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The ideal Fabric for Re-Covering a Sofa

If your couch is in need of upgrading, reupholstering is a budget-friendly option that could add years to its life. Selecting the best material to cover it depends on your lifestyle and priorities for the new cover. If there’s pets or children in the household, durability and stain resistance are key. If the couch is in a lower-traffic room, designer fabrics with a verdant look might be used. With the right cloth, you can change the look of the entire room and create your old couch appear fresh.

Cotton Twill

For a second update that’s cost efficient, cotton twill is an perfect option. Twill is a tight condition that resists wear and may defy high-traffic use for a number of years, making it a smart selection for a household with pets or children. Multicolored patterns show dirt less than solid-color fabrics. Be careful not to put a cotton-covered sofa close to any potential fire, however, as the cloth can be extremely flammable unless treated.


A choice often found on sofas accessible home furnishing stores, microfiber or microsuede is a comparatively budget-friendly alternative that works well with almost any style of room decoration. Microfibers possess some stain-resistant properties, and could be treated for extra immunity, making clean up easy with a damp (but not overly wet) cloth. The tight weave makes it immune to pet claws, albeit not jammed. Microfibers are widely available in fabric stores in a variety of colors.


A high-density wool or poly-blend velvet is really a sophisticated option that could withstand a lot of wear through time. They are exceptionally versatile fabrics available in a vast array of colours that are cozy and inviting. The fire resistance of velvet depends on its make-up with some choices considered highly flammable, so make sure you check the tag before purchasing if the couch is going to be placed near a potential flame.


Leather is a great option when durability is the maximum concern and cost isn’t. It’s a gorgeous alternative that works well in contemporary and traditional settings alike. It may be treated for stain resistance, and clean-up is easy with a damp cloth. Whether there are pets with sharp claws in the home, be wary allowing them on the leather. Although it is highly durable, if a sharp object does cut through the leather, then it is not possible to restore it to its initial state.

Latex Backed

If you are looking to re-cover a couch in a room that doesn’t find daily usage, or favor a luxurious look, you will find a variety of upholstery fabrics with a satin look and texture that may be utilized. These looser-weave fabrics have more durability when they have a latex back, an option found in the fabric shop’s upholstery section. While they might be more susceptible to tears, the latex maintains the tear from going through to the sofa’s inside, and might be easily repaired with a couple of hand stitches.

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