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14 Ways to Take Advantage of Your Wallpaper

So you’ve made the decision to commit to wallpaper, chosen the best one and are now standing in your recently papered room. The paper may be up, but the procedure has only just begun. Next step: making the most of your wallpaper by way of décor.

Wallpaper isn’t merely a colorful or textural backdrop, but it’s an element which should interact with the overall design, and your décor decisions must reflect that. The job can often feel daunting or overwhelming, but I am hoping these next images will provide you the confidence to the handle the project successfully (while having some fun). Before you know it, visitors will soon be ooh-ing and aah-ing in your wallpapered room (and begging you for design wisdom!) .

Valerie interiors + design

Think bold colour. Don’t be afraid to match boldly colored wallpaper with different bold colour in the décor. This floral purple paper pops from these red contemporary dining seats. Balanced with a lighting fixture, the dining area becomes the region of the room.

Cynthia Mason Interiors

Pull out colors of the wallpaper. Really integrate the paper in your space by furnishing the room in the same colors found in the wallpaper. The green chest and neutral sink jar and accessories allow this toilet feel unified.

Attempt a pattern in a complementary scale. In case you have patterned wallpaper, make it pop by upholstering the furniture in a pattern of dimensional scale. The crucial word here is scale: Notice how the layout on the seats is smaller than that on the walls, so therefore balancing both within an eye-appealing pair.

Rupal Mamtani

Contemplate neutrals. Make your wallpaper the announcement bit by furnishing the room in neutrals. The delicate, natural feel of these pieces is calming from this floral paper, leading to a peacefully chic sanctuary.

Dan Brown

Re-create elements of the wallpaper. Have wallpaper with distinct shapes or designs? Reflect them in your own design. The circular shape of this very unique hood pulls the circles out from the paper while at the same time providing this contemporary kitchen a sculptural element.

Peg Berens Interior Design LLC

Match the wallpaper’s mood. The bursts within this paper have a playful, party vibe, and paired with these crystal sconces provide this toilet an understated feel of glamour and elegance.

Elizabeth Dinkel

Find furnishings with smaller-scaled layouts. Fabric isn’t the only element to consider when pairing patterns; furnishings will also do the trick. As always, scale is all. Try a mirror with a smaller-scale Greek key pattern with this green pine paper for a toilet that is both amazing and fresh.

M.A.D. Megan Arquette Design

Find furnishings with larger-scaled layouts. Scale goes either way: Furnishings with a larger scale will work just well playing off paper with a smaller scale, such as these dining chairs, in addition in a Greek key design.

Laura Bendik Interiors

Utilize the wallpaper’s pattern within the room. If you’re really stuck on how best to incorporate the paper, simple pull in the exact same pattern through an accessory. Throw pillows are a great choice — create custom made pillowcases and you’re all set!

Michael Fullen Design Group

Function in bold, graphic designs. If your wallpaper can be categorized from the dark, white, gray or neutral families, then you’ve got a great opportunity to inject colour and a sense of playfulness through daring, colorful prints. It’s a no-brainer for kids’ rooms, where pleasure is always welcome!

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc..

Go monochromatic with pops of colour. If your wallpaper is made up of essentially one colour or different colors of one colour, think about fusing all elements of the room by choosing furnishings in the exact same colour. To avoid it feeling excessively overly light, add one bold color through accessories, placed intermittingly through the room.

Nicole Lanteri Design

Hang colorful frames. Because frames have a rather intimate relationship with the walls, they’re a great opportunity to bring a little excess life to wallpaper. Bold colors pop from the paper, or even antique gilded gold eyeglasses for rich colors such as purples and blues. If you look closely in this picture, you’ll realize this designer pulled a particularly intriguing trick with the red-framed bit: Rather than showcasing art, he abandoned it empty, essentially framing the wallpaper. Yet another way to enhance the paper!

Niche Interiors

Ground it with organic pieces. Should you feel like your space is getting just a little pattern mad between wallpaper and décor, ground the appearance with a natural piece. It will round out your appearance, plus it’s hard to go wrong with well rounded, natural furnishings.

Margaret Carter Interiors

Have some fun with it! This dreamy, forest-like wallpaper would not be complete without a googly-eyed gargoyle keeping watch. The unexpected is what makes design unique.

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