Face Frame

A cupboard is essentially a six-sided box which includes two sides and a top, bottom, back and front. A face frame is usually front of a framed cabinet and is attached to the cabinet carcass (top, bottom, sides and back). A face frame provides strength to the cupboard and is the part to which the cupboard doors have been attached.

A face framework is utilized for inset doors, full overlay doors and overlay doors. A frameless cabinet is one where the doors are attached directly to the cabinet carcass.

Bud Dietrich, AIA

A cupboard box is made up of carcass (rear, top, sides and bottom ) and also the face frame. The face frame is composed of stiles (the verticals) and rails (the horizontals). The openings created by the placement of the stiles and rails are at which doors and drawers will be placed.

ROM architecture studio

An inset design is created when a cupboard door and drawer front are placed in precisely the same plane as the face framework. This kind of design has a more conventional aesthetic, as it is an older way of building furniture and cabinetry.

A variation on the inset design is incorporating a bead into the face frame. This creates a small shadow line across each door and drawer, giving the cupboard an even more conventional feel.

Structures Building Company

A full overlay cabinet is one where the doors and drawer fronts cover the face framework completely. In appearance, a full overlay cabinet design is very much like a frameless cabinet design.

Blue Line Design

A partial overlay is a cupboard design where the doors and drawer fronts don’t cover the face framework completely. This is just about the most frequent cabinet construction, as it’s a more traditional look than full overlay and is less costly than inset structure.

Zack|de Vito Architecture + Construction

A frameless cabinet is one where the face framework was eliminated completely and the doors are attached directly to the cabinet carcass. This is a normal kind of construction for a more modern-looking cupboard design.

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8 Stunning Stain Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

There are purists when it comes to wood cabinetry — people who believe that it ought never to be painted , and stained just in woodsy shades of brown — and you’ll find individuals who enjoy seeing how wood can be dramatically changed. Maybe most of us fall somewhere in the center.

I admire the inherent beauty of wood made unadorned, but I am also digging the numerous uniquely hued stained kitchen cabinets I have been spotting on . Staining your cabinets an unexpected color is a great way to place a customized touch on your kitchen chimney. It’s also a excellent option for people who would like to have the ability to see and love the grain and texture of wood, but want to have a little fun with all the color. If custom-built and -stained chimney is out of your budget, and you’ve got any expertise staining wood, this could be a fantastic DIY job. You can buy unfinished cabinets and stain them yourself or strip and refinish existing wood cabinetry. But if you have any questions about your discoloration and stripping abilities, it is definitely worth hiring an expert.

Listed below are eight fantastic kitchens with interesting stained cabinetry, and three eye-popping palettes including exotic stain colors to think about for your kitchen.

Jetton Construction, Inc..

1. Soft green. This beautiful light and spacious space gets a customized touch with green-washed kitchen cabinets. Because the color is tender, it looks very natural. The result is refreshing, unique and fun.


2. Warm dark grey. This is a gorgeous deep and rich hue, cooler and much more grey than typical cabinet stain colours. It matches well with the modern stainless steel accents and the gorgeous marble backsplash displayed here; everything comes together brilliantly in this elegant kitchen.

Shelter Interiors LLC

3. Silvery gray. A light grey stain will give your cabinets character, is unexpected and permits you to retain a gentle, light, neutral look that readily works with many design styles, finishes, fabrics and colours. This kitchen has a great deal of wood in it, but because the cabinetry color isn’t a typical wood tone, there is enough variation to keep it from appearing too woodsy.

Linda McDougald Design | Postcard from Paris Home

4. Grayish green. Another beautiful and one of a kind kitchen comprising dark grayish-green wall cabinets. This stain color is a wonderful neutral that permits you to easily operate in other colours, or you can keep the palette earth tone and neutral — as was done here — for a comfy and inviting texture.

Classic Log Homes Ltd

5. Deep red. Red stained cabinets create a bold statement and operate best at a kitchen using minimal adornment, especially if the space does not get a great deal of natural light.

Mindful Designs, Inc..

6. Greenish black. A greenish-black stain on wood that’s powerful aerodynamic graining is a bold choice and works well with the glowing aqua island in this modern kitchen.

Whitten Architects

7. White. White stained, or whitewashed, cabinetry has existed a long time, but it has got a new look in decidedly more modern spaces, such as in this rustic modern beauty.

Based on the species, white stained wood tends to look somewhat pink, however, and if you pair it with yellowish greens, then the pinkness will be pronounced. This is only because pink and yellow-green are opposite each other on the color wheel — they offer the maximum contrast to each other. Inject reddish-orange hues or blue-greens instead, as was done here. The pink won’t be as pronounced.

Jordan Lotoski

8. Ebony. We have seen many gorgeous black painted and stained kitchen cabinets onto recently; this one is a handsome and elegant feast for the eyes.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example palette: Watery blue wood stain

Soft blue stains, such as this case from Sherwin-Williams, create a trendy pairing with stainless steel accents and dark charcoal-gray floors, such as this sheet floors from Marmoleum from Forbo.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example palette: Yellow-orange wood stain

Take the yellow-orange colour inherent to many wood species up into another level by staining the wood that a vibrant mustard color, such as this one from Minwax. The quartz countertop Blanco Maple from Silestone, has a subtle amber-colored aggregate in it that picks upon the luminous wood stain color. Cool down it with a gentle grey floor tile, for example StonePeak Ceramics’ Parkland in Artic.

Jennifer Ott Design

Writer palette: Fresh green wood stain

Cabinets stained a walnut deep green from Sherwin-Williams would look amazing atop a wealthy black walnut hardwood flooring. Keep the countertops easy using a medium-gray quartz material such as Caesarstone’s Concrete.

Inform us Are you really a lover of colorful stained cabinetry? Or do you think wood should be left in its natural state whenever possible?

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Haul These Fab Airstream Styles Home

In this increasingly urban and suburban world, among the greatest design challenges homeowners and designers face is figuring out how to live comfortably and stylishly in smaller spaces. (Microunits, anyone?) So it is not surprising that the popularity of renovating the 200-square-foot interiors of Airstream trailers has revved up in recent decades.

Interest at the traditional egg-shaped metal trailers has spurred a dedicated fraternity of followerscomplete with its own language. Bambis, by way of instance, are people who own or are on the hunt for a’60s-era Airstream Bambi model. And because so much love and care is paid to simply obtaining an Airstream, trailer owners are dedicated to designing the interiors, tricking out them with modern materials and stylish creature comforts.

Even in the event that you don’t own an Airstream — also do not fancy yourself getting a Bambi — think of these spaces as test-bunny techniques you may use on your home’s bigger spaces. After all, a little goes a long-haul way.

Paul Welschmeyer ARCHITECTS & energy consultants

Jules Verne Meets Camping

Architect Paul Welschmeyer took a whimsical turn and went out with this vintage Airstream Traveler, completely gutting and redesigning the interior into something which can”camp the pants off anything else,” he states. The space currently sleeps four, also has a toilet and shower and sufficient storage and stowage for the most hardcore shop. “If REI sold a camper trailer, they’d sell this,” he states.

Paul Welschmeyer ARCHITECTS & energy consultants

“From the design aspect, we wanted to make a camping experience really unique and filled with fantasy, something like a Jules Verne experience,” he states. A solar system offers electricity to all the appliances, with sufficient juice accessible to charge batteries.

Good Cottage / Courntey Trent Design

A Trailer for the Stars

Courtney Trent of Good Cottage has been decking out Airstreams for years for New York actors and directors to use as cellular green rooms and on-set overnight lodging. They are remarkable examples of significant design art in microcosmic spaces.

While she made some of the interior aluminum skin intact for this particular trailer, she included custom rubbed-wood veneer cabinets and hand-finished wood planks. The toilet is teak paneling.

The Formica-covered storage device doors have been removed and replaced with glass slides. An integrated bench with a comfy pillow and a wood-topped stool flank a custom-designed narrow mahogany dining table with hidden eaves that extend to make more eating surface. On the bottoms of the desk legs are nailhead-like caps that allow the table to slide on the Flor wool rug panels to make a workstation by the sofa.

Good Cottage / Courntey Trent Design

Trent eliminated the old sofa in the lounge area and had it remade to the width of one mattress and 8 ft long, making plush seating which also becomes the mattress for the trailer — that the former bedroom was converted into an office area. A succulent backyard is simply beyond the window; it covers a bulky electronic box. All the taps and fixtures in the kitchen and toilet are Hansgrohe.

Good Cottage / Courntey Trent Design

The mattress and among the wardrobes were eliminated to make an office area. The striking combination of aluminum, hand-rubbed wood veneer and wool rug set the stage for comfortable modern furniture. A single club seat provides a quiet respite. A custom parson’s desk was made to match over the trailer’s wheel well, then coated in burlap and painted. The stool is out of Ikea.

Trailer Beauties From Mod to Traditional

Quaint, comfortable and vibrant, this renovated’71 Airstream Caravel features a pinch of orange, a wrought iron, bamboo-accented cabinets and a walnut butcher’s block.

A mod chandelier, stylish curtains and elegant bedding create another Caravel feel right at home.

It’s not often you find homelike decoration like this at a tin-can Airstream. But one reason people love these trailers so much is they’re so flexible. Here, stylish wood floors, furniture and ceiling accentuate the vibe, even though a tile backsplash, marble-inspired countertops and a chandelier create any notion of this being something you pull behind a car or truck melt off.

It is possible to work any decoration style into an Airstream. This sleekly designed corporate trailer from American Retro Caravans has a private meeting area, flat-screen TVs, a wine cooler, a coffee machine and complex furnishings.

Cali Bamboo

Crisp and modern, this spacious stark-white interior gets a touch of warmth with bamboo plywood and flooring accents.

Cali Bamboo

Artwork in tiny spaces can help make a feeling, as may comfortable materials and neutral colors.

Don’t judge the caliber of a space by its own shell. These simple and small egg-shaped trailers — and tiny houses — are open streets of chance.

Measure inside this tiki-inspired Airstream

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Top Security Tips for Your Home

The rate at which burglaries happen these days is quite shocking, with the FBI reporting that over 1 million homes were broken into in 2017 alone. As a result, window repair has become a major concern for homeowners, with the most important measures being preventative ones that are meant to stop theft and break-ins.

However, you need to put in place really efficient measures in order to secure your home, and we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips to help you do just that.

Securing Exterior Doors

Surprisingly enough, the main point of entry used by most burglars is the front door. Yep! They typically look for weak points in your front door that they can exploit, such as fragile hinges, a flimsy handle or lockset, as well as the strength of the door’s frame, jamb etc. French doors and sliding patio doors are the worst when it comes to safety. Luckily for you, we’ve got some good tips on how to secure your doors for much better protection.   

For one, install a strong deadbolt lock, which is much more reliable than your normal spring-latch lock that’s easy to pick. Then, fit your exterior doors with armor kits to reinforce the weaker parts of your doors. For sliding doors, we recommend installing auxiliary locks like security bars, loop locks or vertical bolt locks, and fit your French doors with a security bar to make them more impenetrable. You should also look into replacing the hinges on your doors for sturdier ones that won’t break easily when the door is kicked down.

Securing Windows

Place security film on your windows and glass doors so that they’re harder to break. If you’re looking to buy new windows altogether in a bid to increase window cleaning, opt for acrylic windows or reinforced (laminated or tempered) glass, as both options are almost impossible to break without applying some serious force.

Multiple glass panes are also a good idea, as is adding window bars and window locks, which are available in a wide variety of options for different types of windows. Plus they’re really inexpensive, which is great if you’re upgrading home security on a budget.  

Securing Your Garage

When burglars fail to enter your home the old fashioned way (through doors and windows), they may attempt to break in through your garage, because it’s often the most overlooked area in terms of window installation, and they know it.

To prevent burglars from gaining entry to your home via the garage door, make sure to take the garage openers with you instead of leaving them in the car, as that’s the first place a thief is most likely to look for them.

You should also secure the emergency release in your garage doors by putting up a barrier between the actual release and the top of the door. Invest in garage door sensors if you haven’t already, because not only will they alert you when your garage door is opened by activating your motion sensor lights, but they’ll also close the door automatically if it’s been left open for too long.

Make Your Home Look Occupied

Make sure the lights in your house are on even when you’re not around. You can do this by putting your strategically placed outdoor lamps and indoor lights on a timer so that they go on at different times to make it look as though there are people moving around and using different rooms in the house.

You can also switch your TV or radio on remotely, and make sure that they’re playing at a moderate volume to create the illusion of being at home. Leave your blinds and curtains open so that your neighbors or the police are able to see what’s going on from the outside if they need to.

Coastal Style

A Austin Home Has Something

Following 20 years of developing his family and social circle, lawyer Lanny Vickery felt the pressing need for a more elastic house than the one he’d lived in for so long. But the house was close to excellent restaurants, vibrant downtown Austin and the University of Texas, so leaving did not feel right. Instead Vickery maintained the overall floor plan nearly the same but enlarged the downstairs back wall 3 feet outward, which added around 90 square feet. “Not much area,” he says, “but a huge difference in livability.” Now, thanks also to a big sliding door on the rear addition, the house can reshape itself need to adapt a date night to your Vickerys — or even a party for 100.

in a Glance
Who lives here: Lanny and Kim Vickery and their 2 young children
Location: French Location area of Austin, Texas
Size: 2,000 square feet; 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths
Remodel price: Around $300,000

Kara Mosher

Kara Mosher

Structural steel and glass designed and built by East Austin artist Todd Campbell forms the geometrical front doorway. “The doorway was a standard door flanked by two cheap-looking sidelights,” says the homeowner. “We wanted something newer and much more enjoyable.”

The Vickerys painted the exterior Tupelo Tree green and added a metal roof in 2009.

Kara Mosher

With the help of architect Francois Levy and contractor Terry Stewart, they concentrated on the ground floor, first stripping it down into its skeleton. “We actually moved into a tiny village in Spain for two months,” Vickery says.

The upstairs was minimally affected throughout the home improvement remodel. “We eliminated walls, floors and ceilings down to the studs,” he says. “There was no subfloor, so the floor was open into the ground below. We took out the stairs.”

Anywhere the homeowners’ feet land now, there is a good chance it touches down on hot and rich tigerwood, a Brazilian hardwood.

Kara Mosher

The wall is adorned by the family art collection. “We now have a personal connection with nearly all our artwork and have been blessed to have great personal encounters with such artists like Fernando Casas, Dan Allison, Sue Mayer and Bert Long,” says Vickery.

Torso artwork: Craig LaRotunda, Revelation Studios, Brooklyn, New York

Kara Mosher

The metal staircase beam turned into a creative spot for displaying family photos with magnets. The backs of the floating stair treads are intended to resemble zebra stripes.

Kara Mosher

A painting by Sue Mayer titled “The Catch” in their downstairs space serves as a daily reminder to think outside the box. “It depicts the bounty of bass the disciples captured when encouraged to cast their net on the other side of the ship,” clarifies Vickery.

Table, chairs: Four Hands

Kara Mosher

Vickery worked with Chuck Wheelock to redesign and redesign kitchen. “As it turned out, Chuck was my college roommate, but we’d lost touch for nearly three years. When we were considering remodeling our kitchen two years ago, Chuck contacted me from the blue. He spent a weekend in our house, seeing us how we used the distance,” Vickery says.

This round cherrywood drum with a butcher block top in the corner of this island is Vickery’s favorite spot in the house. The remaining cabinets are walnut frames with bird’s eye walnut insets.

Cabinets: Bill Johnson Cabinets; pendant lights: Lights Fantastic

Kara Mosher

The fireplace was a group effort. Wheelock did the design, contractor Terry Stewart built the cement board and metal frame construction, and Sloan Montgomery plastered the surface. John Rodriguez then rebuilt the whole chimney, firebox and hearth from the brick.

Fire grate and screen: built by Todd Campbell; bar stools: Rustic Bar Stool, West Elm; mantel: Southwest Trading Post

Kara Mosher

Wheelock’s unique design let room for four stools. “Kim desired eight, because everyone always hangs out in the kitchen, but we compromised about six and it has worked out beautifully,” Vickery says.

The couple worked with local designer Ed Martens to select out the downstairs light fixtures the granite in the kitchen along with the ceiling and wall colours, as well as the purple painted cupboard under the bar.

Wall dish rack: Johnny Grey; cupboards: Bill Johnson Cabinets; stainless steel counter tops and sink: Dave’s Metal Works

Kara Mosher

The living area includes a glass NanaWall that opens entirely to fuse the distance into your backyard. “When it’s open, this gives the feeling of one big space, part of that just happens to be outside,” Vickery says.

Chair: Louis Shank; purple built-in cabinets: made and designed by Bill Johnson Cabinets

Kara Mosher

Vickery had the backyard altitude raised so the living area flooring and outside space were on one seamless level.

Paint: Tupelo Tree, Sherwin-Williams

Kara Mosher

“Sunny, vibrant and yellowish” refers to the upstairs master bedroom. Artist Suzanne Kfoury painted the off-the-floor Levitz mattress. “She took that old mattress and made it seem like something from an Egyptian pharaoh’s palace. It was pretty incredible,” says Vickery.

Kara Mosher

Nicknamed the “shower tower,” the master bathroom shower features handmade glass tiles out of Architerra studios in Austin, set up by Fausto Hernandez. “The first mix did not have the blue tiles so we requested them to mix from the blues with their existing design. We love how it turned out,” Vickery says.

Todd Campbell made and built the stone sink, metal counter tops and bedside table. “He poured the concrete sink counter on site, which allowed us to embed things inside as it dried,” Vickery notes.

Kara Mosher

A cherry and vegetable garden resides in the conclusion of this shady backyard.

Kara Mosher

Vickery stands in his newly remodeled kitchen.

Share your remodeled home with us!

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About Trend: Up-and-Coming Minimalist Swedish Accessories

Sometimes contemporary designs look very crude, making it hard for some of us to want to add them to our houses. Let’s be honest — I need my home to be inviting and comfortable, and minimalism seldom focuses on that objective.

But have no fear. Adding minimalist accessories is an effortless way to bring a few modernity into the mix. These Swedish designs have both ends covered: They’re both modern and inviting. Take a look at how each product uses the simple notion of outstretched arms to bring some humanity to their simple forms. I find these designs uplifting and comforting, too.

Notice: Asplund and Röshults goods are available for purchase directly from their sites. Contact Offecct, Källemo and Klong for buying information about their goods.


Cookie Tray – $151.88

This three-tier tray’s name, Cookie, is simply perfect, because that is exactly what I’d need to use it to get: lots and lots of scrumptious biscuits.


Stella Candelabra

These easy arms are so minimalist; the only thing they need to do is hold a candle up. This is utility at its very best.

Babe Coatrack

A brand new takes on a classic set of hitting arms, this coatrack keeps the old-school details but upgrades the colors and curves for a contemporary look.

Darjeeling Cart

The hitting arms are somewhat subtle in this contemporary cart, but the curves supporting the push handle have the identical upward slope.


This exceptional vase showcases each flower with its individual arm encircling the stem.

Kit Candlesticks

The very simple and absolutely balanced set of arms on this candlestick showcases slim candles.


Log-Wood Basket – EUR 149

Even your fireplace deserves a few inspiration that is Swedish. This log basket depends on a set of arms to keep your firewood carefully cradled.

Forest Room Divider

An extremely playful room divider, this set of arched arms would be loads of fun in a large loft space or on an outdoor patio.

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Dreaming in Colour: 8 Gorgeously Green Bedrooms

Green runs the gamut from cooler, blue-tinged jade greens into warmer, citrusy yellow-greens. Cooler greens tend to make us feel relaxed and soothed — conducive to getting a great night’s sleep. Warmer greens, especially the bolder colors, will help us wake up and feel more energized. So whether you’re trying to find a bedroom colour that is de-stressing and calming, or you want some help bounding out of bed in the early hours, you can look to green to help.

I’ve gathered an assortment of my favorite green paint colors for bedrooms combined with eight lovely bedrooms on that wear the hue well.

Jennifer Ott Design

Green paint choices for bedrooms (clockwise from top left):

1. Glacial Green 21-32, Pratt & Lambert
2. Soft Green 066-2, Mythic Paint
3. Timid Absinthe 6003-5B, Valspar
4. Celery Ice 410E-2, Behr
5. Pear Green 2028-40, Benjamin Moore
6. Green Jeans KM3335-3, Kelly-Moore
7. Eco Green SW6739, Sherwin-Williams
8. Arsenic No. 214, Farrow & Ball

Connor Homes

I find this pulling on green bedroom attractive to the mix of bold and soft colour as well as the charming accessories and furniture. The green walls really help the timber beams stand out, but the rest of the palette remains light and calming. It is a relaxed, airy room that I think would appeal to many — perfect for a guest room.

London Bay Homes

Rather than painting the four bedroom walls and departing the ceiling white, mix it up a bit and paint the ceiling and one wall or part of one wall your chosen green colour. Be sure to pick up the colour elsewhere in the room. Even tiny accents of it will add visual rhythm, causing the eye to move across the room and the viewer to appreciate each of the amazing information.

Interiors From Agostino’s

Here’s another instance of a green ceiling paired using light-colored walls. While the preceding example had a minimum palette of just white and green, this bedroom includes many distinct colors of yellow-green blended with whites and wood tones. It is brilliant but feels tender and harmonious.

Stephanie Wohlner Layout

This is a more dramatic green that offers a contemporary, fun and young vibe. This assertive shade stands up nicely to darker, cooler wood tones.

Dijeau Poage Construction

I’m a sucker for chartreuse, especially when used on just one or two walls and paired with neutrals and light, warm woods. It is another fun and contemporary palette. And in case your love to your colour must wane, it’s simple to repaint using a new favorite.

MOKULUA High Performance Builder

Here’s a cooler minty green that works nicely with a variety of decorative designs to make a restful space. Whether an all-white room feels dull to you but you aren’t a lover of bold colour in your walls, consider a shade of light cool green.

Interiors From Agostino’s

Celery green is one of my favorite alternative neutrals. If you want something soothing and light and colors of beige, white or gray just will not cut it, look for a soft green with a slight yellowish cast to it, such as this one. It is an elegant grown-up green.

Wright-Ryan Homes

Not into green-painted ceilings or walls? No Problem. Green has been enjoying a long run as a favorite colour for home furnishings, and that means you can find lots of pretty green bedroom textiles and decorative accessories to work into your space.

Pull a shade of green that you like from an existing decorative item, such as your comforter, and also have your paint retailer match it. Then you can paint any furniture that needs some TLC. You would be amazed what a couple of coats of paint at a pleasing color can do for an old dresser, bed frame or bookcase.

Inform us Do you find green dreamy in a bedroom? How have you used the color in the bedroom?

More: 8 Great Color Palettes: Surprising Bedroom Neutrals

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Studio Tour: Creekside Appeal for an Artists' Workspace

Before starting construction of the house, this husband-and-wife artist group decided they needed a studio first. Mark and Kelli McDowell both needed space to function — he, on product design; she, on photography and interior design. But no ordinary studio would do. “We are very diverse in what we do and needed a room to allow for that,” says Kelli.

Working closely with Jason Bekebrede of Monticello Homes & Development, the couple created an 800-square-foot studio which simplifies and respects their beautiful Springfield, Missouri, land. A nature-inspired exterior and also an industrial, antiques-filled interior supply the twosome with plenty of room to conquer their next projects.

Monticello Custom Homes and Remodeling

The McDowells’ studio sits on 20 acres next to a creek that flows into a big pond. They wanted to make the most of the scenic place and to have a material and color palette which will blend in with the environment. Perched over the pond, the studio overlooks the opinion without interfering with the landscape.

Monticello Custom Homes and Remodeling

Though the McDowells had functioned with Bekebrede to design the main house, they started building the adjacent studio instead so Mark would have somewhere to work. Both simple sloped roofs will mimic the roofing of the main house. The design works very well with structural insulated panels (SIPs), which the couple used for efficient heating and cooling.

Monticello Custom Homes and Remodeling

Corrugated metal and antique fixtures lineup the front entry of the studio, and concrete floors add to its industrial style. The crucifix on the wall is a 200-pound iron antique piece they fell in love with.

Monticello Custom Homes and Remodeling

Kelli and Mark have an affinity for flea market finds, as you can see from this wall of old yarn bobbins. Displayed at a grid of 12, the unique pieces serve as hat and coat hangers.

Monticello Custom Homes and Remodeling

The galvanized metal wraps around the corner, where a toilet door sheathed in metal blends to the wall. Light beige paint (Sherwin-Williams’ Loggia) adds heat to the industrial space.

Monticello Custom Homes and Remodeling

The McDowells functioned with Bekebrede to fill the toilet with more finds. Bekebrede altered a cupboard from Restoration Hardware to make a dressing table. Kelli found that the poured concrete sink to get a buck on eBay. A classic exterior door serves as a shower partition, even while vintage commercial bread pans hang the shower wall to maintain soap and shampoo.

Monticello Custom Homes and Remodeling

The most important interior is a large, open room with concrete floors. A scarcity of built-in furniture and accents keeps the room at the McDowells’ disposal for whatever project they need to work on. “I enjoy the huge area,” says Kelli. “It is exactly what it is, and we can be free to do whatever comes to us.”

The bunch has had the gears close to the toilet for quite some time; they had a neighborhood blacksmith make stands to get them so that they could serve as sculpture. A classic gaming wheel along with two vintage globes sit over the flea market locker set.

Monticello Custom Homes and Remodeling

Mark picked a glass garage door; it not only extends the studio space to the outside, but also allows fresh air indoors when the McDowells paint. Both seldom utilize the air conditioner due to this feature. When closed, the door lets in plenty of light.

Monticello Custom Homes and Remodeling

A cement terrace provides additional workspace and room to lounge. The same community blacksmith who left stands for the gears made the outside fire pit and many planters, also.

Monticello Custom Homes and Remodeling

Board and batten exterior siding in an earthy taupe contrasts with cultured stone accents.

Siding: James Hardie batten board; stone: cultured, Centurion

Monticello Custom Homes and Remodeling

Kelli and Mark love many distinct styles of architecture and integrated many influences to the studio’s design. Mark is half Japanese, therefore certain elements — such as the slanted entrance and offset concretework outside the door — pay tribute to that aesthetic.

Monticello Custom Homes and Remodeling

The front entrance and deck were inserted throughout the construction process as an elongated outdoor space. The cedar decking is prestained for a weathered appearance. When built, the most important house is going to be retrieved via the entrance gate.

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Kitchen Counters: the Nearly Alternative, Concrete

Concrete, the humble material behind most a building foundation, makes for almost indestructible kitchen counters and provides artisan-crafted customization in the colour and layout. With these bragging rights, concrete rises above much of the counter contest. Learn more below and determine if concrete counters are right for your kitchen.

The fundamentals: Concrete is composed of water, a noun plus a filler.
The binder, cement, is often Portland cement, however slag cement and fly ash — both industrial waste by-products — have become common additions.The filler, an aggregate, is anything from sand, gravel and stone to smashed glass and beads.Concrete counters are either precast or cast onsite (also known as cast in place).
Precast concrete counters have been throw off by a local artisan, who pours the counter according to a template of this design. Cast-in-place (or site-cast) concrete counters have been poured directly on top of the cabinets and finished set up. Cost: $100 to $150 per square foot installed.

Camber Construction

Benefits: Concrete’s durability is unquestionable. And choices beyond the industrial aesthetic are simple with additives and shapes such as stains, pigments, aggregates and coatings. Architects and designers prefer this material’s ability to unite with other concrete components in the home, such as flooring. And as the counters are handmade by artisans, you may easily have details such as integral drainboards.

Disadvantages: It’s not unusual for concrete, particularly when cast in place, to create tiny hairline fractures because of curing and settling. The cracks are typically not structural.

Divine Design+Build

Special factors: Colored concrete can be made by one of three processes:
Integral pigment is a coloured powder that is blended into the wet concrete, leading to a color that penetrates the complete thickness of the slab. This is a permanent and predictable method to colour your slab, along with the colour options are almost limitless. Acid staining is less predictable than an integral pigment but provides a little magic to the procedure courtesy of metallic salts which react with the concrete. Acid staining is done on hardened slabs and ends in a permanent color change, but provides a reduced variety of colour choices. Dye, a liquid available in a vast range of colors, is applied to cured slabs and penetrates just the upper layer of the concrete. Some dyes are not UV stable.Your installer will help determine which, if any, colour procedure is right for you.

Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

Care: as with the majority of countertops, a mild soap and a fabric are all that need to be utilized for routine cleanup. Make sure you avoid harsh cleansers.

The long-term pleasure of your concrete counter depends on finding the right sealer. Sealers are available in either entering or topical:
Penetrating sealers soak in the concrete and therefore are barely detectable once dry. They do not protect the concrete from contact with clogs but do inhibit clogs from penetrating. Unfortunately, this means that clogs could leave a lasting stain or mark more easily than on concrete sealed using a topical ointment. Topical sealers, such as wax, urethane, acrylic and epoxy, coat the surface of the concrete and vary in their look and performance. Epoxy and urethane sealers are thick, glossy and often obvious. Wax, while handsome and simple for the DIYer, performs poorly as a sealer. Acrylic coatings look and function quite well but scrape easily.While that the Concrete Countertop Institute acknowledges that there is not any ideal sealer, it has a handy chart that will help you find the sealer that will best meet your expectations.

It’s worth understanding that although concrete is almost indestructible, the sealer isn’t. The sealer may be compromised by routine cuttingedge, harsh cleansers, hot pans,\ and acidic foods. With caution and the use of cutting edge boards and trivets, you may keep your sealer in good shape, thereby reducing the potential for staining and harboring germs.

Steve Hamm

Sustainability: The cement in concrete is derived from heating limestone, which is a carbon-intensive procedure which makes gas emissions. However, slag cement, fly ash and silica fume — all industrial waste by-products which are carbon neutral — may replace more than 50 percent of the cement, reducing emissions and improving the concrete’s ecofriendliness.

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Ox-Eye Windows Hit the Mark in Architecture

An architectural aspect that I find truly wonderful is that the round or oval window. Placed judiciously, small circles of glass stick out at a home’s layout, creating a strong architectural punctuation mark within an otherwise ordinary space while bringing additional light and often an unexpected view into the interior of a home.

The first name for this type of window has been oeil-de-boeuf, literally “ox’s eye”; it is also known as an oculus. While I am not entirely certain how the title came about, it appears appropriate. These windows do resemble eyes looking out in the world. And just as eyes are believed to be windows into the soul, these windows can also supply an intriguing and unusual glimpse into a home’s interior.

In the long run, however, this wonderful architectural element’s roots don’t really matter. What does matter is that an ox-eye windowcould well be that piece of architectural grammar that is needed to finish your home’s statement.

Jan Gleysteen Architects, Inc

An ox-eye window can accentuate the most utilitarian location. Tucked into a tight alcove that is used for a home office, this round window makes a potent architectural statement in a comparatively compact space.

TEA2 Architects

A round window set high on the gable acts as a punctuation mark. In this case, it’s the time that attracts the architectural statement of this arched and rectangular windows under it to a full stop.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

There’s something satisfying about putting round windows high up in a wall. That little area of light emitting a bit of view out to the treetops really does create a feeling of spaciousness and airiness. Envision this room without the round window. Not really the same, is it?

Andrea Swan – Swan Architecture

While an ox-eye window is usually associated with traditional or transitional designs, it can work just as well with a contemporary aesthetic. At a simple, spare space with plain white walls, this ox-eye window takes center stage as the area’s chief ornamentation.

Ike Kligerman Barkley

Round or oval windows are even more refreshing whenever they pop up in an unexpected place, creating a feeling of surprise and happiness. Perhaps that’s the reason I love using them.

I could brush my teeth in this sink while taking a look at the landscape. However, for those who might bemoan the loss of a mirror, maybe there is another spot in the area that would do the job just as well for the window without cutting off the view.

Suzette Sherman Design

While you’re at it, allow the window’s positioning dictate the form of the interior elements around it, as was done with the cabinetry here.

Martin Bros.. Contracting, Inc..

When an oculus is utilized in place of a standard window, claiming privacy can be a challenge. Conventional window coverings will conceal the exceptional contour; utilizing frosted or reeded glass or installing a custom pleated shade can produce a reduction of light and view. In this smart installation, a hinged interior panel keeps the two elements while allowing for solitude.


Many manufacturers today produce round windows that pivot open either horizontally or vertically. An operable window is a great alternative for bathrooms and kitchens, allowing for clean air and ventilation.

Jan Gleysteen Architects, Inc

Just like with any architectural feature, the key to creating a round or oval window function is to ensure that it is placed so the overall composition makes sense both inside and out. The window might be high up in a gable, located over an entry or, as in this case, set between two conventional rectangular windows to break up the charm of a long exterior wall.

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