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How to Steam Clean Your Carpet

A lot of traffic goes through our carpets during the day which makes it very important to do some carpet cleaning afterward, to get our carpets ready for when the holiday season comes. Most people choose to hire a professional carpet cleaner but that’s totally unnecessary when considering how easy it is to clean your carpet.

In this article, we’ll show you the difference between DIY Mobile carpet cleaning and hiring a professional, as well as what you need in order to clean the carpet yourself.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a water-based cleaning method that involves certain powerful chemicals that, when combined with water, activate to clean the carpet. This method of cleaning the carpet does not require the use of complicated equipment and doesn’t come with any toxic or hazardous risks either. The only downside to it is that it’ll take a while before your carpet dries once you’re done cleaning so you’ll have to refrain from walking on it until it does dry.

Vacuum before Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaners should not be used as vacuum cleaners because they do not carry hat function, which is why it’s imperative that you vacuum first before you start with the steam-based carpet cleaning Mobile a.

For best results, you must vacuum thoroughly by keeping the tips below in mind:

-Remove all items that might be on the floor.

-Remove all furniture that’s on the carpet.

-Give your baseboards a thorough dusting to remove any dust and dirt that might fall on the carpet  after you’ve cleaned it.

-Vacuum clean the carpet from two different directions; go slowly from one part of the room to the other, and then back again in a 90-degree angle, and repeat the process with the rest of the carpet.

Treat the Stains before Steam Cleaning

The heat of the steam used by the carpet cleaning equipment often makes it harder to remove stubborn stains, which is why you have to remove any grime that’s on the carpet before steam cleaning it.


Almost every steam cleaning machine comes with a set of recommended products that you should use it with, and using anything else will most likely compromise the warranty, so keep that in mind when purchasing the chemicals you’ll be using with the machine.

Step One: Fill the machine’s tank with one tablespoon of the recommended soap to every four cups of boiling water. The soap should preferably be oil based in order to effectively dissolve grime.

Step Two: Once you’re done steam cleaning the carpet with the first solution mentioned above, replace it with another solution, and fill your tank up with equal amounts of vinegar and really hot water. The vinegar will help to further eliminate stains while removing any odors that might be on the carpet.

When to Steam Clean Your Carpet

Ideally, it is recommended that you steam clean your carpet once every year, however, if you have pet hair or allergies to deal with then you’ll have to take your Mobile carpet cleaners game to the next level and steam clean at least twice or three times per year.

Carpet Cleaning

8 Carpet-Cleaning Secrets From Professionals

Professional mobile carpet cleaners is often explored by people who are not willing to take any chances with the cleaning and maintenance of their carpets. After all, the carpet always adds a lot of glamour in your home and the last thing you need is a dirty or worn out carpet. Professional carpet cleaners have their own unique ways when it comes to cleaning and they will truly deliver quality services. But have you ever stopped and wonder just how they do it? How they manage to do a thorough cleaning job?

Well, we have talked to a few professional carpet cleaners and here are the 8 secrets that will make all the difference:

Do Not Rub Stains – Just Blot

The idea of getting rid of carpet stains can get you thinking about many possibilities but according to professional carpet cleaners, it all comes down to blotting. Do not make the mistake of rubbing the stain using detergent or water. It will only make things worse.

Use Club Soda For Tough Stains

If you are dealing with beer or soda stains or any other tough stains on your carpet, try blotting using club soda. Yes, the rumors are right; it is a great cleaning agent when it comes to carpet stains.

Freeze Dried Gum

There’s nothing more annoying than a fried gum sticking hard on your carpet. Don’t worry though. The best way to get rid of it without damaging the carpet is by freezing the gum out. It will easily come out without any other damage.

Use Dish Washing Detergent

If you are dealing with greasy stains, you have a simple solution here. Just go to the kitchen and get your dishwasher detergent and start blotting with it. Even the hardest stains won’t have a chance, it’s simply mobile carpet cleaning.

El Paso AC repair specialists Wax

If you have candles at home, there’s a chance that once in awhile, wax will fall over to the carpet. Instead of ripping it off like a bandage, just heat it up and once it’s fully melted, blot it with a cloth and you will be good to go.

Hydrogen Peroxide Works

In case you are still not sure about how to get rid of that tough stain that seems to have taken over the beautiful look of your carpet, you need to try out hydrogen peroxide as your cleaning agent. It works with many stains and you won’t have a hard time using it.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is a central part of carpet cleaning mobile a and it has so many benefits. The great thing is that you don’t even have to do this daily. Even once a month will go a long way in keeping your carpet clean and tidy.

Organic Cleaning

Finally, try and also make sure that you explore more organic cleaning measures, especially when you are removing stains or pet waste.

There you go, these are 8 simple secrets that professionals use to give carpets the best clean so give them a try yourself.