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8 Stunning Stain Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

There are purists when it comes to wood cabinetry — people who believe that it ought never to be painted , and stained just in woodsy shades of brown — and you’ll find individuals who enjoy seeing how wood can be dramatically changed. Maybe most of us fall somewhere in the center.

I admire the inherent beauty of wood made unadorned, but I am also digging the numerous uniquely hued stained kitchen cabinets I have been spotting on . Staining your cabinets an unexpected color is a great way to place a customized touch on your kitchen chimney. It’s also a excellent option for people who would like to have the ability to see and love the grain and texture of wood, but want to have a little fun with all the color. If custom-built and -stained chimney is out of your budget, and you’ve got any expertise staining wood, this could be a fantastic DIY job. You can buy unfinished cabinets and stain them yourself or strip and refinish existing wood cabinetry. But if you have any questions about your discoloration and stripping abilities, it is definitely worth hiring an expert.

Listed below are eight fantastic kitchens with interesting stained cabinetry, and three eye-popping palettes including exotic stain colors to think about for your kitchen.

Jetton Construction, Inc..

1. Soft green. This beautiful light and spacious space gets a customized touch with green-washed kitchen cabinets. Because the color is tender, it looks very natural. The result is refreshing, unique and fun.


2. Warm dark grey. This is a gorgeous deep and rich hue, cooler and much more grey than typical cabinet stain colours. It matches well with the modern stainless steel accents and the gorgeous marble backsplash displayed here; everything comes together brilliantly in this elegant kitchen.

Shelter Interiors LLC

3. Silvery gray. A light grey stain will give your cabinets character, is unexpected and permits you to retain a gentle, light, neutral look that readily works with many design styles, finishes, fabrics and colours. This kitchen has a great deal of wood in it, but because the cabinetry color isn’t a typical wood tone, there is enough variation to keep it from appearing too woodsy.

Linda McDougald Design | Postcard from Paris Home

4. Grayish green. Another beautiful and one of a kind kitchen comprising dark grayish-green wall cabinets. This stain color is a wonderful neutral that permits you to easily operate in other colours, or you can keep the palette earth tone and neutral — as was done here — for a comfy and inviting texture.

Classic Log Homes Ltd

5. Deep red. Red stained cabinets create a bold statement and operate best at a kitchen using minimal adornment, especially if the space does not get a great deal of natural light.

Mindful Designs, Inc..

6. Greenish black. A greenish-black stain on wood that’s powerful aerodynamic graining is a bold choice and works well with the glowing aqua island in this modern kitchen.

Whitten Architects

7. White. White stained, or whitewashed, cabinetry has existed a long time, but it has got a new look in decidedly more modern spaces, such as in this rustic modern beauty.

Based on the species, white stained wood tends to look somewhat pink, however, and if you pair it with yellowish greens, then the pinkness will be pronounced. This is only because pink and yellow-green are opposite each other on the color wheel — they offer the maximum contrast to each other. Inject reddish-orange hues or blue-greens instead, as was done here. The pink won’t be as pronounced.

Jordan Lotoski

8. Ebony. We have seen many gorgeous black painted and stained kitchen cabinets onto recently; this one is a handsome and elegant feast for the eyes.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example palette: Watery blue wood stain

Soft blue stains, such as this case from Sherwin-Williams, create a trendy pairing with stainless steel accents and dark charcoal-gray floors, such as this sheet floors from Marmoleum from Forbo.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example palette: Yellow-orange wood stain

Take the yellow-orange colour inherent to many wood species up into another level by staining the wood that a vibrant mustard color, such as this one from Minwax. The quartz countertop Blanco Maple from Silestone, has a subtle amber-colored aggregate in it that picks upon the luminous wood stain color. Cool down it with a gentle grey floor tile, for example StonePeak Ceramics’ Parkland in Artic.

Jennifer Ott Design

Writer palette: Fresh green wood stain

Cabinets stained a walnut deep green from Sherwin-Williams would look amazing atop a wealthy black walnut hardwood flooring. Keep the countertops easy using a medium-gray quartz material such as Caesarstone’s Concrete.

Inform us Are you really a lover of colorful stained cabinetry? Or do you think wood should be left in its natural state whenever possible?

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