Provide Your Futon a Dramatic Backdrop

You might think the only options for the space above your bed are headboards or some kind of wall art. But if you really wish to boost the play of your bed, it might be time to consider a bed background. Whether it’s created through background, fabric or a something else, a bed background extends past the typical dimensions of a headboard, grounding your bed by way of an enticing focal point. Wondering if the look is ideal for you? Have a peek at these photos to find out whether your bed is destined for a totally new look.

Vanessa De Vargas

Build a bed background by wallpapering a allocated space and framing it with molding. The look is easy on the pocket and transformative.

Michael Abrams Limited

Covering the wall behind the bed in upholstered fabric creates a warm and soft background, enhancing the area’s coziness factor.

Brooke Ulrich

Consider a patterned fabric for extra interest. Be certain the pattern’s scale complements additional patterns within the room, like your bed linens.

RLH Studio

Murals offer you unique ideas for bed wallpapers. Colorful outdoor scenery gives this room the look of a dream garden escape. To get the look, hire a local artist or buy specialty background or wall stickers.

Elizabeth Gordon

Another easy method to replicate the bed background: drapes. Hang them floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall to optimize glamour and infiltrate your space with texture.

Lucid Interior Design Inc..

Or, focus them solely around the bed for a cozy, romantic feel.

Elizabeth Dinkel

Insert a canopy to for a romantic look.

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc..

A mirrored bed background will ground the bed and make the whole room seem much larger.

B Fein Interiors LLC

If texture and color is what you’re after, consider altering your bed background in an accent wall through background. Pick a bold pattern which attracts colors from your bedroom scheme to incorporate the paper to the overall look.


You can not fail with mod, chic metallics. This bedroom instantly becomes an elegant escape together with the addition of this gold-papered background. The soft lamp light will dancing off the small sheen of this paper.

Leclair Decor

If you would like to add texture and increase the visual height of your space, choose a backdrop with a vertical design. Does this birch tree background make the bed look like it is positioned in the middle of a charming woods, but it makes the ceiling look considerably greater.

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