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10 Inground Pools Which Go Above and Beyond

Beating the summertime can be as simple as hanging out in an air-conditioned room, but the lure of a pool may frequently be too strong for all of us to stay indoors. For those looking to spend in building an inground pool, the job can be daunting in terms of all of the factors: the pool’s location, its dimensions, its configuration and the way it is related to the home, not to mention its own surfaces, either inside and around the pool. This ideabook presents some modern yet varied pools, highlighting some of the numerous elements to look at when designing a pool.

Amitzi Architects

Finding a pool near to a home can have numerous advantages. This example illustrates a few: Sunshading attached the home can serve the pool and the adjacent deck; along with the deck itself may serve both the home and the pool.

Amitzi Architects

Looking toward the house with the pool in lower right, note the way the glass walls are sliders, letting the inside and out to merge. This creates a lot of sense together with the pool just steps away from the home.

Amitzi Architects

From in the home another quality is evident: The light reflecting off the water creates a dappled pattern, here hitting on the pulled curtains.

Balfoort Architecture, Inc..

This pool in Florida is placed in the courtyard of a U-shape plan. This produces the pool the focus of the outside area, but also an impediment. The stepping stones deal with the latter.

Balfoort Architecture, Inc..

The stepping stones align with the split between two pools. The smaller pool on the left is a hot bath, while the longer one on the right is a lap pool.

Balfoort Architecture, Inc..

The entrance of the pool with the outdoor and indoor spaces of the home is extraordinary. It is hard to think of the home without the pool. Covered terraces are oriented to the water, along with glass walls slide open to link inside and out.

Bradford Products

This above-ground lap pool in Malibu, California, is a tight squeeze, inserted into a gap between a circular drum (at right) and a catwalk.

Bradford Products

Still another view of the pool demonstrates how it relates to the drum (that has a spa atop it) and also the beach below.

Bradford Products

An additional view, from the catwalk, reveals that the strange distance where the pool is inserted. Its location provides a view of the sea beyond, through the opening under the catwalk, but it also lends the pool an awareness of enclosure and privacy.

Vinci | Hamp Architects

Here is a guesthouse and a swimming pool with a monitoring tower situated on a historic dairy farm. The pool is terraced down from the home and enclosed by hedges to give it some privacy as well.

Vinci | Hamp Architects

The pool is aligned with a pool home, an important factor when siting the pool away from the main home.

Architects, taC studios

This again is a pool situated fairly close to the home. A few of things to note here would be the second-floor overhang, which shades the terrace, and also how the deck comes close to the pool, with steps down to the pool cut into the deck. (Compare this with another project.)

Neptune Swimming Pools

Unlike the previous example, this deck is above water’s level. A few areas are tacked on the rectangular shape of the pool, one providing a place for repose (right) and one integrating the measures to the deck (left). The pool’s place between the two-story home and a solid fence give it plenty of privacy.

Lewis Aquatech

Occasionally an outside pool is an extension of an indoor pool — not literally, in terms of water, but in terms of strategy place. This home in Washington, D.C., has an indoor pool just beyond the glass wall, aligned with all the outdoor lap pool noticed here. Warm days invite a dip outside, while chilly days may keep one inside the light-filled area.

A few striking pools end this ideabook. This is one having a “window” on one side to show the swimmers submerged.

John Onken Architects

And what could an ideabook on outside pools be with no zero-edge infinity pool? As the architects explain the pool, “it had been cautious fit into the existing rocky landscape for total scenery immersion.”

The building zone, ltd..

Last is this spa in Arizona, since summer is relative in certain parts of the USA. Hot and arid Arizona can become quite cool at night, so a hot place to soak is called for. This layout immerses bathers in the desert surroundings.

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