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Book to Know:'Marrakesh by Design'

While the love of Morocco has drawn travelers to the country for centuries, its distinctive home aesthetic — a combination of Middle Eastern romanticism and French formalism — has arguably become the nation’s greatest ambassador around the globe.

Maryam Montague wasn’t immune to the nation’s appeal. She moved to Morocco with her family for what she thought was a temporary stint; 10 years later, she owns a boutique resort in Marrakesh called Peacock Pavilions and has generated Marrakesh by Design, a fascinating guide to Moroccan house design.

Filled with stunning photography of actual antiques houses, Montague’s recently published book creates the style accessible through a helpful breakdown of crucial design elements — color, finishes, designs and much more — and how-to guides.

Montague’s approach is contemporary: While imparting a profound appreciation for its enduring beauty of Morocco’s traditional architecture and craftsmanship, she provides hints on how the modern house can incorporate touches of Moroccan flair, from installing banquette-style seating in the living space to composing fashionable outdoor lounges. Here is some of her penetration to utilize on your own house.

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Use geometric patterns and hot colors. The traditional Moroccan color palette is composed of warm, saturated colors in blue, red, brown and green, and accents in black and white. Since Islam historically depended upon depictions of humans and animals in art, Moroccan interiors display a dizzying selection of geometric and floral patterns. The tiles are among the best examples of Moroccan artisans’ genius with pattern. Utilize bold-patterned tile as a surefire way to add drama to any space.

Hint: Moroccans love to draw focus on their ceilings, often making a room feel loftier than it truly is. Painted rafters, stenciled designs and plasterwork are some of the gorgeous tactics to ensure that people look upward.

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Layer, and layer more. As Montague states,”Moroccan style is not for the minimalist” The exuberant mixture of colors and patterns in this comfy nook shows the Moroccan bohemian style to complete effect. To do this look, heap a number of fabrics in your bed or sofa and top with a cacophony of cushions. Lay a colorful rug over a patterned flooring. Bear in mind, more is more.

Hint: Poufs are not only a fantastic decorative element; they provide seating and extra surface space in a pinch.

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Produce a Moroccan salon. Publish a low-slung sofa having an eye rug along with a smattering of tea tables, then add floor cushions and poufs. Several hanging arenas grouped as shown here also is a popular Moroccan layout flourish.

Hint: The walls and ceiling of the living room are all covered in tadelakt, a lime-based surface application that infuses rooms using a soft color and keeps walls without any dust. Tadelakt is ideal for those who are desiring to bring a desert languor into their property.

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Install banquette-style seating for small living spaces . Banquettes, as Montague describes,”are custom pieces designed to match a room’s particular dimensions, maximizing distance and providing comfortable seating for a lot of people.” Moroccan rooms are usually limited in size and slim too, therefore banquettes evolved since the predominant approach to configure a comfortable living room. Turn a cramped living space into a cozy oasis by providing a corner with banquette seats, colorful pillows and a plush rug.

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Mix antiques with modern pieces. Moroccan accessories along with clean-lined modern furniture work surprisingly well together. Here, Saarinen tables and seats upgrade a Moroccan room while keeping the focus on the lovely colors and craftmanship of the glass Cabinets, wood armoire and Beni Ouarain carpeting.

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Insert subtle Moroccan touches. A bit Moroccan flair might be all you need to revitalize a space. At Montague’s Peacock Pavilions office, she recently constructed unique shelves from ornamental cinder blocks and wood planks. She stenciled her simple file boxes and folders using geometric designs. And extending the white and black color scheme, she decorated the floor with calligraphy.

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Style a Moroccan-inspired outdoor terrace. Along with getting internal courtyards, Moroccans spend time al fresco on rooftop terraces outfitted for eating and lounging. Make your outdoor area a cozy place to spend hours reading or connecting with loved ones by preparing a Moroccan salon. Produce shade by installing a canvas kayak or a rattan roof. Drama is added using a wicker lamp.

Hint: Line hurricane lanterns or votives along a face to serve as decoration throughout the day. In the night, lit lanterns provide a romantic glow.

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Marrakesh by Design, by Maryam Montague – $29.95

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Bold Moroccan Design for Today’s Interiors

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