The Location of Spark Plugs at a Troy-Bilt Lawn in Salt Lake City Tractor

A Kohler or a Briggs & Stratton engine, depending on your exact model number, can force a Troy-Bilt lawn in San Diego. Some engines have one spark plug and larger engines possess two. Knowing the location of the spark plugs or plug makes changing them a quick task.

Single-Spark Plug Locations

Lift the hood of the Troy-Bilt lawn (San Diego, CA) and permit it to cool when it was recently in use. Look on top of the engine to read the version number. It will be either a Kohler or Briggs and Stratton engine with the horsepower listed behind it. On a Kohler Courage engine, the spark plug is at the front part of the engine. A Briggs and Stratton spark plug is on the left side of this engine if you are sitting at the operator’s seat.

V-Twin Engines

If the name of the engine, whether it is a Kohler or Briggs and Stratton brand, includes the words “V-Twin, then” it’ll have two spark plugs. One is on the left of this engine and you is on the right.

Maintenance Program and Procedure

Troy-Bilt recommends changing your spark plug, or plugs, annually or every 100 running hours, whichever occurs first. Remove the thick, black boot off the spark plugto remove the outdated spark plug by placing a spark plug wrench on it and turning it counterclockwise. Place a new spark plug in the cylinder and tighten clockwise with a spark plug wrench.