following a few basic steps.

Know how much rent you can pay. A safe guideline is 25 to 30 percent of your gross monthly earnings. Proportionately higher rent reduces the chance your program will be accepted because it increases the risk that you’ll default on your rental.

Collect documents before you start taking a look at houses, you’ll need for your program. Prospective landlords may want to view pay stubs, several months’ worth of bank statements, a current –not older than 30 days–credit file, and references from your employer and present landlord.

Pick when you’d love to move in the house and for how long you want to lease it. Most leases begin on the first of this month and expire after a year. But it is frequently possible to add a clause to the rental allowing you to occupy the house early to get a pro-rated lease amount. Some landlords offer yearly leases.

Research available houses, and schedule appointments to look at the ones you’re most curious about. Many resources are available. Free online classifieds are the principal source of rental listings in many cities. There are lots of sites dedicated particularly to single-family houses that real estate brokers, property managers and private owners list for lease. Real estate professionals, including rental listing referral agents and rental residence and apartment locators, may charge a fee for their services. In the end, newspaper classifieds continue to be a popular source of ads for rental houses.

Submit an application just after you have read the rental and decided the terms are okay. You may negotiate the terms.

Walk through the house after your application is approved, and observe any damage prior to signing the rental. This step is especially important in a single-family residence, as problems can go unnoticed. Make sure that the faucet runs hot water. Inspect ceilings for water stains. Start looking for indications of moisture from the basement, for example water stains along the lower parts of the walls and a musty odor that could signify mold. Have the landlord clarify items of concern and also signal the list of defects to ensure you will not be billed for them as soon as the lease expires.

Bring a cashier’s check for the total amount because of your rental signing. Most landlords require first and last months’ rent, plus a security deposit equivalent to one month’s lease.

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Real Estate Market Analysis Defined

A real estate professional usually prepares a comparative market analysis (CMA) prior to a customer buys or sells a house. The report summarizes the estimated value of a property based on its characteristics and the conditions in the region’s housing market. Buyers and sellers can use the report to judge whether a home’s sale price is fair.


After analyzing your property for dimensions and features, a property agent generally gathers the information for a market evaluation report from the multiple listing service (MLS), a local database which includes information about property previously or presently listed for sale with a real estate brokerage and information recorded in local public records.


The actual estate agent runs a market evaluation report looking at similar homes in the area–referred to as comps, or comparables–which matches the home in query against similar homes in its own area. Typical items examined include square footage, year built, number of bedrooms and baths, and yard dimensions.

Comprehensive Report

A complete market analysis report should compare the house in question against similar information in the MLS for active listings (homes currently available ), pending listings (homes which have a contract for sale but have not closed and changed possession ), closed listings (homes that have closed in the previous six to 12 weeks ) and expired listings (properties where a record agreement for sale expired before the customer’s home sold).


Although similar in age, square footage and arrangement, other variables that influence price and a home’s market desirability aren’t taken into account when the computer computes market value and should be calculated and adjusted between the actual estate professional and customer. Usually, the computer doesn’t account for updates in interior finishes, replacement of outside items such as siding, roofing and landscaping, newer garages and extras like finished patios and spa. A difference in price might not make sense on paper, however running a drive-by trip of comparable properties for a visual perspective can provide additional information and enlightenment on value and price beyond the report.


A property market analysis is a rough estimate of a home’s fair market value and shouldn’t be substituted for an expert appraisal of value for sale or home improvement, or home inspection to identify defects and potential issues before purchasing a house.

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How to Hunt by MLS for a House

The Multiple Listing Service, or MLS, is an assortment of private databases developed and maintained by local real estate professionals that make it easier for professionals to advertise their listings to cooperative brokers. When a property is listed in a regional MLS it is assigned a number, in chronological order of the list. It is possible for two individual listings, listed in two different MLS databases, to share the exact same MLS number. After being assigned an MLS number, the active list is included on, a real estate website developed for consumers that features active real estate listings throughout the country.

Write down the MLS number on a sheet of paper of the house. This is a number typically included in an advertisement or banner ad marketing a property, and generally includes the letters”MLS.” This number can allow you to look for the list.

Go online to

Click the link”Search by MLS #,” found below the search box on top of your home page.

Enter the MLS number in the form that opens and click”search” This will bring up all of the current listings with that MLS number.

Pick the house that best matches the home you searching for, starting with place. Click to view detailed real estate information.

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Guest Choices: Pretty Patterned Chairs

Adding pattern may often feel like a risk, particularly when it comes to your upholstery. If you adore the expression of a solid pattern but have commitment issues, a pretty accent seat (or two) in a fun print might be ideal to match with your neutral couch. Here are 20 bold contenders. — Emily out of Emily A. Clark

Layla Grayce

Iliad Chair Marigold – $1,548

I love the combination of fabrics with this accent chair. I see a pair floating out in the center of the room or anchoring a table.

Cost Plus World Market

Rio Multicolored Ikat Darby Chair – $179.99

This multicolored ikat pattern gives you a lot of color inspiration for the remainder of your room. I would pair it with more impartial upholstery, and pull out some of the brighter colors for couch pillows or curtains.


Dolce Upholstered Accent Arm Chair, Trellis – $199.99

Geometric with sleek lines, this seat is ideal for adding a contemporary touch to your space. A pair of these would look great with a crisp white couch.


Vintage Suzani, Inge Chair

This seat may double as a piece of art with its unique lines. The classic suzani print will include a significant splash of color and pattern to any room.

Ballard Designs

Joselin Chair, Camargo Lattice – $845

This seat can be customized in almost any of Ballard Designs’ fabrics, but I’m partial to the rich caramel gold. The color is excellent for heating up your own space, and also the routine keeps things light and fun.


Multi Kilim Arm Chair – $974.99

Add a traveled look to your room for this chair. Aside from the exceptional shape, it’s some fantastic, rich colors to use.


Swoop Upholstered Accent Chair, Georgeous Pearl – $199.99

This pattern provides a soft palette of colors to inspire a complete room. I picture this easy seat in a bedroom as a comfy sitting spot.


Martha Stewart Fabric Living Room Chair, Lansdale Accent – $1,049

Adding routine to your room does not mean it needs to be colorful. If you are partial to neutrals, then you may still add a pretty pattern with this blossom design in soft colors.

Urban Outfitters

Slipper Chair, Woven Medi Ikat – $399

This is an enjoyable variant of ikat, and this pretty slipper chair comes in three colors.


Select Stitch Folding Chair – $259.99

This not only adds a punch of pattern, but also folds up, making it the perfect extra chair when you have guests.


Petra Chair

The classic form of the chair paired using the tailored skirt makes this a pretty choice for a reading corner or bedroom.

Layla Grayce

Layla Grayce Descanso Chair

This seat can be customized in plenty of different fabrics, but I think this routine with all the sleek lines gives it a regal feel.


Piazza Gingham Chair – $899

This brightly colored gingham seat is a lot of fun. It would make a fantastic lounge chair for a kids’ room or playroom.

Arden Stationary Occasional Chair, Emerald

I adore this contemporary spin on the traditional wingback. This seat can be customized, but I’m partial to the fun, green floral.

The Hickory Chair Furniture Co..

Lindsay Chair

It will not get much sweeter than the usual striped, skirted seat. A pair of these would be ideal in a living room or flanking a console table in an entryway.

Zinc Door

Oly Studio Sophie Lounge Chair

This seat will add instant drama to your space. You can’t go wrong with a classic design in a bold zebra print.


Nate Berkus Marrakesh Clove Slipper Chair – $379.95

A bold ikat pattern provides a worldly feel, and I enjoy the rich, warm tones of the colorway.

Home Decorators Collection

Hazelton Lounge Chair, Orange Paisley – $247

This fun, orange paisley seat is funky and contemporary. It’s fantastic for a room needing some color.

Home Decorators Collection

Ella Arm Chair, Green Flowers – $449

Give your room a feminine touch with this accent chair. I enjoy its quite lines and contemporary floral pattern.

House & Hold

Jennifer Delonge Luxe Child Chair – $399

Even though it’s a kid’s seat, I had to incorporate this chevron attractiveness! It’s small in size but big on style, and it could easily mix into more grownup decor.

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Guest Picks: Create a Fun, Brand New Theaters

A workspace can easily become sterile and sterile the most creative person. Obviously, function comes first, but there is no reason your desk area can’t be beautiful and inspiring too. Bright and refreshing colours, luminous metallics, in addition to fun and funky graphics and shapes are on the top of my list for creating a fresh and fun workspace. — Lauren from A Lovely Life


Pie Graph Sticky Notes – $7.50

All these adorably fresh and well-designed sticky notes will keep you organized and serve as eye candy for your area.

The Land of Nod

Between a Rock Lamp Base, Gold – $79

This gold lamp is intended for the small ones, but I want one for my desk! It’s the perfect pop of geometry and gold.

Thrive Home Furnishings

Moore Desk – $2,199

The Moore desk is the best mixture of midcentury style and functional storage. So many desks seem to have another, but this really is the whole package.


Flowers For Bobbsie – $950

These flowers by Lulie Wallace are as full of energy as they are beautiful. Plus they come from the lightest colour palette too!


Primary Clock, Half Light Blue – GBP 75

Simple and simply stunning, this clock is a piece of functional art.


Dip Seat – GBP 395

I really like this chair has a vintage look but is created totally fresh with the dipped paint.


Calling Cards by Honey & Bloom – $12

I really don’t know if I could choose just one of those beautiful calling cards. I believe I would always need to have them on my desk in all their glory.

Muhs Home

SyuRo Rectangular Tin Cans – $56

These copper and brass boxes add immediate glamour to your stored items.


O-Check for Best Hat Medium Pattern Notebook, Black Dot – $10

I am so into polka dots at the moment, so I would definitely love to keep my notes in this dotty journal. Plus, its neutral colour palette goes with whatever.

upon a fold

Thread Lid Box, Antiprism – AUD 12

This is fun and funky multipurpose storage that you can fold yourself for complete statement pieces.

Brown Paper

Candy Pink Notebook – GBP 11.50

This candy pink and metallic gold notebook is just the bee’s knees. Even after writing on the final page, I would keep it around simply to look pretty.


Sleepy Hollow Pencil Cup – $16

I will always have a soft spot in my heart for owls. This little man keeps your pens ready and awaiting all those fantastic ideas.


Zigzag Tray Up in the Air Somewhere

Use this stunning and glitzy handmade tray to corral papers and clutter.


Craspedia Cluster, White by Flores del Sol – $55

You don’t need to worry about forgetting to water this pretty plant — it’s dried! Add a small happy and sunshiny yellow into your area with this cute craspedia.

Secret Holiday & Co..

‘YES’ Affirmation Banner – $45

Hang this near your desk to guide you toward joy.


White Modern Succulent Sculpture by Waterstone Succulents – $18

Following is a succulent you really can’t kill — it’s a solid sculpture. Along with the gold vase takes the cake.


Glitter Marquee Letter LED Night Light by Whirlwind by RAB – $48.50

This small light is sure to provide you bright ideas and lift your spirits on those rainy days.


Party Totem Balloon Tassel, Pink and Orange by The Flair Exchange – $27

Hang this balloon tassel (minus the balloon) in an empty corner for a little glitz and glamour.


Squirreled Away Tape Dispenser – $24

Every desk needs a furry buddy. This little man looks cute and retains your tape for you. What more could you need?


Leather Storage Tote by Gildem – $160

I really like this handmade leather bag for keeping magazines and books or for hiding clutter away.

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Jess LC

Wells “Be Brave” Printing – $40

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