Easy and fun Ways to add White Spaces and Color

Color arouses the eye and makes any space intriguing and personal, but it does not mean you need to paint the walls. There are benefits to having white partitions (if you lease, possibly your landlord has told you this already). White retains a room feeling bright and clean, and is a great background color to make other colors visually stunning. Here are strategies to make a white room sing with colour.

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Emily Ruddo

Play different spaces within an open floor plan. Keep your house light and white, and let colour shine throughout on cloths, wall art and furnishings/decor to divide up your spacious rooms.

Rethink Design Studio

Warm up a kids’ room. Add a spool of a perky colour like yellow, together with a large pattern, to a white space and it will be really cheerful for the small ones. Add DIY bits such as trim around lamp shades.


Bring in a large piece of artwork. To pull the eye into a space and produce a vibrant impact, pick up one enormous piece of artwork and place it onto a focal wall over a sofa, fireplace, bed, dining table or dresser.

Emily A. Clark

Produce a warm master bedroom. Bring in heat through furniture. Against a blue-tinted white wall (a relaxing color of white), dark timber furniture seems divine. Fluffy white bedding looks like a tempting white blur when placed on a chocolate finished bed frame, and the deep blue window treatments aren’t just great for keeping the room dark at night, but the blue is calming to the eye.

Dreamy Whites

Add a little softness. This is excellent for a guest area palette. Keep the room soft and cozy by painting walls a grey white and adding layers of white bedding start with a bed skirt, sheets and comforter or coverlet, put in a blanket or throw at the end of the bed which has lighter quieter tinted colors. Then top the bed(s) with petal pillows.

Jamie Laubhan-Oliver

Show off metal finishes. A crisp white backdrop lets reflective finishes shine. This could be a fantastic opportunity to put in a gallery of gold or silver frames.

Vintage Scout Interiors, Debbie Basnett

Add a large piece of vibrant furniture. Wrap the item of furniture in your room in colour. Forget about a sofa; bring in a joyful vibrant upholstered sofa. Or change your present sofa by reupholstering or including a slipcover.

Add a colored piece of furniture. Red, blue, green or some other color painted onto a desk, buffet, accent table or even a bed frame may turn a white room to an inspired, fun space. I adore the idea of using a piece of painted furniture in an entryway. It will be a “wow” moment for anybody entering your property.

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