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Accessories 101: Staffordshire Dogs

Staffordshire dogs are some of the very traditionally sought after ceramic d├ęcor. Dating back to the 1700s for working class families to decorate their houses, the pottery comes from companies in the County of Staffordshire, England. Staffordshire spaniels are available in many sizes and color combinations, with the all-white figurines being the hottest.

While the appearance is quite conventional, today’s designers are combining those figurines in much more contemporary and contemporary contexts. The prevalence of this Staffordshire has carried into important retail outfits, which have generated updated versions of this appearance. Obviously, the original antiques are equally hard to find and expensive. However, reproductions may look just as good and are readily accessible. In any event, the puppies are sure to bring a little timelessness to any space.

Ann West Interiors

Here, the puppies are placed where they were meant for: the mantel. You can see why. They look good flanking another parts of ceramic. The oversize glass boats which hold thistles are radically contemporary compared to this Staffordshire, all which make a nice mixture of styles.

Philip Clayton-Thompson

In this tropical all-white space, the accession of this big white Staffordshire puppy on the table, paired with the dark shade of this lamp, adds warmth and formality into the differently casual room. The contrast between the loosely slip-covered chair and the traditional ceramic generates an authentically diverse aesthetic.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

The red and white Staffordshire dogs are a surprise element to this room. By placing them under the red lacquered table, the designers may be referencing a style without putting it fully on display. The area remains contemporary, with a key inclusion of Victorian glamour beneath the coffee table.

Astleford Interiors, Inc..

The casual positioning of these dogs onto the table amid the rest of the ceramic sets creates a layered appearance. Clearly, there’s a high-low element to the group.

What’s nice about putting a piece of Staffordshire in your desk is you really get to appreciate it every time you write a letter or work. And, in this instance, the porcelain spaniel goes nicely with the fun yellow lamps and old fashioned telephone. It seems absolutely retro.

Furbish Studio

Black Staffordshire Dogs – $72

These are not actual, but they seem it! The black and white blend is classic, and the puppies’ small size makes these suitable for practically any space.

Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler Staffordshire Spaniel Lamp-left at Table Lamps – $395

The matte finish and angular design are contemporary and fresh.

Porcelain Dog Pillow Cover – $12

This pillow is a perfect way to bring this appearance without needing to acquire the porcelain.

Carleton Varney Set of two White Staffordshire Porcelain Dogs – $16.99

You could have this traditional all-white appearance with the gold chain at a very affordable price.

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