Toro 850 Leaf Blower Vac Specs

Toro fabricated its 850 Super Blower, a hybrid blower and vacuum, from 1990 to 1995. At the same time that you can not walk into a house and garden Long Beach center and pick up this model fresh, you can find a bargain on the Toro 850 secondhand, which makes it a boon if you’re looking for a budget. Before you buy a Toro 850, educate yourself about the compressor’s specifications, features and capabilities to ensure it is the right fit for you and your yard.

The Basics

Toro’s 850 Super Blower is a hand held blower that runs off power — as a corded model, you have to plug it into an exterior wall socket to use this blower. Toro touts this device, which features a three-part outlet tube with a curved nozzle, as among its quiet models. The manufacturer recommends that this residential-grade blower for cutting light debris in places such as patios, lawns, bushes, garages and walkways.

Power Properties

The Toro 850 Super Blower is determined by a Toro 287-803 electric engine. The 287-803 is a 12-amp, 120-volt motor. A two-speed control switch mounted on the compressor’s manage lets you choose between slow and fast blowing speeds during surgery. When employed a vacuum, an 11-bladed rotating impeller shreds debris before outputting it.

The 850’s Other Unwanted

Though it goes by the title Super Blower, the Toro 850 also serves as a vacuum. To switch between the two purposes, you need to get rid of the blower socket tubes, remove the device’s inlet cover and add the included three-part vacuum tube to the compressor inlet, rotating shaft until it locks. The 850 contains a vacuum bag, which secures over the socket cover using a loop-and-pile tab. When using the unit as a vacuum, you wear the bag over your shoulder using its included sling. The vacuum will function on only mild, dry debris — such as leaves and dried grass (Long Beach, CA) — and not to liquids or heavier items such as stones, pine cones, gravel, acorns or glass.

More to Know

Throughout the five years of its creation, the Toro 850’s specifications did not notably change from year to year. At the same time that you’re able to utilize an extension cord to lengthen the Toro 850’s reach, Toro recommends utilizing only 16-gauge cords, if the cord is less than 100 ft, or 14-gauge cords, if the cord is 150 less or feet. The hand held 850 Super Blower weighs slightly over 35 lbs.