California Foreclosure Procedures

Ca is among several states where lenders make use of a trust deed to guarantee home loans rather than the usual mortgage. Subsequent to the mortgage is taken out by the home-buyer, a trust deed is provided to a 3rd party–the trustee–to to put on before the loan is repaid. Mortgage lenders must attend court to foreclose on a a house, but trust deed lenders can foreclose with no judge

Evidence of Delinquency

Step one in California foreclosure is for the financial institution to present evidence to the trustee the home-buyer defaulted on the mortgage, in accordance with the Money Instructor web site. When the evidence is received by the trustee, she is able to carry on using a non-judicial foreclosure.

Notice of Default

The trustee files a notice of default together with the state recorder’s office in whichever county the property is situated, Paladin Authorized Advocacy Middle states. He should notify the proprietor and someone else who has an interest in the title, including a second mortgage holder, concerning the submitting.

Establishing a Sale Day

Three months subsequent to the filing, the trustee may set Paladin states, a sale day. The bureau should be notified 25 times prior to the sale — in the event the IRS has a tax lien on the house–a claim for an outstanding debt. Otherwise, all concerned parties must be mailed by the trustee regarding the deal and place a legal advertisement in the newspaper at least 20 times ahead of time. Up until five days prior to the sale, the foreclosure can be stopped by a home-owner by repaying all payments that are lost, plus any foreclosure prices and interest.

The Sale

The sale will be held by the trustee on the specified day, selling the house to the best bidder. Profits from your sale will likely be utilized to pay off, in order, property taxes that are delinquent; the trust deed lender; and some other liens, including a contractor’s claim for outstanding invoices or a home equity mortgage. It would go to the home-owner if there is anything left after every one is paid.


An operator can legally remain in her house until subsequent to the sale in the event the lender or trustee directs her to go, the Moran Lawfirm states. Subsequent to the sale, the operator will remain there till the new operator documents for eviction and becomes a renter.