Wake Up to the New World of Connected Alarm Clocks

Bedside alarm clocks have been a normal feature of bedrooms for decades. They let you know the time when you are anywhere from the bedroom. They wake you up on time. And the well-designed ones can be a nice addition to the look of your bedroom. They also let you listen to music or news as you’re getting dressed in the morning.

As with so many different things, using alarm clocks is on the wane, since they are being replaced by the ubiquitous, all-purpose cell phone. However, it does not have to be so. And it shouldn’t be. Fantastic alarm clocks can do things that your phone can not.

For starters, both the speakers and displays tend to be larger, so telling the time and listening to news and music can be done from anywhere in the bedroom. And the sound quality is a lot better. That is especially true of this newest generation of clocks. Some of the sound system miniaturization that’s been created for notebooks, tablets and other mobile technologies has made its way into alarm clocks. The decent ones seem way better than alarms used to — and way better than your phone.

While conventional alarm clocks capture sound from conservative radio, the newest Bluetooth versions get it out of a vastly superior origin — the world wide web, by means of your phone.

Tick Tock Dock – $79.99

The inexpensive and minimal Tick Tock Dock out of Edifier does some fascinating gymnastics around shape and function. The form is familiar, however, the function isn’t what you might expect.

The Tick Tock Dock comes with a iconic alarm clock look, characterized by a round face for the clock and two bells on the top for your alert. Nonetheless, it uses the curved face for a woofer speaker. Both “bells” on the top are actually omnidirectional tweeters.

Another advantage to this Tick Tock Dock is simplicity. It’s an FM radio alarm clock clock which flows news and music from your own phone, either wirelessly via Bluetooth or by an international sound interface. It does little else, even though an iPhone-specific version has a swivel-out dock for recharging your phone and playing audio from it.

The Tick Tock Dock comes in black, white and beige.

Philips Original Radio Mini ORT2300 – $110

The Philips Original Radio Mini ORT2300 combines elegant, retro styling using Bluetooth loading technologies. It has a built-in timer, so you could use it from the kitchen, also.

You can set up to 20 radio presets, such as for the two regular FM radio and DAB, the newish standard for high-quality digital radio. That is fine, but you’d be better off loading podcasts and music by your cellphone via Bluetooth — the built-in sound system can give you more volume than your own phone, but not much in the way of sound quality.

iHome iBT97 Bluetooth Alarm Clock – $99.99

One of my favorite new clocks would be the iBT97 Bluetooth Alarm Clock from iHome. It costs your gadgets. You can charge iOS devices in the vent at the top — either iPhone or even iPad; USB devices can be plugged into the trunk.

Reviewers say it’s a rich sound with deep foundation. The company utilizes some interesting technology to make audio separation, even though the stereo speakers are near one another. It is possible to use an equalizer attribute to adjust the sound, such as a setting called “3D space.”

However, the most unusual feature is that it doubles as a competent speakerphone, which even has voice echo cancellation such as the high-end corporate speakerphones.

The iBT97 is anticipated to ship in summertime 2013.

iHome iA100 Bluetooth Alarm Clock Radio – $199.99

Another example of the influence of smart phones on alarm clocks is iHome’s iA100 Bluetooth Alarm Clock Radio, that comes with several optional apps.

The apps, that are downloaded separately, allow you to receive updates to the alarm clock out of Facebook and Twitter, get stats on your sleep, download custom alerts, play sleep-inducing and meditation sounds, and also connect to a Apple AirPlay system.

The iA100 has some notable sound technology, including real-time digital signal processing, 20-watt power push drivers and Reson8 speaker chambers. Additionally, it doubles as a speakerphone for your smart phone calls.

Rather than dismissing the alarm clock as another victim of smart-phone convergence, look at it this way: The clock and the phone make each other much better.

It’s time to wake up to the new world of smart-phone-connected bedside alarm clocks.

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Dreaming in Colour: 8 Gorgeously Green Bedrooms

Green runs the gamut from cooler, blue-tinged jade greens into warmer, citrusy yellow-greens. Cooler greens tend to make us feel relaxed and soothed — conducive to getting a great night’s sleep. Warmer greens, especially the bolder colors, will help us wake up and feel more energized. So whether you’re trying to find a bedroom colour that is de-stressing and calming, or you want some help bounding out of bed in the early hours, you can look to green to help.

I’ve gathered an assortment of my favorite green paint colors for bedrooms combined with eight lovely bedrooms on that wear the hue well.

Jennifer Ott Design

Green paint choices for bedrooms (clockwise from top left):

1. Glacial Green 21-32, Pratt & Lambert
2. Soft Green 066-2, Mythic Paint
3. Timid Absinthe 6003-5B, Valspar
4. Celery Ice 410E-2, Behr
5. Pear Green 2028-40, Benjamin Moore
6. Green Jeans KM3335-3, Kelly-Moore
7. Eco Green SW6739, Sherwin-Williams
8. Arsenic No. 214, Farrow & Ball

Connor Homes

I find this pulling on green bedroom attractive to the mix of bold and soft colour as well as the charming accessories and furniture. The green walls really help the timber beams stand out, but the rest of the palette remains light and calming. It is a relaxed, airy room that I think would appeal to many — perfect for a guest room.

London Bay Homes

Rather than painting the four bedroom walls and departing the ceiling white, mix it up a bit and paint the ceiling and one wall or part of one wall your chosen green colour. Be sure to pick up the colour elsewhere in the room. Even tiny accents of it will add visual rhythm, causing the eye to move across the room and the viewer to appreciate each of the amazing information.

Interiors From Agostino’s

Here’s another instance of a green ceiling paired using light-colored walls. While the preceding example had a minimum palette of just white and green, this bedroom includes many distinct colors of yellow-green blended with whites and wood tones. It is brilliant but feels tender and harmonious.

Stephanie Wohlner Layout

This is a more dramatic green that offers a contemporary, fun and young vibe. This assertive shade stands up nicely to darker, cooler wood tones.

Dijeau Poage Construction

I’m a sucker for chartreuse, especially when used on just one or two walls and paired with neutrals and light, warm woods. It is another fun and contemporary palette. And in case your love to your colour must wane, it’s simple to repaint using a new favorite.

MOKULUA High Performance Builder

Here’s a cooler minty green that works nicely with a variety of decorative designs to make a restful space. Whether an all-white room feels dull to you but you aren’t a lover of bold colour in your walls, consider a shade of light cool green.

Interiors From Agostino’s

Celery green is one of my favorite alternative neutrals. If you want something soothing and light and colors of beige, white or gray just will not cut it, look for a soft green with a slight yellowish cast to it, such as this one. It is an elegant grown-up green.

Wright-Ryan Homes

Not into green-painted ceilings or walls? No Problem. Green has been enjoying a long run as a favorite colour for home furnishings, and that means you can find lots of pretty green bedroom textiles and decorative accessories to work into your space.

Pull a shade of green that you like from an existing decorative item, such as your comforter, and also have your paint retailer match it. Then you can paint any furniture that needs some TLC. You would be amazed what a couple of coats of paint at a pleasing color can do for an old dresser, bed frame or bookcase.

Inform us Do you find green dreamy in a bedroom? How have you used the color in the bedroom?

More: 8 Great Color Palettes: Surprising Bedroom Neutrals

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Kids’ Spaces: From Nursery to Toddler’s Room

Updating your child’s space from infant to toddler generally means shifting the crib for a bed, although you’re making that transition, consider including a fresh take to other portions of your toddler’s room as well. Now your child is more conscious of his surroundings, you can begin setting the tone for a room that he can grow and evolve . Have a peek at some of these considerations to help you produce a lively and reassuring space that you’ll enjoy just as much as your little one.

Just a Girl

Paint designs onto the walls. Painting is one of the simplest and least expensive methods to provide a room a new look; do so on your toddler’s space by painting a fun layout, such as this tree. It adds a lively spark that can easily and affordably be shifted down the street if your toddler desires.

Amy Lau Design

Replace the changing table with a quality wardrobe. Like picking classic layouts, a well-made and visually intriguing wardrobe will work to house clothing for a long time to come.


Add charm with a classic bed. If you feel like your toddler’s room can use a little eclectic style punch, then search for a mattress with that antique appearance. It will provide the room that comfy, lived in texture, plus the smaller beds take up less room.

Elad Gonen

Consider upgrading the closet. Your toddler is only just starting to amass a plethora of material goodies, and even in the event that you get that well-made wardrobe, you’ll also want ample closet space. If a full closet upgrade isn’t part of their budget, at least go in with some organizers to set the stage for a categorized closet from here on out.

Top the bed with a canopy. Canopies are a fun way to bring a princess-like flair to any room. Plus, they can readily be changed out if your toddler tires of it over the years.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

Scout a mini work table. Your toddler’s imagination is simply starting to spark; allow him exercise it with a work table match only because of him. Start looking for tables that are shorter in height and have ample storage for substances.

Jeanette Lunde

Bring in a little bench. Whether a toddler wants to populate the bench with dolls, trucks, clothes or what are you, a classic bench having a cushion upholstered in lively cloth adds a youthful charm to the space. It’s also the ideal place for your toddler to learn to tie his sneakers.

Lauren Liess Interiors

Choose classic patterns rather than trendy, kid-centric ones. Your little guy is going to begin growing fast; choose classic patterns, such as stripes or foliage motifs, which will evolve with him rather than eventually feeling overly juvenile. You will appreciate both cash and time stored in the long term.

Annalea Hart

Add diverse art. You can’t fail with funky artwork that is also educational. This smart alphabet display brings color, visual attraction and a classic feel to the space.

sarah & bendrix

Here’s another fun way to display the alphabet. This one is a little more modernized, but equally colorful and lively.

Carly Sax

Consider built-in storage. When you have the room, you may want to splurge with extra built in storage. With all your toddler’s toys, books, clothes and other items, you can truly never have sufficient storage.

Skip the twin and go straight to a double. If your toddler’s area is spacious enough and you feel comfortable with the transition, consider a full bed in lieu of a twin. Your toddler will probably have it throughout his teens, so the investment is usually well worth it.

Jeanette Lunde

Include a desk. Like the work table, a desk will give your toddler a room to work on drawings or other activities.

Kids Rooms: I’m a Big Boy Now
Browse more photos of kids’ spaces
See more accessories for kids’ rooms

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Ideabook 9 11: Desks in the The Bed Room — Yea or Nay?

Houzz member Deborahkeir recently posted the following query: “I ‘ve plenty of additional space within my new bedroom and that I don’t have any clue what I I will do with it! I’d love a reading place or even a workspace but it is really an inconvenient space…any thoughts or guidance?”

As the Houzz Neighborhood chimed in, Houzz member Lauretta said, “Keep any desk from the the sack, this will be a refuge, not a work-space.” What exactly does one think in regards to a desk in the the sack — yea or no way? Here are a few bedroom desks I give a huge thumbs up, although I am on the fence. Have a look, and tell us what you think:

Tara Seawright Home Design

I ‘ve this same precise desk in my own bedroom (it is a a Parsons Desk from West Elm). The drawers maintain a pencils, a couple of novels, a notepad, a screwdriver, a hammer, a couple of nails as well as some thumb tacks. The reason being in the event me move, I do not need to go down stairs to get nails and the hammer. I never do any actual work at that one desk.

Kristen Rivoli Home Design

As an insomniac, I am with Lauretta – I say nay to your full on work-space in the the sack for those who possess the luxury of placing it someplace else (i.e. no filing cabinet, printer, pc, etc.). I do imagine having an excellent place to write down concepts and notes, or maybe some good old fashioned snail-mail correspondence in the the bed room. Perhaps even a loveletter you will spritz with cologne and seal having a wax stamp…ok, now I am actually getting caught up

This uncluttered midcentury contemporary desk using its little table lamp and bigger vase of blossoms is a fantastic alternative.

Nicholas Moriarty Interiors

In the event that you adore to study in mattress, an integrated desk space using a bookshelf similar to this one is an excellent location. Maybe you’ll be able to jot several notes for publication group down !

John Lum Architecture, Inc. AIA

Tuck the work-space a way. A nook or a bay is an excellent area to put particularly a little trendy table like one, a desk, this

Michael Merrill Layout Studio, Inc

Likewise, an easy ledge tucked under a window can function as a good bedroom that is light desk.

David Churchill – Architectural Photographer

Here’s still another illustration in which a worksurface is tucked right into a baywindow.

Amoroso Style

A lucite cabinet/desk such as this one isn’t only bodily unobtrusive but also unobtrusive. So much so that reveal the mild from a floorlamp involving them both and you could even decide to position a luxury chaise.

Lucid Interiordesign Inc.

A bedroom desk can double as a dressing-table – itis an effective strategy to sense glamorous when you are preparing to go out, and they will understand it in the event you by chance talk about a bath with some body.

Additionally, how did I perhaps not realize that Manolo Mary-Janes arrived in green?!?!?

Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

A desk in the the bed room is merely begging to get a string of pearls along with a bottle of Chanel No 5.

Shoshana Gosselin

If your bedroom workspace is vital, ensure it remains awesome and lovely like this one. The desk and cupboard, the motivation board that is wonderful and prints keep this place from feeling such as an off-ice.

Vahallan Papers

Utilize a stool as an alternative to a seat. This may make sure again and you aren’t getting bogged down at the desk, keep it from appearing office-y.

A desk/facet dining table can offer a creating area double as a nightstand that is huge and when required.

Applique Artistry

Lose the notebook computer and replace it using a vase of tulips. The desk has an ottoman instead of any form of job seat.

Coddington Layout

Do not use a desk-lamp that is standard. Here a floor lamp that is distinctive does the occupation, and the desk becomes a dining table, should the seat transfer elsewhere. Try a Ghost Chair, a arm-chair using a pillow or a good upholstered seat. Consider the type of seat you had enjoy as an occasional chair in the the bed room not or whether there’s a desk.

What Is the verdict? Yea or nay in the the bed room to desks? let’s know in the remarks part! Additionally, in the event that youwant to view more of the bedroom of Deborah and chime in, checkin over here.

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Timeless Pieces: The Fourposter Bed

The Four poster bed has held its popularity for years and years. It’s thought that its reputation spread across Europe, and that it was designed in the 1400s in Austria and and in the end to the remaining planet. Popular with the Tudors in England, the Fourposter became recognized as “the mattress of kings.” Complex bedclothes of satins elaborate silks as well as plumes of feathers adopted, as well as the mattress became a status symbol.

Possibly the most well-known four-poster bed is The Bed of Ware, which will be a part of The Victoria and Albert Museum’s collection. Crafted circa 1590, it’s thought to have once been a fascination in a b & b and was made famous with a reference in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

While mattress drapes were used to keep drafts out before the initial four poster was created, the design gave an infinitely more noble appearance to this perform that was sheltering.

LDa Architecture & Insides

The more minimalist aesthetic of now may be met by taking the cloth canopy off the mattress construction.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

The flat canopy slats were eliminated and only a stately framework stayed.


Last were the canopy rails, leaving four tall posts that are perpendicular. This appearance is particularly wonderful to get a bed that should resist the synoptic scale of a grand-master master suite or a high-ceiling.

Blue Tangerine Artwork

Ok, enough with all the development of the fourposter. Let us look at styles as well as different components of the beds.

Finials on top of the post really are a method to offer the bed exceptional fashion. I recall the finials on my parents’ mattress arrived off, and we children used to rely on them as mike and pretended we were Cyndi Lauper while we sang in to them and jumped on the bed.

Burnham Style

An assortment of post designs exists. This carved mattress h AS unique design that adds in the space to the suggestions of Chinoiserie.


A variety of designs that are headboard can be found, from an easy rectangle to even upholstered designs and curves. This curvaceous antiqued- variant works nicely with organizing background and complex window treatments.

Robin Muto

Footboards additionally come in designs that are upholstered.

Colvin Design

This mo-Re minimalist, clear-lined product are at the opposite end of the design spectrum using its quite modern appearance.

Tracery Interiors

The mattress of kings require be kingsized. Some of twins-sized four posters possess a solid presence in this guestroom.

Whether you like desire decoration like the Tudors, a mini Mal aesthetic, need a cosy farmhouse feel or favor – up colonial revival design, there’s a fourposter for all.

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