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The Way to Change the Leaf Blower into Blower From Vac

Many leaf blowers contain vacuum attachments to assist you pick up yard debris or clean gutters out. Some versions include a feature that is mulching, so once you vacuum grass clippings or leaves, they are cut to use in your mulch pile. When you’re finished with your jobs and prepared to blow leaves or mowed grass out of your yard or into piles, altering the attachments is a procedure that is simple.

Turn off prior to removing any attachments, the leaf blower. Unplug whether the version is electrical.

In on the tab holding the vacuum bag set up, then pull the bag away in the leaf blower. Some versions may use. Hold the bag vertical when pulling it away to keep from spilling its contents.

Remove. While other versions have, on some versions, you turn the tube counterclockwise to launch it.

Close the door over the hole in which the vacuum tube has been attached. Some versions have a hinged door that closes when you eliminate the vacuum tube. Turn the door’s screw with a flathead screwdriver to hold the cover in place. Other versions have another cover piece that you just pop into place until the tabs move. Most models have a safety feature that will not enable the leaf blower whether the vacuum cover is loose or open to function.

Place the blower tubing over the socket. Turn the tube clockwise to fasten it on some versions. Until the tab latches on other, push it, or lower the clamp of the tool to get a secure hold over the peg of the tube.

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