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Bathroom Tile: Loving the Look of Ledgestone

The natural appearance and feel of ledgestone tile produces a stunning statement in today’s bathrooms. Ledgestone tile, also called piled stone, comes in many shapes, sizes, colors and stone types. It will come at a cost — both in funding and upkeep. Before you select ledgestone for your bathroom, below are a few things to know.

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The basics: Ledgestone or piled stone tile is generally made from natural stone — typically slate or quartz — pre-cut to thin, rectangular bits at several heights. When installed, the stone wall has a dramatic texture that produces an immediate focus in baths.

Stonewood, LLC

Cost: $7 to $14 per square foot, on average

Size: Most ledgestone bits arrive in 6-by-20-inch or 6-by-24-inch bits, which are composed of four rows of stone glued together.

Stone is also sold in loose bits, too. Most frequently the stone is 3/4 to 1 inch thick, but a few larger stone comes in bits 2 to 5 inches thick.

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Benefits: Ledgestone has excellent feel, and works well in a variety of fashions. Most baths with ledgestone use it on one feature wall, although occasionally it is installed throughout the space. Many homeowners decide to add downlighting and clean these walls with light to emphasize the texture and shadows that the ledgestone creates.

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Disadvantages: Since it is made from natural stone, most ledgestone is very heavy and may damage finished bits (mirrors, fixtures, fittings) on your bathroom during setup. Butting up ledgestone against a mirror is risky, since there’s no easy fix if the mirror is damaged.

Security ought to be regarded too, particularly in households with children or seniors. Falling against those rough surfaces at a shower will surely hurt more than with a smooth wall.

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Maintenance: If you’re a clean freak, a ledgestone wall probably isn’t your best option.

The various degrees, textures and cracks may take some time to stay clean. You’ll want to have in the habit of washing the walls with water after every shower.
Personally, I think this tile is best left to guest rooms or on focal points outside the bathtub, as in this picture.

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If you want easier cleaning, ensure your ledgestone is sealed well and grouted after setup to fill in any voids between the rocks. It is also possible to start looking for a horizontal tile layout like this one, which has a comparable depth and illusion of feel to ledgestone, but is far easier to keep clean.

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Sustainability: because most pieces of ledgestone are made from waste from production sites, it may be an ecofriendly option.

But, keep in mind that any stone not locally sourced or sourced from a site with bad credibility will reduce its sustainable price.

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Particular Factors
If you design a ledgestone shower, do not forget that you’ll want to install a bathtub glass panel. Ensure that your installer leaves a small station in the stone to slide in. Leaving out a couple of rows of stone above the glass top can make this simpler.

Ledgestone surrounding mirrors makes for a wonderful focus, but you’ll want to make sure the edge of the stone and mirror are totally clean. Following the installation, you’ll have the ability to find the reflection of the back of the stone, and it will not be fun if you’re stuck with a filthy view.

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Expand Your Horizons Using Map Wallpaper and Decals

Who is not fascinated by a world map? It indicates faraway places and new adventures. Decorating with map wallpaper allows your mind wander to a big scale. A map is an proper addition to a lot of rooms, from a kid’s bedroom (where it could double as a learning device) into a grownup office.

Wall-size maps come in a variety of styles, from a classic blue, green and brownish relief look to colorful, graphic designs. Patient DIYers can also try wallpapering a room in real maps, but that requires time and skill to get right. Nautical maps are also a wall.

Listed below are eight rooms and four papers and stickers which chart a new class in decorating.

Cara Woodhouse Interiors LLC

An orange Jennifer Delonghe couch pops facing a classic map wall in this area by Feathered Nest Interiors.

Dufner Heighes Inc

Dufner Heighes created the most of a little child’s bedroom with space-efficient built in furniture and map wallpaper.

Dufner Heighes Inc

In another bedroom by Dufner Heights, a map wall takes centre stage. The easy, wooden furnishings don’t distract from the global view.

Grace Home Design

Grace Home Designs also opted to use a map mural in this boy’s bedroom. Here a couple of interlocking accents add to the room’s sense of experience.

World Maps Online

World Map Wall Mural – $134.95

To find the look of the map walls in the previous rooms, you can opt for this offering from World Maps Online.


Brewster Wallcovering World Map Mural – $87.29

Measuring approximately 6 feet by 9 feet, this map mural from Lowe’s is just another choice to make a big impact in any area. Countries are colour coded for additional educational value.

Lisa Tharp Design

A handsome workplace by Kauffman Tharpe Design includes nautical accents, including walls papered in nautical charts. The charts are trapped with apparent thumbtacks.

Pottery Barn

Map Wall Decal – $129

If you don’t need to commit to a permanent map installment, Pottery Barn offers a 5-foot-by-8-foot map decal which lifts off the wall without leaving a mark.

Benedict August

Discuss eclectic. This contemporary nursery Includes a picture map wall in Addition to an Acapulco rocker from Innit, a DIY faux hide from Flor and the iconic Eames Walnut Stool from Design Within Reach.

Christine Tuttle Interior Design

Christine Tuttle Interior Design created this completely nautical bathroom using a nautical chart wallpaper by Ralph Lauren and shipworthy nickel hardware.

Echelon Custom Homes

Echelon Custom Homes took a nautical motif to another level in this powder area. The porthole mirror, a marine-style sconce and map wallpaper are complemented by a life-preserver red vanity and towel.

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Out to Sea Map Wallpaper – EUR 85

To find the look of the nautical bathroom on your home, try this Out to Sea Map Wallpaper from Ralph Lauren, featuring islands, boats, submarines and fish.

Inside this area the homeowner has covered the walls in tiny maps using painter’s tape. You can create a similar look by colour copying maps and implementing them into the walls using either tape or wallpaper paste.

CWB Architects

Blue sheets and storage bins are a perfect foil for the ocean blue of this room’s map mural. Main colors are always a wise choice to set up with a classic map.

A World View: Decorating With Maps

How to Travel the Globe Without Leaving Your Living Room

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