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How to Preserve a Concrete Statue

Concrete garden art accents your landscaping with designs that express your style, but these concrete figurines need care exactly like your own plants. In the concrete, weather elements wear away As time passes if it is not sealed. Extreme temperatures also affect the integrity of the cement. Cold winter temperatures specifically can cause cracking in art. Maintaining concrete statues doesn’t expect a lot of effort, but the payoff comes in a piece that stands up through the years.

Blow off dirt the statue off. Spray the statue with a garden hose to remove additional debris or dirt. Wash out the statue every few months so the dirt and debris don’t build up on the surface.

Apply a thin coating of Portland cement to cleaned and dampened areas that are cracked or chipped. Wet your finger to smooth out the cement. Allow the cement to dry for two hours. Mist the fixed area gently with plastic wrap. Mist the fixed area daily and replace the plastic wrap for five times.

Brush a watertight concrete sealer over the surface of a clean and dry statue. Allow the decoration to dry for at least 24 hours or per the directions on the brand new container. Apply another coat of sealant if needed to completely cover the cement. Leave the base of the statue unsealed to enable the concrete to breathe. Apply more sealer to some statue every year.

Empty water before winter if the statue includes a fountain or birdbath. Remove the bowl of this birdbath or cover it with a board. Remove the pump from the fountain if current.

Move the statue into an indoor location if possible for the wintertime. Lift the bottom of this statue off the ground if you leave it outdoors. Use wood or tiles to separate the statue from the ground.

Cover the statue throughout the winter with a tarp if you leave it outdoors. This can protect it from the weather. Secure the cover with string so that it will not blow off the statue.

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