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Place Your Best Fruit Forward in Splendid Fall Arrangements

I like fall colors. Not orange, but purples and heavy reds and vivid sunflower yellows. I also love flower arrangements. I love them in that I think they can alter an entire room. Oh, also I love fruit, particularly the autumn types: apples, pears, pomegranates, figs, persimmons, oranges.

But what I really love is all three of these together. A large, vibrant fall arrangement using fruit. Gorgeous.

Whether fruit is tucked in one of the petals or standing alone in a vase, it adds texture and color and a sculptural component. Additionally, fruit leaves you want to eat — ideal for this foodiest and most hospitable of seasons.

Rizzoli New York

How beautiful are these branches at a bucket? Simple and cheerful and elegant.

Rizzoli New York

Fall figs are so beautiful, they can stand alone. This arrangement is simple, rustic and natural but also contemporary and sculptural. It is going to also persist for a long time.

Cecilie Starin Design Inc..

More stand-alone figs.

Irene Turner: IT Sonoma Design

Fig branches with blossoms.

Persimmons and berries are autumn icons which happen to be bright and cheerful and glistening. Perfect for a centerpiece.

Using lemons or limes in a clear vase helps reestablish tall arrangements and adds texture and color to the mix.

Kathy Campbell

A large glass vase full of citrus and fruit is a wonderful option to a flower arrangement. It is brilliant, but it lasts longer, and you may eat it.

In Detail Interiors

Artichokes are blossoms. They include an earthy, homey part to some bouquet.

Tim Cuppett Architects

Here a simple white bowl of artichokes is contemporary and sculptural, giving this very sharp room just a little earthiness.

Zuniga Interiors

Berries. For looking at, not eating.

Fruit wreaths are brilliant and ideal for autumn decorating. There’s just something welcoming and warm about fruit.

A pear wreath. I bet it smells good, too (when the pears are real, that’s).

Here’s a fantastic tutorial about the best way to create large, colorful autumn flower arrangements.

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