Houzz Interview: The Capturing Illinois house of Kasey

Several months past, we have asked one to urge house design bloggers. 1ML Liza40 urged Lola are we B’s and therefore pleased she did. Kasey from Lola B’s features an extremely unique writing style along with a lovely house that I personally adore. In her website, Kasey writes “… I do not have a maid but i imagine one regularly… I also long to visit France but because that is impossible…feel free to contribute to my France fund. I stay off of skinny vanilla latte’s and am always taking care of losing 5 lbs.”. Kasey ‘s vision is coming true as she’s planning to see with France in several days. Only before she leaves, we had the opportunity to talk to her and ask her some questions regarding her enchanting Illinois residence that is 100 years old.
I am really pleased to present you to-day to Kasey and her excellent site Lola B’s.

Your “first assembly” along with your home to be

We moved here to Illinois nearly 3 years past from Colorado. When we found out that we were relocating to the mid-west… I understood I needed charming and aged.
I discovered this house on historical houses dot com….and the the moment I walked in… I understood it was supposed to be.
This house is 100-year old farm house style house with first hardwoods thoughout the whole house.
The cabinet alone was what sold me our house.
How many old houses possess a huge walk in cupboard…and with linen enveloped partitions… I used to be sold.

The opening of your remodeling procedure

We actually never have done significantly when it comes to restoration….we enclosed the sun room…piped in venting s O it’s warmed in the wintertime and h-AS a-c in the summertime. We painted the wood floorings white and also the wood-paneling a colour called bleached silk.
I ‘m a Latte ingesting … Paris dreaming mother of three children….and eventually get to go to France in less then 30 days.

Your favourite design as well as colours

My fashion is what I termed… AnthropoloChic. It is somewhat of French tied directly into bungalow using a touch of Anthropologie divine items and bits.
I love gray’s…lotions….
I like to search flea markets…and Ikea.

an area in your home which makes you quite happy/proud

Other then my closet…..my sun room makes me grin.
I can sit throughout the day in there studying. to my kids….or simply relaxing while they’re in school.
I phone it-my daydream area.

Your next home job

If we choose to stay-put here….our kitchen will be our next large job. It is time to open up her and expose her total glory.
We have not actually done significantly in the “re-modelling period”…but I ‘m always rearranging and painting.

5 matters that houzz readers need to find out about you as well as your site

My weblog is my spot to to publish….I come up with my li Fe with my children….or design…and only life in basic.
I Have been really blessed by the blogging planet…..my visitors would be the very best and keep my spirits lifted when I am having a poor mother day…or by supporting me once I want help.

finally: as a houzz buddy, Kasey has selected a Goal give-away giftcard to among the fortunate readers that may discuss their ideas about her residence and interview.

Thank you for sharing your lovely home Kasey and relish your visit to France

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Kasey Buick

“My design is what I termed… AnthropoloChic. It is somewhat of French tied directly into bungalow using a touch of Anthropologie divine bits and items.”

Kasey Buick

“The cabinet alone was what sold me our house.”