The best way to Connect the Stair Railing

A landing railing as well as a stair railing may be joined together using a gooseneck riser link. The goose-neck bridges the gap between the landing railing as well as the stair railing. In many houses, the development business will attachs the railings. However, when a home has been prepared for sale or when repairs are required within an investment home, a goose-neck that is broken may require to be changed for both security and aesthetic factors.

Evaluate colour and the kind of the stairway rails. You may need to chip a little wood off in the underside of a railing. You can also consider the piece that is broken to your hardware shop to get an exact match of a riser and goose-neck alternative. You can find lots of styles, designs and colours to pick from. Select as a match that is exact as possible for the alternative to the unique riser.

Attach the goose neck to the landing rail using a rail bolt. Use a wrench to tighten it. It’s going to need to come off-again, therefore no need to firm up it at now.

Place the non- end of the riser along side the stair rail. Make the ends flush.

Mark the precise level where the finish that is curved aligns flush using the gooseneck using a marker. Two marks will be made by you here. One on one and the real riser to the gooseneck.

Remove the goose-neck in the landing rail.

Set up a miter saw or chop saw to create a straight-cut. Cut the riser as well as the gooseneck where they have been marked. Make certain equally the ends of the goose-neck as well as the riser suit flush when the cuts are produced.

Reattach the goose-neck to the landing railing. Tighten the rail bolt.

Attach the riser to the stair rail using a rail bolt. Tighten the rail bolt.

Attach the riser to the goose-neck from beneath to make the holes as concealed as achievable. Drill a pilot hole using a drill bit that’s slightly smaller in relation to the diameter of the attachment wood screws. Drill the pilots in the curve of the riser so your holes extend up to the gooseneck. Counter- so your wood screw heads suit flush sink the holes. Spread glue hold the goose neck and riser flush, and sink the wood screws to the pre-drilled pilot holes. Wipe off any excessive glue using a moist rag.

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