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Reinvent It Kitchen Backsplash

When a Washington state family was reconfiguring their little kitchen and entrance, a small news story gave the design team a significant thought.

“The design group was inspired by an image we saw of someone who’d used signage to side cabinets,” says architect Stephanie Ingram of Fivedot Design Build. “We heard that Seattle was replacing their road signs and that the previous ones were for sale, so we had the thought to do some kind of project with them.” They thought the backsplash was the spot, and the homeowners consented.

They headed down to City of Seattle Surplus, in which the owners picked signs with tree titles from their neighborhood. The designers also expanded the kitchen and the entrance onto a tiny back porch, reconfigured the room to make it far more efficient and added new windows.

Job at a Glance
Who lives here: A couple and their two kids and 1 dog
Location: Greenlake neighborhood of Seattle
Size: Around 165 square feet, such as an entrance nook from the rear yard


The group cut the signs into tiles with a metal saw, cleaned them affixed them to the wall and then sprayed them with an acrylic clear coat to seal them.

Before Photo

BEFORE: Little windows, insufficient storage and a awkward entrance made for a dark and not very functional kitchen. The sign backsplash thought was part of a far larger kitchen remodel but is the component that provides the space its new personality.


Even though the layout looks like a random arrangement, it was planned out beforehand.


Besides the new windows, white cupboards plus recessed, overhead and undercabinet lighting keep the room light and bright.


“Using reused/recycled materials is a aim of all our work as part of our commitment to sustainability,” says Fivedot founder Geoff Piper. The countertops are PaperStone coated with mineral oil.

Learn more about countertops made from recycled paper


The flooring is marmoleum, another sustainable item.

A red drum pendant light provides just a hint of a stop sign or traffic light, for a daring streetscape colour palette.

Before Photo

BEFORE: Darkness in the kitchen lasted into the living room.


AFTER: Here is actually the view from the living room into the newly expanded kitchen. A bamboo end-grain counter doubles as a long cutting board, with bookshelves underneath around the living room side.

Before Photo

BEFORE: This old porch was absorbed into the new kitchen.


AFTER: The entrance is transformed; a little overhang protects anyone fumbling for keys on rainy Seattle days. “It is much better looking and functions as a transition into the house,” architect Ingram says.


Inside this transition space from out in, there is room for everyone in the household to wipe their feet, take off their shoes and arrange belongings in the storage seat, in cubbies and on the hooks. Coats, shoes, hats, mittens, leashes and other items do not make it any farther than this vestibule, keeping the house clean and coordinated. A glass door and two windows allow more light into the kitchen.

BEFORE: The strategy before the remodel.

AFTER: since you can see if comparing this latest strategy to the prior one, the upgraded kitchen moved into the old porch, and the architects added a new porch to the new entrance area.

The old kitchen “still stands as our ‘kitchen in need of a remodel,'” Ingram says. “It turned into a beautiful, light kitchen having a few interesting touches that work nicely within this traditional Seattle bungalow.”

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Kitchen Counters: Plastic Laminate Offers Options Aplenty

Vinyl laminate, when the conventional surface for postwar house kitchen countertops, still has a major market share due to affordable and maintenance-free options in loads of colors and patterns. Check out the fundamentals and unique considerations here to determine if a plastic laminate counter might be right for your kitchen.

Formica Group

The fundamentals: Vinyl laminate countertops include a wafer-thin finish adhered to a plywood or particleboard substrate. That thin finish is really a high heeled laminate (HPL); it is made of three layers of material bonded together by high heat and pressure: a clear melamine top for protection, a decorative layer and a backing made of phenolic resin-coated kraft paper. Well-known laminate producers include Formica, Wilsonart and Nevamar.

Costs: $8 to $20 per square foot, including installation.

BAAN layout

Special concerns: Because laminates are so thin, border details need forethought to avoid that telltale brown line at the counter’s edge. Alternatives include:
Profiled advantage: Laminates have advanced to currently have beveled, ogee and bullnose edge profiles, which differ by producer. Edge ring: These thick and compact veneers are adhered to the cabinet edge and are made for abuse. Choose ABS plastic border bands over PVC whenever possible, as ABS is recyclable and chlorine free. Metal border: Go retro with this detail that harks back to the 1950s; a metal border is fastened into the edge of the counter top. Neatniks might think twice about this detail. Engineered plywood: As shown in this picture, some contemporary designs showcase the thin laminate veneer and then adhere it to top plywood, leaving the thin veneer border plus plies exposed.

Formica Group

Benefits:Low price and a plethora of options are the boon here. Laminates come in an astonishing variety of colors, patterns and finishes: from eggplant to amberwalnut to marble and high gloss to grained.

Disadvantages: Keep your cutting boards useful, as knives may wreak havoc on the melamine finish. And trivets should be used with hot pans, as the lamination is heat resistant to only 150 degrees.

Fougeron Architecture FAIA

Care: As with most counters, stick with a moist cloth or sponge and mild detergent for routine cleaning. Bleach, as it may cause discoloration. Preventive care is a breeze, as the best coat of protection is irreversible and requires no sealing.

Formica Group

Sustainability: Vinyl laminate veneers receive a green thumbs-up for the modest amount of resources consumed during manufacturing (though they’re roughly a quarter petroleum-based resins). Manufacturers such as Formica and Wilsonart have boosted the sustainability of the products with the use of FSC-certified timber. And many producers could boast of GreenGuard certification, which indicates that their products bring about improved indoor air quality.

More: Compare countertop materials

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House Planning: The best way to Create Your Kitchen

My younger sister and her boy friend are going this weekend, and that I get an e-mail from her that goes something similar to this: “I Have never had a kitchen with over two cupboards, and today I ‘ve this fancy new kitchen. I am realizing I don’t have any clue where to set anything. If the silverware go in the refrigerator, or the drawer close to the sink? If the plates visit the right of the oven, or the left of the sink? Can you leave cupboards empty when you’ve got more space than you will need and place all foods in the buttery? Anyway, I am only recognizing I DON’T HAVE ANY idea the best way to arrange a kitchen!”

This made me understand how much I ignore that individuals understand where to place things, no matter if they have only redone their kitchens, are embarking on a re-model, or are coping with what they’ve. I Will do what I can via this Ideabook since since I have I can not get straight back to my home town this weekend to assist my sister arrange. It helps her and perhaps you, also. It can be a trial and error encounter — it really is all about feeling your way and every room differs.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

1. Focus on the fundamentals: silverware. I like to place silverware in a upper little drawer near the dishwashing machine, should you not have a dish washer subsequently close to the sink, unless you have a sink…well, this ideabook may possibly maybe not curiosity you 🙂 It Really Is all about simplicity of tidy up and placing things away with regards to silverware…if there is an isle, then I occasionally set the silverware drawer in the island, but nonetheless a pivot a way from the dish washer or primary sink. In the event that you are coping with a current kitchen, operate out as well as get a silverware pda… and I am a large supporter of containers that seem fine even inside shut drawers — they will cause you to get happy when you open them. The most irritating factor about badly designed kitchens (or any such thing for for example) is that you simply spend some time trying to find things in vain). Here, the place that is obvious is the tiny drawer to correct of the sink.

House & Harmony

I’d not use it because it’d be difficult to get when the dish washer is open despite the fact that there is a drawer to the left of the dish washer. I had go to the correct of the sink for a drawer, despite the fact that it is somewhat farther away.

Logan’s Hammer Creating & Restoration

2. Where to place? In The Event you are fortunate to have greater than one cabinet for dishes and glassware, feel about some thing near to the dish washer — but perhaps not when it comes to its own open door. In the event that you are standing in the sink, and the dish washer will be to the correct, then set and eyeglasses. (Here, the dish washer is concealed behind a cupboard panel do-or, but you get the thought).

Summerour Architects

In the event that you are lacking wall cupboards but locate your self with plenty of space for storage that is tall, work with a pantry cupboard for dishes as an alternative. Another thought: seek out a furniture design hutch or glass entrance storage cabinet and place it on a nude wall In The Event you are restricted on tall cupboards and wall cupboards. It seems fantastic, despite the fact that this may well not be handily set at the center of the function tri Angle, and taking several additional things to do to set the the laundry a way is a tiny cost to fund fashion and storage.

Glenvale Kitchens

Drawer inserts are excellent choice for kitchens quick on-wall cupboard storage. These caddies easily fit into several cupboards sizes that are different and you’ll be able to get an entire bunch of plates simultaneously to place the dining table.


Or simply take the doorways off among your current cupboards to open the space-a bit up and develop a cosmetic and simple-access layout for day-to-day things.

Buckminster Green LLC

3. Wine cookbooks, and oversize bowls. for those who possess a cupboard over the fridge, contemplate taking off the doorways and including a wine rack or an additional shelf for cookbooks, as well as several trendy appearing serving bowls. Usually this area that is dead eventually ends up up being total of less-used things that simply take up area. Instead, utilize that space to get a demo that is pretty.

PLACE ltd.

4. Utensils, regular spices, and knives. whether it is a wall railing system for utensils and spices, a silverware pda, a pot rack, or a spice drawer insert, verify out all the awesome personal digital assistants available to the marketplace which were created to be flexible and appropriate present kitchen cabinets of numerous sizes. Things like salad bowls, big pots, mixing bowls and little appliances are well-situated under a baker’s stand or islands to open ledges if you’re able to carve out some room because of it.

Divine Design+Build

Standard size spices there are many on the marketplace which might be flexible for different-size drawers, and will easily fit into drawer organizers.

Divine Design+Build

A wall-mounted magnetic knife bar is an excellent strategy to maintain knives in a convenient, effortless-accessibility place, also a drawer or counter area is freed up by it.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

5. Oils, vinegars, and spices that are taller. Picture yourself cooking in your kitchen. Oils, vinegars, and things in taller spice jars, magnesium chloride snow melt Dover, condiments, sauces, etc. are fine to have in one cupboard to the left or correct of the range. You do not essential want to wander to the larder to get these things that are special every time they are needed by you. Tall spices, oils and vinegars are suitable for that wall cupboard on the proper for those who have cupboards between your sink and range as revealed here.

6. Pots and pans. pans and pots should be set in a place which makes sense: near the range (or cook top). I favor rollout shelves in the event you could have a committed lid drawer, and compared to drawers for pots and pans. The cause I enjoy rollouts is they’re more shallow: I can see what I want, in contrast to drawers where I frequently must pull the pots on leading out to access the one on the underside.

when you yourself own a cooktop, beneath is perfect. To the facet is good if you possess a variety, and should you not have area for a big cupboard to along side it of your cooker (27″-30″ extensive minimal), the isle right near the kitchen range is good, also. Should you not have an isle place them in a cupboard perpendicular to you, or a pivot a way in a peninsula.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Thank goodness. When you yourself possess a kitchen, or akitchen that simply did not come with any broad cupboards with rollouts, a pot rack is the best solution. It can be a-wall mounted pub fashion or a ceiling pot rack or ledge fashion one. The inclusion with this one accessory will take back therefore much storage in your kitchen.

Al Williams

6. Casserole dishes and little appliances. These things are ideally kept in cupboards which have rollouts for simpler accessibility. Tupperware is just another matter. When you yourself are in possession of lazy-susan cupboard or a corner, use that for more heavy things like appliances that are little — light-weight drop around the location and things have a tendency to get stuck. Tupperware is greatest in drawers. (Have you actually exposed a-wall cupboard and had it topple on your head? Exactly).

7. dry-goods as well as the the foodstuff pantry. To reply my sister’s query: Yes, for those who possess a buttery, place all the food there! Do not distribute it out inwall cupboards simply because you’ve cupboards that were empty! Walking around opening doorways trying to find things you-can’t locate is perhaps one of the most of the issues that are most vexing and frustrating, and frequently keeps individuals from experiencing cooking. Less-used sauces and spices can enter the larder, but place the things you use frequently close to the range. Carveout an area simply for baking things, and you’ve got the the area, in the event you are a baker I’ve a customer who actually has a drawer that is sprinkling

What is your preferred kitchen-arranging trick?

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Kitchen Guides

Kitchen Elements: The Best Border For Your Own Countertop

It is the details that produce a kitchen special. Every selection that is little intersects to produce the completed merchandise — and several who’ve put a remodel understand, the selections that are little may be agonizing. Choosing an edge profile for the counter tops is among the options. Here is the things they look like within a larger whole and a quick research in some of the choices.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Square and depth that is normal. Less is frequently more. In a clear- straightforward and lined kitchen, a 3cm that is fundamental -square account functions best. Each kitchen has some thing that stands apart as well as says “look at me.” Occasionally it is the tile it is the the lights, and at times it is the counter-top stuff.

I make it a rule to refrain from having everything yell for focus; that a way there is some breathing space. In this kitchen the counter tops tend to be more silent while the tile requires somewhat more of centerstage.

Jennifer Weiss Architecture

Square and mitered. usually when you see an extra-thick counter-top, itis a mitered edge. Meaning the depth is normal either 2cm or 3cm using a frame round the sides, creating the slab appear thicker. This can be an excellent solution to turn your kitchen counter tops the focal level, plus it may function nicely in both a contemporary or conventional kitchen.

Andre Rothblatt Architecture

Mitered and eased edge. This mitered flagstone top has a somewhat eased edge and curved corners. The lowest change at length makes the rock appear really different, as you’ll be able to observe.

Chelsea Atelier Architect, Computer

Square using a waterfall border. Another method to make your rock countertops a focal stage would be to run them vertically down the border of the island.

Fiorella Layout

Bullnose. This curved border element is a timeless classic, excellent for conventional kitchens.

Ogee. I adore comparing a conventional ogee border on an isle having a more modern square border on the perimeter partitions. It is still another ageless classic that functions nicely in kitchens that are conventional.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Marine edge. This is account is mo-Re commonly seen on stainlesssteel counter-tops. It is a builtup depth, but instead mitered, the outdoors edge is lifted. I am presuming the phrase “marine border” refers to how this depth retains liquids from operating off the counter top.

House of C-Line Style

Unique variants. This edge account practically resembles a square Dupont. Take a peek in the profile drawings at the conclusion of the ideabook.

Danenberg Layout

This complex profile resembles a Dupont Square having a curved- border that is top.

Meredith Heron Layout

This custom edge account seems a bit just like a miniature French Cove combined by having an Beginning Dupont. I really like the difference of the mo-Re conventional cabinetry and the present day sink and edge account on the rock.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Here are a number of line drawings of counter-top edge profiles for benchmark. As you’ll be able to see the alternatives are nearly limitless.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Don’t hesitate to get c-Reative by requesting your rock fabricator to change it and beginning with among the fundamental profiles.

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