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What Colour Walls Will Move With a Medium-Blue Comforter?

New bedding often inspires a new style for your bedroom. As the bed is the focal point in the room, it makes sense to build the room’s color scheme around the shade of the bedding. If you’re not certain where to begin, get a color wheel. You’ll find them at most art supply or craft stores, or download a version from the net. This handy tool can allow you to find multiple options to get a wall color for this particular medium-blue comforter.

Monochromatic Hues

Monochromatic color schemes — meaning changing colors and tints of the same color — create a tranquil atmosphere at a bedroom. Open the space up with a lighter shade of blue to the walls. Give your room a tranquil, ocean-inspired texture with hues of aqua, teal or turquoise. Darker shades such as navy blue or heavy blue-gray colors make a nice accent wall behind the bed. A mixture of blues with varying undertones of green and gray supply extra interest.

Cool Partners

Try among blue’s neighbors on the color wheel. Walls with a lavender or lilac tint make a soothing background to get a medium-blue comforter. Go deeper with a gorgeous shade of aubergine. An alternative is light- or mint green walls. If the comforter is much more of a muted medium-blue, opt for olive or sage green. Insert a seat rail for two-toned walls. Duplicate the wall colors in stitch accent pillows or a toss draped over the foot of their bed to help tie the space together.

Complementary Contrast

If you want a look that’s bold and a little daring, go to the other side of the color wheel. Here you’ll find the fiery hue of orange, a color guaranteed to make the blue of the comforter stick out in eye catching contrast. Tone it down to get a more complex look utilizing a dull burnt orange, pumpkin or rust. Go multitonal and insert texture with a glaze or color wash. A complementary hue in an accent wall brings more focus into the bed as a focus.

Beauty of Brown

Brown and blue make a fine couple. These two colors work well together in any shade. Insert a toasty warmth to your room using four walls painted in deep chocolate brown. If natural illumination or space is much more limited, try lighter shades of cocoa, caramel, coffee, nutmeg or wheat. Do a brown and blue color scheme on the walls, vibrant each color with two blue and two brown walls. Mix them up with stenciled patterns, vertical stripes or borders in the ceiling or chair rail height.

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