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Heat a Greenhouse With Propane

When temperatures fall, greenhouses prevent seedlings and cold-sensitive plants from being damaged or even damaged. Supplemental heat is frequently needed if you intend on keeping these plants in your greenhouse throughout the winter, however. Propane heaters are just one option for keeping your greenhouse heat and can be found as both installed heaters and portable units. To maximize their efficiency, you should take steps to reduce heat loss in your greenhouse prior to turning the heaters on.


Apply caulk to some joints around doorways, windows or other openings in your greenhouse to prevent heat loss.

Inspect the gaskets on your greenhouse and replace them as necessary. Worn or damaged gaskets allow heat to escape.

Install weather stripping and insulation as essential to further prevent the reduction of heat.

Install an automatic port control system which opens and closes vents dependent on the temperature inside the greenhouse. This allows carbon dioxide to escape, lets oxygen in and handles heat much better than manual vents.

Permanent Heaters

Contact a local propane supplier and inquire about using a propane tank installed close to your greenhouse. If several propane providers operate in your area, request quotes from multiple resources to find the best price on tank installation.

Put in a concrete pad or other flat surface authorized by the propane business that you choose whether the firm does not include pad placement in its setup support. A representative in the company should help you with placement and sizing if necessary.

Put in your heater unit in the greenhouse. If possible, mount the heater reduced on the greenhouse wall so that heating occurs at ground level and rises to avoid cold spots within the greenhouse.

Await the setup crew to arrive with the propane tank. They’ll install the cylinder and the pipe for your heater to make sure it does not leak. When the tank is filled and your heater is connected, the setup crew will test the system to make sure your heater works properly.

Portable Heaters

Clear a space on your greenhouse that’s big enough for the your portable heater and its own propane tank. Make sure the heater and tank are placed on level ground where they will not be disturbed or crowded.

Connect the cylinder to the heater. Open the valve on the cylinder to release enough gas to light the pilot light on the heater.

Adjust the heater settings as required to produce the quantity of heat you want. Switch off the heater and shut the valve on the propane tank once the heater is no more required.

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