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The Family Home: 8 DIY Projects for All Ages

I am a sucker for a DIY project. There is something about developing a practical, beautiful object with my own hands that invigorates me. As our family has grown, I have noticed these same feelings in my children. Nothing makes them more excited than hearing me announce we will be working on a project. So here we will be discussing ways to create with your children. From pillows to original artwork, there is something for every age and every aesthetic.

Just a Girl

Adding trimming to an current lampshade is only the type of thing my 10-year-old daughter would really like to perform. Buy a yard or so of rickrack and pom-pom trimming and get out the paste.

Cosmetic Outburst

Bring spring inside with bird centerpiece and a branch. Let your children choose brightly colored birds from a crafts store, and you may help wire the birds onto branches you locate together outdoors.

Natalie Myers

Some of my happiest childhood memories have been afternoons sewing together with my mother. If you have been thinking you’d like to teach your children to sew, this very simple pillow cover is a great project to start with. You may start by picking out fabric together and finish with a helpful thing you created.

Erin Lang Norris

If you’ve got a kid who is interested in building and you’ve got some basic tools, you could consider building a bench like this Erin Lang Norris made from reclaimed wood.

If you have earrings scattered on your bathroom countertops, creating an earring display like the one shown here may just get things in order. Grab some lace, a classic frame and your daughter. Just remove the glass from the frame, put in the lace and have fun arranging your rings together.

The Yellow Cape Cod

If sewing isn’t your thing but you’d really like to update your family room drapes, this DIY is for you. Sarah from The Yellow Cape Cod shared her tips for elevating so-so curtains into showstoppers with simply a little fabric, ribbon and fusible fabric webbing.

Michelle Hinckley

If your children require a place to flaunt their keepsakes, make a bulletin board together. The one shown here was created with foam-core board and an old potato sack.

Lauren Donaldson

My children are way more tech savvy then I was at their age. This tutorial from Lauren showing how to create original artwork from favorite quotes is something we’d enjoy doing together.

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