How to Improve Welding Safety

handyman services Pueblo CO know that it’s very important to apply relevant welding safety measures regardless of whether they’re performing small-scale or large-scale welding tasks. That’s because the risks associated with welding are the same no matter how big or small the job, which is why we’ve got some actionable tips that you can use now to protect yourself and your employees from some of the most common welding dangers.

Read the Manual

This might seem obvious but you’d be surprised at how many people ignore this tip. Make sure you read the operating manual of the welding machine that you’re working with so you can understand how to operate it, what its limits are and the safety measures that you should take.

Wear Protective Gear

Never start a welding job without putting on your gloves, helmet and protective clothing. Also, avoid wearing short-sleeved shirts or shorts, and stick to flame-resistant clothes like a welding jacket, denim pants etc.

Protect Your Eyes

Make sure to put on your welding helmet along with safety glasses underneath to protect your eyes from a condition known as “arc flash” which can be very damaging to your eyes.

Get Some Clean Air

Welding gives off toxic fumes and gases that fill up the entire space where you’re working, which is why an exhaust hood is a really good investment to make as it cleans the air and makes the space breathable again. You might also need to use respirators, depending on the materials that you’re working with, so be sure to check the manufacturers welding electrodes datasheet.

Wear the Right Shoes

The best shoes for handyman services Pueblo CO are high-top leather boots. Make sure you layer pants legs of over the shoes for maximum protection.

Auto-Darkening Helmets

Invest in auto-darkening helmets to reduce fatigue while you’re welding and to help you meet your production time goals. You should get an auto-darkening helmet that conforms to ANSI standard Z87.1-2003, or whichever one is the latest standard.

Avoid Repetitive Stress Injuries

There are certain small changes that you can make to reduce your chances of getting stress injuries. For instance, you can reduce your chances of getting neck fatigue by using an auto-darkening helmet instead of a traditional, fixed shade helmet.

Use Boom-Mounted Wire Feeders

If you’re a welder who works in a high-production welding station, then you should definitely get boom-mounted wire feeders, as they’re more comfortable, efficient and flexible than any other alternative.

Keep Your Workspace Clean

Store all your welding equipment in clearly labelled containers and compartments and make sure that you put everything back in its place after you’ve finished using it. The only items you should have on your weld area are the equipment that you’ll be using. Consider investing in a weld table that can adjust to a handyman Pueblo CO’s height to make your work easier and more comfortable.

Use Fixturing

Use a simple gearbox to minimize any risks as it’s able to rotate a 2, 200-lb. component without having to use a chain and hoist.