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The Way to Fix the Pull Starter on a Cub Cadet Lawn Mower

No matter what new your lawn mower happens to be, it won’t be of much use the pull rope is broken along with when it has a recoil starter. When designing generators manufacturers take this fact. They usually make the starter assembly easy support and to remove, and it is true of Cub Cadet mowers. Kohler engines are used by these machines — that the starter is mounted directly requiring removal of four nuts to dismount it. The fix may entail replacement of recoil spring this rope or both.

Pull on the plug off the spark plug wire to disable the machine. Unscrew the four nuts holding the starter assembly into the engine. Remove the assembly; flip it on, and put it on a flat surface.

Unscrew the plate that holds the recoil pulley into the starter casing, with a screwdriver. Lift off the plate. You should have the ability by lifting it out to remove the Cable. Keep a finger over the spring below the pulley, located to stop it.

The spring inspect. You will need to substitute it When it’s broken. This is sometimes a job that is troublesome, and it’s usually easier to replace the pulley. If the spring remains intact, however, the pulley was not recoiling, it probably fell off the lifting. You are able to restore the starter by substituting the pulley and making certain the spring is mounted.

Change the rope when it’s frayed or broken. Untie the knot at the rope that is old and pull it. Wind the pulley clockwise through six turns, and line up the hole at the pulley with the one at the housing. From unwinding insert a screwdriver during casing and the spokes louvers to protect against the pulley.

Feed the brand new rope through both holestie a knot, and place the knot inside the pulley so that it’s out of the way. Hold the rope securely while you remove the screwdriver, then let the pulley wrap and unwind the rope around itself.

Replace the starter and put the wire back on the spark plug.

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