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Character, Color and Artistry at San Francisco

As a long-distance couple moving in together for the first time, Kelli Ryder and Timothy Lamb were confronted with the challenge of combining their fashions to reflect both of their characters. The solution? Humor and undermine. “We could mesh our styles together and compromise as it came to decorating,” says Ryder, a editor. “We like to have a sense of humor in our decorating; we do not take things too seriously.”

To maintain their apartment from becoming too gender biased, “we would call out each other when there were too many black and metallic items, or too many pink and sparkly things,” says Lamb, an artist. The result is a cozy, comfortable home that successfully blends their individual personalities and contains particulars worth a grin.

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Who lives here: Kelli Ryder, Timothy Lamb and their cats, Roxanne and Leonard
Location: Panhandle area of San Francisco
Size: About 650 square feet; 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom

Shannon Malone

Ryder and Lamb already had a few basic pieces of furniture, like their couch, dining table and coffee table; they shopped at places like Ikea,, Target and West Elm for the remainder. “I love finding a good deal,” she says. The side table was a present from a friend.

Shannon Malone

Among the biggest design dilemmas the couple confronted was the positioning of the large JJ Villard painting in the dining area. “Our apartment is big by San Francisco standards, however it is still a very large painting for a flat,” Ryder says.

They moved the piece from room to room, however it was not quite right before the couple tried it at the dining area, where it stayed.

Rug: Revival Turquoise Rug, Joy & Revelry; candleholders: Jonathan Adler

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“Tim really wanted a pendant light, and I wanted a chandelier” says Ryder, “This light is both, and it’s shiny!”

Quark Ceiling Lamp:

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Among the unique features of the apartment is this multi-functional built in unit at the dining area; there’s also an abundance of closet space in the home. The few painted the dining area charcoal grey to specify it and give it character. “We love the stunning neutral grey; it really makes the built-in pop,” says Lamb.

A faux saber-tooth-tiger skull stays along with the device. “We got tired of our buddies asking if it was real, so we decided to spray paint it gold,” Lamb says. “I would paint everything gold when I could,” adds Ryder.

Wall Paint: Gunmetal, Benjamin Moore; “R/R” printing: McBess; skull: Saber Tooth Tiger Skull, Z Gallerie

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A small animal figurine rests within a terrarium on the table. “It’s our cat Leo,” Ryder says.

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Artist Jason Laferrera made this fox printing. “The print was Tim’s before I moved in, but I love it,” says Ryder. “My family has a cottage in the mountains near McCall, Idaho, and there’s always little foxes running around. This print will always be a staple in our home.”

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Lamb picked each of the artwork from the apartment. “But it’s evenly divided on his tastes and mine,” says Ryder. The Barbary sheep trophy on the wall has been bought at Paxton Gate and was once employed as part of an installment at one of Lamb’s art shows in Los Angeles.

The coffee table characterizes their combined decorating fashions. “We love to mix rustic pieces with more contemporary, clean layouts,” Ryder says. “The dining table is rustic, but can be contemporary or feminine based on how we style it.”

Coffee table: Seguro Rectangular Table, Crate & Barrel; carpeting: Threshold Criss-Cross Shag, Goal; rockers: Vinnie White Cradle,; terrarium: Turning Triangles, Urban Outfitters

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“After we moved to the apartment, everything was beige,” says Ryder. “Among the first things we did was pick out paint colours and paint the living room and dining area.” They envisioned this glowing blue on a whim whilst out to brunch on a Sunday. “We stopped at the hardware shop on the way home and painted it that night,” says Ryder. The color is a custom mix from Benjamin Moore.

“We love our living room as it’s comfy yet stylish,” says Ryder. “We did not want it to look like a showroom; we wish to have the ability to enjoy our home without worrying we’re going to mess it up.”

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Ryder functions in the home for Rue magazine also writes for her blog, Leopard and Lavender, at this desk underneath bay windows. “It’s nice to have different nooks from the house to use,” Ryder says. “It keeps me from getting cabin fever.”

Desk: Parsons, West Elm; sheepskin: Rens, Ikea

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Lamb spotted this rustic corner piece onto the side of a street and immediately grabbed his car and brought it home. “I love mixing in older pieces,” he says.

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Large bay windows soften the bedroom, even though they left furniture positioning tricky.

Bedding: Alyssa Matelassé, Peacock Alley; mattress framework: Piper, Room & Board; drapes: Ikea; seat: Lina, Lulu & Georgia; table: Sculpted Geo Console, West Elm; pillow: Posh Polka Dot Charcoal, Society Social

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“We’re really lucky with the design of our apartment,” Ryder says. “We can be at home without being in one another’s space.”

Kilim rug: eBay; desk: Go-Cart Console, CB2; bookcase: Expedit, Ikea

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Ryder, shown here on the left, is glad that her long-distance connection between San Francisco and Boise, Idaho, is finished. “Tim [at right] had been going to tons of open homes, coping with the horrendous S.F. program process and competition, but I wasn’t able to help or provide any inputsignal,” she recalls. “We were really nervous that I’d need to move to a location and neighborhood I had never noticed before.”

With important luck, they scored this apartment when Ryder was in town to get a quick stay. “We came over and knew immediately it was the perfect place for us,” she says. “We filled out an application and a check immediately, and crossed our fingers.” Ryder got the good news while waiting in the airport security line on her way back to Boise.

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