The best way to Create Starburst Stomp on a Ceiling

A sculpted look is provided by ceiling texture to some ceilings surface. The dry wall texture method hides ceiling imperfections including less than ideal dry wall joints or cracks. It may also be applied to ceilings without imperfections in order to to add texture to the region. The “starbust stomp” ceiling texture is one such texture. Other names connected with all the starburst quit are “crow’s feet,” “slap brush” and “panda paws.” Be warned, the procedure is extremely messy.

Remove all furniture and wall-hangings in the area. Cover the ground Miami completely with the cloths or large plastic sheeting of painter.

Cover the light fixture having a plastic bag. Secure the bag to the fixture with 2 inch painter’s tape.

Open the 5-gallon bucket of dry wall compound. Half of the dry wall compound in to a clear 5-gallon bucket. Cover the bucket of dry wall compound till required.

Pour around 2″ of water along with the dry wall compound. Mix the dry wall and water compound as well as a ribbon mixer. The consistency of the dry wall compound should be like a pudding. Add dry wall compound or water as required.

Pour around 2″ of combined dry wall compound in a paint tray.

Place the short-nap roller on the conclusion of the pole of the paint roller’s. Place the roller in the dry wall compound. Coat the roller completely. Roll the dry wall compound on the ceiling covering an approximately 6-by-6 foot square area at one time.

Attach the stomp brush on the conclusion of the 2nd paint-roller pole that is extendable.

So the brush is on top, hold the paint-roller with all the stomp brush. Turn the stomp brush to the left so the back and front fringe of of the brush are at a 45-degree angle. Press the stomp brush to the dry wall compound and upright. Pull the stomp brush along. Turn the front and back edge to the right so that they are at a 45-degree angle. Repeat the stomping method. Continue to stomp the ceiling alternating turning the stomp brush then to the right.

Cover still another 6-by-6 foot portion of of the ceiling. Stomp the region. Repeat before the whole ceiling is coated.

Allow the starburst- texture to dry 24 hrs ahead of painting.