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When most homeowners embark upon a kitchen remodel, they devote endless hours amassing inspiring kitchen photographs. But this doesn’t necessarily help a person figure out what they want, and may even bring about confusion. The majority of people don’t have a popular single look. If you are like me, you suffer from multiple personalities in the design section. The challenging part of the process is learning to narrow down the options and hone in on what you want your dream kitchen to look like.

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Here are some pointers to assist you through step 1:

Collect images at random. Collect images that talk to you emotionally without considering why (at least for right now). Believe me, there is a pattern there — you might not have the ability to see it initially, but a blueprint will reveal itself. You could find that a whole bunch of your kitchen inspiration images might have to be added into an ideabook for a upcoming farmhouse or weekend escape, but do not skip over them simply because they do not relate to this project, save them for later.

Do not edit yourself (yet). Do not make yourself nuts from the get-go by trying to edit as you collect. I truly think in amassing with reckless abandon first and editing after . Editing yourself while you gather inspiration is sure death for creativity.

Organize (but only in the event that you want to). It’s OK to be unorganized and even a little messy — this is creativity after all! So what in case your collections are a bit of a wreck with no thought or reason. If you are unnaturally arranged, then you are a step ahead of us, but for those that aren’t, do not sweat it. There is time to return over all of this stuff and tag it later.

Start Searching for a pro. This may be a great time to start noting the professionals that are accountable for the layouts you like and searching for a design specialist that you may prefer to interview. For some homeowners, the right thing to do is hire a specialist out of the gate and have him or her help you through this inspiration-gathering phase. Some homeowners even hand this off completely into a designer, and it’s the designer’s job to listen, interpret and gather inspiration for the customer and bring it back for approval.

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Categorize. Once you have a fair number of inspiration images to work with, return through them and set them into loose categories.
It’s possible to categorize by style: Maybe you appear to fall upon the fence between classic and contemporary. Or maybe you find that you have a lot of images of kitchens with dark wood floors. You are able to create a collection dedicated completely to kitchen or islands banquette seating. One for lighting, one for background, etc..

We will get into exploring your style with the next installation, so for today do not consider why you enjoy matters, only that you do or do not.

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Edit. Return through these folders and ideabooks and see in the event that you still respond emotionally to the images inside.

When it has been a while since you began gathering inspiration and you have looks at hundreds of distances, your preference may have changed without you even realizing it. Ruthless editing can truly help describe things… you will look at a room and say”Why on earth did I save that photograph?”

In case you can not remember and it does not talk to you no more, ditch it. See how simple that was?

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Collect images with intention. Now that you have gathered at random, edited and edited, return through all your saved photographs, and visit all of your previous online haunts — and search images for particular items.

Look only for glass-front cabinets, industrial hoods or island lighting… not at the picture as a whole. You may not enjoy an total room whatsoever , but one component could be precisely what you want. I do this for every customer, and often for multiple parts of every customer’s job. I pull inspiration images and that I say”do not examine the wall colour or the cabinet style: simply examine the hood” or”look at how the crown molding transitions around the beam and hood” or something very special like that. Then edit.

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