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Modern Icons: The Anziano Chair

This modern classic seat relies upon a seat originally designed by the Greeks sometime around 400 B.C.. They were called Klismos chairs, and they regained popularity in the 19th century when classical architecture and design came back into favour. The seat we’re celebrating today, the Anziano seat, takes this real classic and mashes it up with modern materials and methods. The end result is a gorgeous piece with classic Greek roots, mid-century modern flair, along with a futuristic feel that will endure for several years.

Introducing the Anziano Chair: This pair of ivory lacquer chairs with black legs dancing atop a coordinating checkerboard floor.

Mark English Architects

The seat in the corner of this chamber is a Klismos chair more in the tradition of the original Greek chairs. Attributes include.


Anziano Chair | Donghia

This modern interpretation of this Klismos by John Hutton for Donghia uses bent timber, simplifies matters using a plain T-back, also celebrates the form of the legs using an outline crafted of tubular steel. Hutton designed the seat in 1989, and it is already a part of the Brooklyn Museum’s Decorative Arts Collection.

Options include organic, warm cherry, brown mahogany, ebonized, ivory lacquer, midnight leather along with cognac leather.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

The combination of wood and metal coordinates nicely with various elements of this kitchen; the mild wood increases the mixture of timber finishes, while the dark legs play the cupboard dark and hardware windowpanes.

Eleven Interiors

An all-black pair of chairs retains the dining area from being consumed by this mild and open space.

A pair of warm, cherry Anziano chairs paired with a very simple farmhouse table produces a pleasing and unexpected combination.

Eminent Interior Layout

While based upon an ancient design, the seat works well into the near future, fitting in perfectly with contemporary elements.

Cathy Schwabe Architecture

When dining, a complete collection is never mandatory; this built-in dining bench and three chairs provide for an assortment of dining adventures.

Sroka Design, Inc..

Not only for diningroom, the Anziano makes a great occasional chair in a living room, den or study, and doesn’t take up much visual distance.

Eleven Interiors

It also introduces its striking shape to this sleek and luxurious bedroom.

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