Coastal Style

Spectacular Prairie Retreat

A simple idea executed well may lead to a number of the most tasteful and evocative compositions. Whether architecture, style or perhaps cuisine, inspired and creative restraint drives focused designs that don’t rely on superfluous adornments because of their own substance. Instead, every choice strengthens the central theme of a strong idea. For architect Matthew Hufft, a client’s natural fascination with curves sparked the concept of her house, leading to a house that accommodates its owners while revealing unique uses of the curve during.

Hufft Projects

This isn’t a job that began with a name and cried all layout decisions to follow in its wake. By comparison, states Hufft, the design process is really what dictated the shape and form of the house, like a sculpture. What starts as a good concept produces a job that neatly joins all attributes. Often, it is just after the design is finished that the theme clearly show itself to Hufft.

Hufft Projects

When Hufft was hired to the mind the design of the house, the family had purchased this two-acre plot in the center of a 13-lot subdivision in Springfield, Mo.. The house has been designed to be inward focused, to accommodate future growth on all four sides.

Ultimately, the customers decided to purchase the entire development and conserve the surrounding open space. While the house had been designed, this abandoned boundless possibilities for its landscape.

The landscape design of the Curved House starkly contrasts the hyper customized and designed nature of the structure. Landscape architect John Galloway planted the remaining 13 acres of property with native prairie grasses.

A natural berm planted with sumac trees lines the approach to the house. As the trees mature, they will create a good screen along the entry road, making the house visible only through Galloway’s aperture installment.

Although the courtyard no longer functions as the only landscape feature of the house, the demand for this central core is equally as vital as when it was designed. It anchors the house and the customers’ place within the landscape. Rather than using this room as an exterior escape, it may serve as sheltered refuge to get a house that drifts in 13 acres of prairie.

Hufft Projects

While the courtyard was intended to be enjoyed outdoors, it was also necessary to think about the climate of Missouri prohibits being outside yearlong. Planted directly in the center of the house is a flowering dogwood — Missouri’s state tree. Despite harsh weather, the progression of the tree during the entire year will connect the interior with all the landscape.

Hufft Projects

In tune with Hufft’s design philosophy, the Curved House elegantly reaffirms its theme throughout the house. The shelves that line the hallways hug the contours created by exterior walls.

The steps to the pool gracefully arc in unison.

Even right angles are rounded out.

A unique aspect of Hufft’s workplace is that along with a full service design studio, in addition they possess an in-house fabrication shop — making many of these ultra-custom facets possible.

The customers’ interest in sustainability and low-energy options prompted Hufft to implement alternate energy sources for powering the house, as well as using local and reclaimed materials to construct it. The entire pool cabana is powered by photovoltaic cells, and a geothermal system on the property cools and heats the house.

The light gray color of the locally-sourced Spanish tile roof reflects solar heat, keeping the house cool. Neighborhood black Endicott brick using a Manganese finish creates a superbly subtle sheen which nicely highlights the curves of the walls. Oiled Ipe wood, a sustainable substance, accents the brick, richly contrasting the green of the prairie grass.

Hufft Projects

Abundant natural light fills the house, which lowers the demand for artificial light and excess energy intake.

Hufft Projects

Commercial-grade aluminum windows complement the aesthetic of the house and require next-to-no maintenance.

Hufft Projects

Low-VOC finishes were used through the house. In the kitchen, the cabinets are reclaimed and the countertops are glass.

Hufft Projects

Hufft designs distances meant to inspire, but ultimately he intends to create houses that actually make you feel comfy — from the inside out. The Curved House is filled with warmth and light, and leaves you feeling as if you’ve just had a big breath of fresh air.

See more photos of the Curved House

Photography by Mike Sinclair

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Eclectic Homes

Regional Modern: Oregon Homes Respond to the Landscape

It could be easy to argue that what pushes architecture and design from Seattle, Washington is the same from Portland and other areas from Oregon to the south, developing a general Pacific Northwest modern fashion. There could be some truth because in regards to landscape and climate, but every metropolitan region is unique in cultural and other aspects. This leads to idiosyncratic if similar modernisms in each region.

Portland is known among people interested in architecture and urbanism because of its dense core and varied transportation, a consequence of strong top-down planning that is forward thinking in its sustainable objectives. Here, the greenfield suburbanization of all farmland that is the favored clinic around the USA is eschewed in favor of preserving a greenbelt around the city. While this general plan has led to some quality interventions in the urban core, the houses that follow clearly fall outside that region — and into other parts of Oregon — and therefore are indicative of style that reacts to landscapes rather than city life.

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SRM Architecture and Interiors

This holiday home (which afterwards became the client’s most important home ) is at the Hood River Valley east of Portland. This photograph indicates a solid natural setting marked by trees but also vineyards.

SRM Architecture and Interiors

On both sides the house is built into a hill, but on the opposite side it opens upward towards the distant Mount Hood. Here the plan follows an L-shape to cradle the outside area, which can be indicated by planters, pavers along with a pool.

SRM Architecture and Interiors

The house itself is a mix of industrial and natural materials.

This nook near the pool comes with a timber roof and walls of Corten steel, wrought iron, and metal louvers in front of glass.

Each material responds to specific conditions (cover, fireplace, windows) and can be closely written at a human scale.

Skylab Architecture

This house is also built at a hillside, making it a split-level design with three floors on the front but two on the rear. The center floor cantilevers dramatically at the far end of this picture…

Skylab Architecture

… creating a strong statement about the house in relation to its own landscape. The patio at the tip of the cantilever offers and experience such as sitting at the trees.

Stillwater Dwellings

This prefab house is situated in Bend, southeast of Portland. It takes advantage of views of the nearby Cascade Mountains. While prefab and modern might not bring pleasing graphics to mind, this design reacts to its site gracefully through a subtle butterfly roof form and terrace using this view. To boot, it just took approximately 8 weeks from start to finish, including 6 hours (!) To erect the house set up after it was manufactured off.

Another prefab by Stillwater Dwelling, this time in Portland, uses similar kinds but on a smaller scale. The butterfly roof form helps to ensure that outdoor walls have more generous glazing. The low point of the roof can be used to catch rainwater for graywater recycling.

2fORM Architecture

This escape is located at Vida, much south of Portland, near the Willamette National Forest outside Eugene. The surrounding hills and trees are only stunning, and in this way it appears appropriate that the architect and customer built upward. This minimizes the footprint of the house and gets up the occupants to enjoy the environment.

2fORM Architecture

The substances are rather functional, chiefly CMU and timber. It is worth noting here the way the rainwater is collected for reuse, an off-the-grid move that is essential in distant locations like this.

Giulietti Schouten Architects

Mainly closed out of the road, this one-story residence opens up in the trunk to visually link the house to its environment and supply space for outside dining and pleasure. The cantilevered patio is a wonderful touch that emphasizes the slope descending from the house.

Paul McKean architecture llc

This previous house returns to the place of this initial, the Hood River Valley.

This escape is significantly more small, and it truly attempts to minimize its footprint by lifting itself above the landscape.

It is clear that natural beauty is something cherished in and around Portland and other areas of the nation, extending from urban plans to the floor plans of houses.

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Wine Cellars

Great Space: A Plush Nook for Sipping Wine

Can you imagine a more perfect place to sip wine on a fall evening? This warm, walnut paneled nook is tucked into the wonderful pool home at designer Jamie Beckwith’s Nashville home. The pool home itself is a whole work of art, but this tucked-away area is what really tempts us on a crisp day. Fluffy pink pillows and soft lighting make this the perfect spot to curl up with a friend and a bottle of your favorite red wine.

See more of Jamie Beckwith’s Modern Gothic Pool House

Beckwith Interiors

This cozy nook sits right outside a chilled wine basement within the pool house. Walnut paneling lines the walls, while the floor is a patterned wood block (made by Beckwith) that is completed after installation. The corner was created in a warm, bright pink to contrast with the freezing blue wine cellar. “We wanted it to be a cozy area to sit and enjoy a bottle of wine, because the wine cellar is cooled,” says Ashleigh Farrar, an Interior Design Assistant with Beckwith Interiors.

Wall art: A New York artist, purchased at the Nashville Antique Art & Garden Show
Side Effects: Tony Table by Oly Studio
Cushion cloth: Shibori Circle by Schumacher

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Kitchen Workbook

When most homeowners embark upon a kitchen remodel, they devote endless hours amassing inspiring kitchen photographs. But this doesn’t necessarily help a person figure out what they want, and may even bring about confusion. The majority of people don’t have a popular single look. If you are like me, you suffer from multiple personalities in the design section. The challenging part of the process is learning to narrow down the options and hone in on what you want your dream kitchen to look like.

Glenvale Kitchens

Here are some pointers to assist you through step 1:

Collect images at random. Collect images that talk to you emotionally without considering why (at least for right now). Believe me, there is a pattern there — you might not have the ability to see it initially, but a blueprint will reveal itself. You could find that a whole bunch of your kitchen inspiration images might have to be added into an ideabook for a upcoming farmhouse or weekend escape, but do not skip over them simply because they do not relate to this project, save them for later.

Do not edit yourself (yet). Do not make yourself nuts from the get-go by trying to edit as you collect. I truly think in amassing with reckless abandon first and editing after . Editing yourself while you gather inspiration is sure death for creativity.

Organize (but only in the event that you want to). It’s OK to be unorganized and even a little messy — this is creativity after all! So what in case your collections are a bit of a wreck with no thought or reason. If you are unnaturally arranged, then you are a step ahead of us, but for those that aren’t, do not sweat it. There is time to return over all of this stuff and tag it later.

Start Searching for a pro. This may be a great time to start noting the professionals that are accountable for the layouts you like and searching for a design specialist that you may prefer to interview. For some homeowners, the right thing to do is hire a specialist out of the gate and have him or her help you through this inspiration-gathering phase. Some homeowners even hand this off completely into a designer, and it’s the designer’s job to listen, interpret and gather inspiration for the customer and bring it back for approval.

Read thousands of kitchen photos

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Categorize. Once you have a fair number of inspiration images to work with, return through them and set them into loose categories.
It’s possible to categorize by style: Maybe you appear to fall upon the fence between classic and contemporary. Or maybe you find that you have a lot of images of kitchens with dark wood floors. You are able to create a collection dedicated completely to kitchen or islands banquette seating. One for lighting, one for background, etc..

We will get into exploring your style with the next installation, so for today do not consider why you enjoy matters, only that you do or do not.

Vendome Press

Edit. Return through these folders and ideabooks and see in the event that you still respond emotionally to the images inside.

When it has been a while since you began gathering inspiration and you have looks at hundreds of distances, your preference may have changed without you even realizing it. Ruthless editing can truly help describe things… you will look at a room and say”Why on earth did I save that photograph?”

In case you can not remember and it does not talk to you no more, ditch it. See how simple that was?

Fiorella Design

Collect images with intention. Now that you have gathered at random, edited and edited, return through all your saved photographs, and visit all of your previous online haunts — and search images for particular items.

Look only for glass-front cabinets, industrial hoods or island lighting… not at the picture as a whole. You may not enjoy an total room whatsoever , but one component could be precisely what you want. I do this for every customer, and often for multiple parts of every customer’s job. I pull inspiration images and that I say”do not examine the wall colour or the cabinet style: simply examine the hood” or”look at how the crown molding transitions around the beam and hood” or something very special like that. Then edit.

Next: Determine Your Range of Work

Locate Your Own Personal Kitchen Design
How to Remodel Your Kitchen

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2012 Faucet and Fixtures: See What's New for the Toilet

2012 will be about updating the fashions and technology of bathroom faucets and fixtures — sinks, tubs, toilets and the like — while preserving precious resources. Read on to find some of the darker finishes, incorporated countertops and sinks, fancy bathrooms and special shapes and materials which are looking in showrooms this season.

Browse bathroom designs | Find a bathroom designer

Melaragno Design Company, LLC

Rustic bathrooms are going to be a leading trend this season. This bath utterly defines the style, including its dark-finished, wall-mount tap along with the wood base behind the sink bowl.

Paul Anater

Contemporary integrated countertops and sinks are going to be a hot bath trend this season, as noticed in this trade show in Spain covered by Paul Anater.


Look for WaterSense for a hot trend for 2012. This conservation program, created by the same agency that brought us Energy Star, will become as well-known. This is going to be a major year for the program.

Last year it had been hard to locate a shower head with the WaterSense label. This year numerous businesses are offering them. In fact, Home Depot reports they are currently selling only WaterSense-certified bathroom sink faucets.

Last but not least, new bathrooms that utilize 1.28 gallons a flush, like Kohler’s new Tresham, are qualifying for the WaterSense certification.


Kohler – numi toilet – $4,000

At the high end, integrated bathrooms will be the latest bathroom trend. While the typical homeowner won’t spend $4,000 or more on a toilet, the features they include, such as incorporated audio, lighting and personalization are inclined to be seen at more affordable models down the road.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

Interesting sink materials are going to be a hot trend this season. Glass, basalt, metals, bamboo and other unique basins are going to appear in high-end bathrooms.

You’re likely going to find this tendency most often in powder rooms, fantastic areas to produce a major design statement.

Rachel Reider Interiors

Rectangular sinks will last to be sexy in 2012. Look for these in unique finishes as well as traditional whites.

Claudia Leccacorvi

Square-shaped and clean-lined faucets are also a hot trend this season.

These will be particularly well known in transitional bathrooms, but you will also find them in traditional bathrooms and in modern spaces like this one.

Bathroom Faucets – $600

High arcs in faucets are trending up, also. You’ll locate them in modern fashions, like this one, and in more traditional styles with dual and single handles. In other words, it will be simple to locate a top arc on your 2012 bathroom update.

10 Fabulous Faucets to Make Your House More Fascinating
Get the Look: Falling Water in the Bath
Chic and Moody: Dark, Seductive Baths

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Great Compositions: Heavy and Light

Contrast is the most powerful of layout tools. The genius lies in the way and when to use it. It is often said that music is born from the distance between the notes. In the same way, architecture is not found in the creating of stuff, but in the residual distance between those items. The philosopher Lao Tzu wrote, “moulding clay into a boat we find the utility in its hollowness … hence the being of things is profitable, the non-being of matters is”

I am considering the edges of chambers, the distance between spaces, and also the mass of walls. The edge condition has a profound impact on the character and utility of architectural area. It can be porous or solid, translucent or opaque, thick or thin, etc. The action of creating contrast is the purposeful juxtaposition of items to reveal and amplify the existential qualities of both. Below are a few amazing homes that use contrast as the primary design tool.

Jay Hargrave Architecture

This home in Texas creates a striking figure on the land. At a glance it appears like a reinhabited primitive destroy or a archeolgical site encased in glass. A great sheltering roof hovers above a delicate frame anchored into the solid bulk of brick walls punctuated with decorative openings. The design is mysterious, heroic, reverent and convinced. I dream of homes similar to this one.

Hufft Projects

I wouldn’t ever imagine seeing this from the American Midwest, but it’s. A sleek dark grey brick serpentine wall slides in and behind a red bamboo wall. The color and substance contrast is bold and dull. Nothing is an afterthought. The opacity of surface begins to split in the gauziness of Ipe wood screens.

And here’s a look inside the inner sanctum of this chemical on the personal side of this Ipe screen wall layered upon simple posts encouraging a level plane overhead.

Bercy Chen Studio

Ever since Pierre Chareau constructed the Maison de Verre in Paris in 1928, architects are smitten with the use of glass block as a monolithic expression. This home in Austin, Texas utilizes glass block along a wall facing a hillside for faceted feel, light, solidity and translucency. Just the right amount of timber and nature complement the palette, and the result is amazing. I am imagining the darkness of night with a million candles lit on the mountain.

Webber + Studio, Architects

Here’s an Acropolis-like manifestation of a thick plinth where springs a temple. A raised glass home with a view of these trees will be grounded to a good masonry garage beneath. A delicate slatted canopy crowns the makeup very efficiently and balances the floor plane.

A very long wall on one side anchors the contrasting glassy walls which spring from it towards the landscape. The lines of timber roof purlins extend the rhythm of window mullions, and a good foundation in a neutral tone merges together with the rock patio.


Salvaged wood for this particular garage door makes a wonderful textural contrast with the Corten-steel wall cladding.


Corten steel, also a kind of weathering steel in which rust actually protects the steel to the very long run, is used very efficiently in this layout as a frame around a big window and as a perforated skin in the front of the other glass opening. The deep rich color evokes a minimal and monumental presence in this urban streetscape.

Nic Darling

Again, perforated Corten steel creates a gorgeous veil such as privacy scrim over this glassy urban facade slipped between two traditional masonry buildings.

Fatima McNell

The ever-changing disposition of nature paints the walls of the gallery connection into a house outside in a good illustration of contrast at its finest.

Narofsky Architecture + ways2design

Just squint your eyes for only the basis of the house, and you’ll notice it looks as rock destroys as the darker infill recedes. As from the first picture, the poetic narrative of a reclaimed and reinhabited destroy is a powerful architectural essay in heavy and light.

Contrast in design may just be the secret ingredient that makes something good into something unforgettable.

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Provide Your Futon a Dramatic Backdrop

You might think the only options for the space above your bed are headboards or some kind of wall art. But if you really wish to boost the play of your bed, it might be time to consider a bed background. Whether it’s created through background, fabric or a something else, a bed background extends past the typical dimensions of a headboard, grounding your bed by way of an enticing focal point. Wondering if the look is ideal for you? Have a peek at these photos to find out whether your bed is destined for a totally new look.

Vanessa De Vargas

Build a bed background by wallpapering a allocated space and framing it with molding. The look is easy on the pocket and transformative.

Michael Abrams Limited

Covering the wall behind the bed in upholstered fabric creates a warm and soft background, enhancing the area’s coziness factor.

Brooke Ulrich

Consider a patterned fabric for extra interest. Be certain the pattern’s scale complements additional patterns within the room, like your bed linens.

RLH Studio

Murals offer you unique ideas for bed wallpapers. Colorful outdoor scenery gives this room the look of a dream garden escape. To get the look, hire a local artist or buy specialty background or wall stickers.

Elizabeth Gordon

Another easy method to replicate the bed background: drapes. Hang them floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall to optimize glamour and infiltrate your space with texture.

Lucid Interior Design Inc..

Or, focus them solely around the bed for a cozy, romantic feel.

Elizabeth Dinkel

Insert a canopy to for a romantic look.

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc..

A mirrored bed background will ground the bed and make the whole room seem much larger.

B Fein Interiors LLC

If texture and color is what you’re after, consider altering your bed background in an accent wall through background. Pick a bold pattern which attracts colors from your bedroom scheme to incorporate the paper to the overall look.


You can not fail with mod, chic metallics. This bedroom instantly becomes an elegant escape together with the addition of this gold-papered background. The soft lamp light will dancing off the small sheen of this paper.

Leclair Decor

If you would like to add texture and increase the visual height of your space, choose a backdrop with a vertical design. Does this birch tree background make the bed look like it is positioned in the middle of a charming woods, but it makes the ceiling look considerably greater.

More: Beautiful Wall Murals
11 Inventive Headboards
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Houzz Tour: A Loving Remodel for High-School Sweethearts

It is like something out of a book: Michael and Ellie Mroz locked eyes their freshman year of high school in Westfield, N.J., and have been together ever since. After graduating from high school and college, the couple moved back to their hometown where both of their families still reside. They found their dream home — a 72-year-old home on a tree-lined road. The home hadn’t been changed in more than 60 decades, so the couple needed to redo almost everything. “We wanted to expand and upgrade the home, and infuse our clean, classic and coastal style in the existing structure,” Ellie says.

Michael Robert Construction

Michael was the general contractor to the home, therefore he and Ellie decided to make minimal adjustments to the outside of the home. The couple wished to keep the home’s authentic look and match the rest of the area. A new garage was added to the home, however the only other changes outdoors are aluminum flashing and new trimming.

Michael Robert Construction

Light oak floors, exposed beams, white trimming and also blue-toned paints contribute the coastal style they wanted. In the foyer hardwood floors with a walnut border were set up. Ellie picked a navy grasscloth wallpaper for the walls. “I’m a huge fan of decorating with texture instead of loud colours or prints,” she states. “I think walls are a excellent spot to do this.”

A sharp navy and white geometric carpet was selected for the stairs, and the stair rods are capped with pineapple finials, finishing off the foyer’s coastal look.

Background: Thibaut
Light fixture: Hampton Semi-Flushmount, Hudson Valley

Michael Robert Construction

Ellie and Michael decided to use a lower-grade bamboo floor for more version, thickness and warmth. In the formal dining room (initially the home’s living room), they also installed a light fixture and trestle table and added wainscotting and coffering on the ceiling and walls.

Table: Trestle Salvaged Wood Extension Dining Table, Restoration Hardware
Chandelier: Pillar Candle Large Chandelier, Restoration Hardware

Michael Robert Construction

The blue-gray island is almost 10 feet long, providing Ellie lots of space to entertain and cook. She and Michael decided to provide the Carrara marble counter the look of a double edged slab by mitering the edge of this only 2.5-inch piece. “It’s a great industrial sense, and the production is superb,” Ellie says. “The veins of the masonry follow down over the edge to give it a smooth look.”

Pendant: Benson Pendant

Michael Robert Construction

Even though the kitchen already receives a ton of light from the large window in the adjacent breakfast nook, Ellie and Michael add narrow windows on both sides of the stove to let in even more natural lighting.

Barstools: Pier 1
Cabinetry: Brookhaven by Woodmode combined with some habit pieces/panels

Michael Robert Construction

The backsplash behind the desk area from the kitchen was painted with magnetic primer and chalkboard paint, which makes it the ideal spot to leave notes. The built-in cabinetry is in precisely the exact same style as the rest of the kitchen to create a unified look.

Michael Robert Construction

A custom half-circle window was set up in the breakfast nook. The window makes the space feel bigger by supplying a view straight into the backyard and enabling lots of morning light to filter through. A built-in bench offers extra seating and makes the space feel cozy.

Table: Montego Dining table in black, Pottery Barn
Chairs: Aaron Wood Seat Chair in black, Pottery Barn
Pendant: Victorian Resort Pendant in glossy nickel, Restoration Hardware

Michael Robert Construction

Among Ellie’s favourite features is that the ceiling she made in the great room. The ceiling is a glossy white beadboard with flat beams (the room did not have the elevation for dropped beams). The area right next to the living room is the kids’ play area. Here, the couple decided to make the ceiling a bit bigger and abandon the beadboard in a natural colour. The difference gives a subtle awareness of differentiation between the two spaces, and aids the play place feel warmer.

Couches: Baldwin slipcovered sofa and seat, Macy’s
Play place carpet: Skip Hop Playspot

Michael Robert Construction

The rustic-looking wood press unit comes from Restoration Hardware, and Ellie and Michael additional shoe molding to give it a much more custom, built-in look. The majority of the goods in the home are a mix of Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel and IKEA, blended with a couple finds from local shops and their travels.

Michael Robert Construction

This formal living room was initially the home’s dining room. Since they love to entertain and also have family dinners, the couple decided a bigger dining room would better suit their lifestyle. For the walls, Ellie picked a plastic grey wallpaper with a silk-like look. But since it is made of such durable material, it can be scrubbed, washed and even bleached — ideal for a home with two small children.

Arm chairs: Pottery Barn
Couch: Bayside Total Sleeper, Crate & Barrel
Ceiling pendant: Finley Small White Pendant, Crate & Barrel
Background: Thibaut

Michael Robert Construction

The mudroom was a great practical improvement for this growing family. The couple brightened up the area with apple green baskets and a cheerful turquoise door. “This doorway is very special to people,” Ellie says. “My husband calls it the ‘grin door’ since it makes him smile every morning when he leaves for work.”

Tile: Tumbled Travertine
Paint color: Castaway by Dunn Edwards

Michael Robert Construction

Ellie and Michael made the upstairs master suite for a respite from their busy lifestyles. Dark wood furniture contrasts with a subtle and pearlescent wallpaper. Classically designed light fixtures stay in accord with the kind of the rest of the home.

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Warm Up Your House for Winter

Chilly temperatures may save you from being outdoors for more of the day, but it’s not all bad, especially when your insides are über comfy. As you’re busy preparing for the upcoming period — winterizing your backyard, swapping wardrobes, turning on the heat — maybe you need to give your space a once-over to check on its cozy appeal. Can it be turned up a notch? Whether it’s by adding a throw, showcasing a pile of books or even trying out a new seating arrangement from the fireplace, then there are lots of alternatives you can try, even if you’re on a budget. Check out these photos to learn what to elements will allow you to produce a comfy space. And cheers to cool weather, comfy interiors and enough hot chocolate to take you through’til spring.

Rugs. Few things are more beautiful than hardwood floors, but they do not qualify as comfy. Rugs not only aid a space feel more cohesive, but they also add warmth.

Summerour Architects

Do not think that a kitchen, with its steel appliances and cold countertops, can not feel comfy. With an oversize rug added to the mix, it surely can.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

Layers. This step is critical, and fortunately it is both affordable and simple. Start by just draping throws over your furniture not only will they come in handy once you want to curl up on the sofa, but they’ll continue to heat the distance as you’re away.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

Continue by adding lots of throw pillows to your sofa and filling your walls with framed art. Do not go overboard: You want your space to feel accumulated, not littered.

Reaume Construction & Design

Drapery and other window treatments add extra warm layers to the space and help trap warmth inside.

JMA (Jim Murphy and Associates)

Novels . There is something about piles of books that instantly warms up any space. Fill your shelves together, place a comfy chair nearby and spend the time catching up on all of your favorite notes.

The best thing about books: they may be set anywhere. Pile them in your coffee table to make a second layer for the décor. You will have successfully mastered two comfy looks in one decorating move. Of coure, a fuzzy pooch is a big help, too.

Paint the walls. One of the simplest and most inexpensive design tricks : our beloved, badger buddy, paint. I like this picture because it demonstrates that even a basement area with little natural light can become a cozy escape with the inclusion of a coating of warm, neutral paint.

Elizabeth Gordon

Do not be afraid to go dark with paint it actually produces a snug feeling. A white crib and traces of colour help this nursery feel bright yet cozy at exactly the same moment.

Studio C Architecture & Interiors

Your toilet can be made instantly comfy with a coating of heavy brown paint and the inclusion of a comfy seat.

Dufner Heighes Inc

Texture. Here’s to demonstrating that a mostly white or neutral space can be comfy: it all depends upon feel. If you are going with this look, ensure your rug, upholstery and accessories have various levels of feel; think of adding a faux sheepskin throw over a duvet sofa. In this photo, the marble mantel brings additional texture to the space.

Crisp Architects

Chairs arrangements from the fireplace. There is nothing cozier than a fireplace, so get right up there and appreciate it. You can roast each of the marshmallows you want without uncrossing your legs.

Susan Jay Design

Nooks. If your home gets the architectural advantage of a nook, transform it into a comfy little reading escape.

Webber + Studio, Architects

Little spaces. This is only one of the pricier methods to create a comfy space, but as soon as you do it, you will wonder why you waited. If you’ve got an awkward, rather small space which you can not envision being useful. Small rooms are instantly comfy due to their romantic nature, so look at altering it into a reading area or little study.

MN Builders

The attic. The loft isn’t only for storage. It can be transformed into a snug living room (more cozy if you are fortunate enough to have sloped ceilings). It might be a small project, but it’s worth it. Outfit it with a fireplace (consider a fake one if a real one is not possible), a shag rug and cozy furniture, and voila — it’s chic, cozy and more space for living!

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Indoor Gardening: Succulents and Herbs

The orange and orange palette of autumn flowers does not match every interior’s style. Pots of herbs or succulents are great options to classic autumn floral arrangements. They’re low maintenance, smart looking, and also a wonderful way to bring the outdoors inside. There is even a practical aspect in the case of the herbs, which are helpful for cooking. And succulents barely ever require water.

These plants work well in kitchens, family rooms, vestibules, and outside eating areas, and add a subtle elegance to any room.

Shape a thyme plant to some contemporary topiary form. Paired with all the pine box holder, the look feels rustic. And this type of tall plant makes a fun design element.

Mark English Architects, AIA

Green herbs on the counter soften the bold look of the bright orange island and cabinets in this slick modern kitchen, which makes the room feel more homey.


Herbs growing in the windows incorporate life in an otherwise quite white space.

Rosemary is so easy to grow and can be so aromatic. Just be sure that it gets some sun while you’ve got it indoors. Wrapped in burlap tied with twine, it appears like it’s in the kitchen of a Paris apartment.

Andrew Flesher Interiors

Discuss elegant: the sole greenery to be observed in this chic living room is a closely trimmed thyme topiary tree before the window. The potted herb brings something fresh and living to the room without taking away from the inherent masculinity of the furnishings. And the green of this plant matches the green of this blanket, a pleasant, harmonious choice.

Bonfigli Design

Function trumps form , with pots of herbs stashed alongside bottles of wine while an Italian feast is merely waiting to be cooked up. An individual can attain a similar look by simply taking cut bunches of the herbs, putting them in plain water, and using them for a couple of days.

Greener Grass Design


Modern take on the herb garden: This watering basin for developing herbs permits you to begin with seeds and experience the satisfaction of appearing green.


Herb Window Box – $59.95

GIve a window like this as much sun as possible through autumn and winter. I adore the idea of putting it an unexpected, slightly more formal environ from time to time. For instance, try this in your dining room in exchange for a normal arrangement.

Amoroso Design

The three potted plants match the putty-and-white colour scheme of this slick open-shelved kitchen corner.

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

Orchids bloom during quite a while, and this one gets additional interest from succulents planted at its foundation. This entire tablescape feels arty, and the floral/succulent addition includes a sculptural aesthetic.

Susan Diana Harris Interior Design

This is actually revolutionary: succulent plants growing in dish-like baskets positioned softly on the floor. The minimalistic bed and overall vibe of this room is enhanced by these plants. The key to get the look right is locating plants and containers large enough to appear dull.

Dufner Heighes Inc

The tree branch foundation on the coffee table has so much going on that it appears the sole floral choice that would be easy on the eye would be a succulent plant, like a blue-gray agave at a neutral, stone-color container.

Kristen Rivoli Interior Design

There is so much color here that seasonal blossoms would most likely compete or struggle with the scheme. A grouping of succulents, however, is a living, natural accessory which matches the vivid choices.

Succulent Baking Tray – $158

Instead of the usual set of sunflowers and mums, consider decorating with little pots of succulents which will last through the winter. These cry to get a kitchen window, but also would be a accent to your own coffee table from time to time.


Basket of Succulents – $35

These succulents are referred to as cows and fish, and therefore will send offshoots over the side of the basket. These plants are great deals that add a bit of Southwestern charm to any space.

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