Indoor Gardening: Succulents and Herbs

The orange and orange palette of autumn flowers does not match every interior’s style. Pots of herbs or succulents are great options to classic autumn floral arrangements. They’re low maintenance, smart looking, and also a wonderful way to bring the outdoors inside. There is even a practical aspect in the case of the herbs, which are helpful for cooking. And succulents barely ever require water.

These plants work well in kitchens, family rooms, vestibules, and outside eating areas, and add a subtle elegance to any room.

Shape a thyme plant to some contemporary topiary form. Paired with all the pine box holder, the look feels rustic. And this type of tall plant makes a fun design element.

Mark English Architects, AIA

Green herbs on the counter soften the bold look of the bright orange island and cabinets in this slick modern kitchen, which makes the room feel more homey.


Herbs growing in the windows incorporate life in an otherwise quite white space.

Rosemary is so easy to grow and can be so aromatic. Just be sure that it gets some sun while you’ve got it indoors. Wrapped in burlap tied with twine, it appears like it’s in the kitchen of a Paris apartment.

Andrew Flesher Interiors

Discuss elegant: the sole greenery to be observed in this chic living room is a closely trimmed thyme topiary tree before the window. The potted herb brings something fresh and living to the room without taking away from the inherent masculinity of the furnishings. And the green of this plant matches the green of this blanket, a pleasant, harmonious choice.

Bonfigli Design

Function trumps form , with pots of herbs stashed alongside bottles of wine while an Italian feast is merely waiting to be cooked up. An individual can attain a similar look by simply taking cut bunches of the herbs, putting them in plain water, and using them for a couple of days.

Greener Grass Design


Modern take on the herb garden: This watering basin for developing herbs permits you to begin with seeds and experience the satisfaction of appearing green.


Herb Window Box – $59.95

GIve a window like this as much sun as possible through autumn and winter. I adore the idea of putting it an unexpected, slightly more formal environ from time to time. For instance, try this in your dining room in exchange for a normal arrangement.

Amoroso Design

The three potted plants match the putty-and-white colour scheme of this slick open-shelved kitchen corner.

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

Orchids bloom during quite a while, and this one gets additional interest from succulents planted at its foundation. This entire tablescape feels arty, and the floral/succulent addition includes a sculptural aesthetic.

Susan Diana Harris Interior Design

This is actually revolutionary: succulent plants growing in dish-like baskets positioned softly on the floor. The minimalistic bed and overall vibe of this room is enhanced by these plants. The key to get the look right is locating plants and containers large enough to appear dull.

Dufner Heighes Inc

The tree branch foundation on the coffee table has so much going on that it appears the sole floral choice that would be easy on the eye would be a succulent plant, like a blue-gray agave at a neutral, stone-color container.

Kristen Rivoli Interior Design

There is so much color here that seasonal blossoms would most likely compete or struggle with the scheme. A grouping of succulents, however, is a living, natural accessory which matches the vivid choices.

Succulent Baking Tray – $158

Instead of the usual set of sunflowers and mums, consider decorating with little pots of succulents which will last through the winter. These cry to get a kitchen window, but also would be a accent to your own coffee table from time to time.


Basket of Succulents – $35

These succulents are referred to as cows and fish, and therefore will send offshoots over the side of the basket. These plants are great deals that add a bit of Southwestern charm to any space.

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<p>Guest Groups: Creative Craft Space</p>

If you craft, then you want a dedicated space that’s both functional and beautiful, whether you have an entire room bathed in natural light (lucky!) Or only a nook or cupboard to phone your own. This month, I’ve gathered 20 locates that will help pull together your creative craft space. From appealing storage to furnishings, supplies and inspirational artwork and books, you will find just a little bit of everything . Happy crafting! — Laura out of Lolalina

Hudson Paint

Hudson Chalkboard Paint – $24.99

I am sure we all understand the marvels of chalkboard paint by now, but what about chalkboard paint in any colour you want? Hudson Paint company makes wonderful chalkboard paint at a full range of colors, so you can paint that accent wall or classic cupboard and draw on it, also!

Cox & Cox

Wooden Wall Unit – GBP 115

This good fir wall unit out of Cox & Cox will be just the thing for organizing craft supplies or stationery. The bins even have space for your labels.


Sawhorse Workstation – $399

I adore the simplicity of this sawhorse desk out of Wisteria. The adjustable table elevation means you can work sitting or standing depending on your needs at the moment.


Jeu de Paumes – $39

Édition Paumes books from Japan are a bit of an obsession among those in the know — every slim book is packed with interior design and craft inspiration from real homes around the world. And the covers seem so cute stacked up on your desk, how do you resist?


Wood and Wool Stool – $108

Dutch designer Ingrid Jansen makes these beautiful stools from reclaimed wood and hand-crocheted covers. Each is unique, so check the store for certain pieces available today. This little piece is so flexible: use it as extra seats, a footrest, or a desk for stacking books and magazines.

Orla Kiely

Orla Kiely Notebook Set – $12.50

I am a huge lover of Orla Kiely’s modern prints, and these little notebooks are an inexpensive way to bring her routines into your home. Plus, they are great for journaling or sketching out new craft ideas.


Wood Architect Lamp – $295

Lighting is so essential in a work space, even if your craft”room” is similar to a cupboard. Whenever you are doing close work such as beading, sewing or sketching, task lighting is key. This all-wood version of the timeless architect’s lamp recently caught my eye — I love the chunky shape and raw appearance, along with the quality construction means it is going to last for many years to come.

Design Within Reach

Tolix Marais Barstool | Design Within Reach – $180

These classic stools out of Tolix in France look refreshing in mint green. Obviously, when you work at a desk for long intervals, you are going to want a chair, but stools are perfect for the kind of crafting at which you are up and down a lot. And they happen to be on sale right now at Design Within Reach — bonus!


“We stayed just along the shore…” by Sarah Ahearn Bellemare – $22

An essential ingredient in any craft space is inspiration, and what better way to inspire than with work out of a popular artist? I adore the colors and the use of a vintage photo in this print out of Sarah Ahearn Bellemare.


Cuplight Candle Holder by snugstudio – $47.90

I adore having candles lit while I work — it adds much to the ambiance, and I swear it also enhances creativity. Do not save candles for special occasions! These cuplights from German brand Snug Studio are so magical, I would line up a few in a windowsill.

Enjoy Loans + Linen

Ceramic Latte Cups – AUD 30

These handmade cups by Samantha Robinson are similar to functional works of art. I would use one to display charcoal pencils, paint brushes, or layout pens. However, by all means, use them for your own coffee if you prefer!


Quilted Sewing Machine Cover by CityChicCountryMouse – $58

While I get the sewing machine I’ve been pining after for ages, I would love one of these handmade quilted covers to slip over it. This one is made of tasty Amy Butler fabric, certain to cheer up any sewing room.

Hable Construction

Charcoal Checker Storage Box – $98

These little bins from Hable Construction happen to be on my wish list indefinitely. They’re sized perfectly for corralling just about anything you can think about, and the material is wonderfully thick. Use one for every knitting project, to organize your fabric stash, and keep your paper ephemera collection clean, or perhaps put letter-sized files inside.

Happy Tape

Japanese Masking Tape – $36

Japanese masking tape, also known as Washi tape, is a wonderfully versatile craft merchandise. I cannot imagine life without it. Use it to embellish packages and envelopes, make collages, make tags, decorate vases, boxes, or graphic frames — the possibilities are infinite.

Dimensions: 15 mm (approximately 1/2″) or 9 mm (approximately 1/4″) wide x 15 m (about 50′) long. 10 rolls.


Where Can I Put It? Knob – $10

Swapping out plain hardware for something interesting is the simplest way to revamp an old chest or storage cupboard. Anthropologie always has the cutest choice, and these are my current favorites.


Crochet Granny Square Rug by lacasadecoto – EUR 63

I love the texture and colour of this handmade granny-chic rug. Just the thing for heating cold toes in the studio on a chilly fall morning!


Musings Tray – $48

This artsy little ceramic tray is hand-stamped with poetry from Australian potter/poet Kylie Johnson. Put it on your desk or atop a little pile of books with a few feathers or pretty stones for inspiration.


Handmade Love Bird Soft Sculpture by ashleyannabrown – $65

This sweet soft sculpture from Ashley Anna Brown will make a friendly artwork studio company. I have one of Ashley’s bits, and I can tell you from personal experience they are amazingly detailed and well crafted. Each is unique and beautiful in its own way.


Flora & Wood Trim Settee – $2,498

And also the great final touch? A luxurious settee to lounge on while dreaming up your next job.

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