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About Trend: Up-and-Coming Minimalist Swedish Accessories

Sometimes contemporary designs look very crude, making it hard for some of us to want to add them to our houses. Let’s be honest — I need my home to be inviting and comfortable, and minimalism seldom focuses on that objective.

But have no fear. Adding minimalist accessories is an effortless way to bring a few modernity into the mix. These Swedish designs have both ends covered: They’re both modern and inviting. Take a look at how each product uses the simple notion of outstretched arms to bring some humanity to their simple forms. I find these designs uplifting and comforting, too.

Notice: Asplund and Röshults goods are available for purchase directly from their sites. Contact Offecct, Källemo and Klong for buying information about their goods.


Cookie Tray – $151.88

This three-tier tray’s name, Cookie, is simply perfect, because that is exactly what I’d need to use it to get: lots and lots of scrumptious biscuits.


Stella Candelabra

These easy arms are so minimalist; the only thing they need to do is hold a candle up. This is utility at its very best.

Babe Coatrack

A brand new takes on a classic set of hitting arms, this coatrack keeps the old-school details but upgrades the colors and curves for a contemporary look.

Darjeeling Cart

The hitting arms are somewhat subtle in this contemporary cart, but the curves supporting the push handle have the identical upward slope.


This exceptional vase showcases each flower with its individual arm encircling the stem.

Kit Candlesticks

The very simple and absolutely balanced set of arms on this candlestick showcases slim candles.


Log-Wood Basket – EUR 149

Even your fireplace deserves a few inspiration that is Swedish. This log basket depends on a set of arms to keep your firewood carefully cradled.

Forest Room Divider

An extremely playful room divider, this set of arched arms would be loads of fun in a large loft space or on an outdoor patio.

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