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DIY Friday: Mousepad Makeover

Sometimes the simplest DIYs would be the most gratifying. Recently I have been feeling tired with the current look of my desk and decided my mousepad could use a makeover. After collecting some basic supplies I set to work, and 10 minutes after my project was complete. If you’re craving a simple DIY to kick off the weekend, then this may be the one for you.

Begin by collecting some basic supplies:
Old mousepadFabricHeat ‘n Bond (located at fabric stores or here)ScissorsIron and ironing boardFray Assess (optional)

Cut your fabric in the overall shape of your mousepad, leaving about an inch around each facet.

Unroll the Heat ‘n Bond.

Cut a piece of Heat ‘n Bond in the roster that fits just within your fabric.

Set your iron to warm and switch off the steam.

With the paper of the Heat ‘n Bond facing up, adhere the Heat N’ Bond into the incorrect side of your fabric. (The wrong side of the fabric is the side which doesn’t have the routine.)

Iron within the newspaper for 45 seconds or so.

Once it has cooled, gradually remove the paper in the fabric. The adhesive should now be in your own fabric.

Place the fabric with the adhesive side down over your mousepad and iron for one minute.

After it has cooled, use your scissors and cut around your mousepad to remove the excess fabric.

If you’re concerned about the fabric fraying, utilize Fray Check round the perimeter.

Enjoy your mousepad!

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