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The Family Home: Corral Kids' Books

Having five kids who love books is fantastic. A few days is sounds like each surface in our home is covered in board books, easy readers and young adult literature of some type or another.

But while I realize that there are a lot worse things, coming to terms with all these novels along with the storage that they need has compelled me to think creatively. Each kid has a bookcase in her or his room, but that hasn’t been enough. While hunting around for a few attractive techniques to store and display our ever-growing library, I found a couple of thoughts from fellow ers. They have me inspired, and I am sure they will inspire you also.

Displaying children’s books on a shelf for this not only keeps them off the ground, it highlights that the lovely covers. Plus, younger kids are more apt to see when they can pick from their favorites readily.

Jeanette Lunde

It’s easy to heap books on a shelf, but corralling them inside a wooden crate adds much more interest. This is an especially fantastic solution for brightly colored covers that will pop inside the darkened wooden interior.

colorTHEORY Boston

This screen is a similar idea, but the device is carried from floor to ceiling, providing kids room to cultivate their library.

Erika Ward – Erika Ward Interiors

Developing a novel pocket such as the one shown here is easy with a bit of cloth, two or three dowels and a few mounts. Not only can it hold your child’s current favorites, but it can add color to the space also.

I like it, I love it!

When keeping children’s books on a bookshelf, think about integrating some ornamental things just as you would in more grownup distances. They’ll add interest and keep the area from becoming too boring.

Look around your house for things such as baskets and crates where you can store novels. These things can easily be placed near the sofa or your favorite chair for suitable storytimes.

Lucy McLintic

Children’s books come with all the most fantastic covers in the most vibrant shades. Why not arrange them according to color to spice up the bookcase a little?

The Painted Home

In our home, the kids read in their beds until I announce lights outside. An easy shallow shelf such as the one shown here will be ideal mounted on the walls beside their beds.

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