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Up the Luck in Your House

St. Patrick’s Day obviously has me thinking about the luck of the Irish. I am not one to burn sage in a new area before residing there, nor am I going to really go overboard with luck-totem purchases, but I can’t help but think about how I can bring more blessings and positivity in my home. So I did some digging and found a few manageable tweaks and enhancements.

Shoshana Gosselin

1. Shamrock patterns. The four-leaf clover is famous for bringing good luck to the Irish. But who says you’re only limited to one? Throw pillows and partitions create ideal canvases for shamrock artwork. Create your own shamrock-filled space by employing this DIY stencil pattern …

Martha O’Hara Interiors

… or replace the coffee table with a set of upholstered, nail-trimmed four-leaf clover accent tables, like the ones in this chic sunroom.

2. Red doors. In Ireland, red doors are thought to ward off evil spirits and ghosts. Most civilizations — regardless of what their opinions are of the supernatural — regard the red door as a barrier dividing good and evil. Doesn’t this crimson door cause you want to find out what is on the opposite side?

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3. Lucky numbers. I’ve known those who have bought houses due to the home number’s auspiciousness, and no quantity is thought to be as blessed universally as eight: You’ll find eight days of Hannukah, Buddhism gets the Eightfold Path, it is the atomic number of oxygen, and it is the amount of unmoving stars in the skies symbolizing the perfect orientation of planetary energy. Add up the home numbers in the picture above and you get lucky number eight.

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4. Sapphire. The blue jewel is supposed to protect its wearer against misfortunes, accidents, unexpected and natural calamities, and psychological tensions — and what might be more agonizing than watching a televised game of your favourite group contrary to their number-one rival on your media room? If you can’t afford loose sapphire gems, experiment with sapphire paint.This otherwise impartial guy cave is wrapped in a lovely sapphire blue, bringing elegance and elegance (and hopefully fortune) into a manly area.

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5. Koi fish. A koi pond on one’s property is supposedly among the most powerful feng shui symbols of wealth and good fortune.

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If a pond is just not within your budget, paintings of swimming pool swimming, like in this paperweight sink, may also bring fortune, wealth and a joyful marriage.

Louise Lakier

6. Dream catchers. The Native American dream home, said to have originated in the Sioux Nation, is thought to catch bad dreams in the home, leaving its inhabitants with a peaceful and serene mind. If hanging one over your mattress doesn’t mesh with your design style, think about dream catcher artwork or décor similar to this nautical window in blown glass in the design of a dream catcher.

Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

7. Bamboo. Heralded as one of the luckiest feng shui symbols, the lasting and hydroponic bamboo plant brings calmness and luck to virtually any environment. Bamboo also doubles as a durable barrier and ornamental plant in any Zen-inspired walkway or garden.

Hazelnut New Orleans

Hazelnut New Orleans Gold Coin Pillow – $210

8. Gold coins. Don’t we all wish we could have gold coins lying round the home to throw in the air for good fortune? Never mind the fact that gold bullions and artwork are just two of the most trustworthy financial investments you may make; seemingly, a few gold coins which are either glued into a path resulting in the front doorway, or put around the doorway, invite wealth and prosperity into the home or business. I wonder whether a gold coin throw cushion on the entryway slipper chair would suffice for good fortune?


9. Wishbones. Common lore has it that if two individuals tugging on a wishbone from a Thanksgiving turkey create a wish, following the wishbone fractures, the individual with the larger piece gets their wish granted. I hope that you all stick to actual turkey wishbones and stay clear of any pulling those blue Hans Wegner midcentury wishbone seats.

Anita Roll Murals

10. Elephants. The elephant totem is thought to be a harbinger of good fortune, wisdom and strength in several civilizations. Some think of the massive creature as being among the smartest animals on earth, and I have to agree. Elephants’ ordinary life span is 70 years, so that they have to be onto something. Wild, lovely pachyderms are celebrated in this nursery’s wall art …

For Folks design

… and gilded in this elegant Hollywood Regency–motivated console vignette.

ers, let’s How have you invited fortune and blessings into your home?

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