Warm Up Your House for Winter

Chilly temperatures may save you from being outdoors for more of the day, but it’s not all bad, especially when your insides are über comfy. As you’re busy preparing for the upcoming period — winterizing your backyard, swapping wardrobes, turning on the heat — maybe you need to give your space a once-over to check on its cozy appeal. Can it be turned up a notch? Whether it’s by adding a throw, showcasing a pile of books or even trying out a new seating arrangement from the fireplace, then there are lots of alternatives you can try, even if you’re on a budget. Check out these photos to learn what to elements will allow you to produce a comfy space. And cheers to cool weather, comfy interiors and enough hot chocolate to take you through’til spring.

Rugs. Few things are more beautiful than hardwood floors, but they do not qualify as comfy. Rugs not only aid a space feel more cohesive, but they also add warmth.

Summerour Architects

Do not think that a kitchen, with its steel appliances and cold countertops, can not feel comfy. With an oversize rug added to the mix, it surely can.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

Layers. This step is critical, and fortunately it is both affordable and simple. Start by just draping throws over your furniture not only will they come in handy once you want to curl up on the sofa, but they’ll continue to heat the distance as you’re away.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

Continue by adding lots of throw pillows to your sofa and filling your walls with framed art. Do not go overboard: You want your space to feel accumulated, not littered.

Reaume Construction & Design

Drapery and other window treatments add extra warm layers to the space and help trap warmth inside.

JMA (Jim Murphy and Associates)

Novels . There is something about piles of books that instantly warms up any space. Fill your shelves together, place a comfy chair nearby and spend the time catching up on all of your favorite notes.

The best thing about books: they may be set anywhere. Pile them in your coffee table to make a second layer for the décor. You will have successfully mastered two comfy looks in one decorating move. Of coure, a fuzzy pooch is a big help, too.

Paint the walls. One of the simplest and most inexpensive design tricks : our beloved, badger buddy, paint. I like this picture because it demonstrates that even a basement area with little natural light can become a cozy escape with the inclusion of a coating of warm, neutral paint.

Elizabeth Gordon

Do not be afraid to go dark with paint it actually produces a snug feeling. A white crib and traces of colour help this nursery feel bright yet cozy at exactly the same moment.

Studio C Architecture & Interiors

Your toilet can be made instantly comfy with a coating of heavy brown paint and the inclusion of a comfy seat.

Dufner Heighes Inc

Texture. Here’s to demonstrating that a mostly white or neutral space can be comfy: it all depends upon feel. If you are going with this look, ensure your rug, upholstery and accessories have various levels of feel; think of adding a faux sheepskin throw over a duvet sofa. In this photo, the marble mantel brings additional texture to the space.

Crisp Architects

Chairs arrangements from the fireplace. There is nothing cozier than a fireplace, so get right up there and appreciate it. You can roast each of the marshmallows you want without uncrossing your legs.

Susan Jay Design

Nooks. If your home gets the architectural advantage of a nook, transform it into a comfy little reading escape.

Webber + Studio, Architects

Little spaces. This is only one of the pricier methods to create a comfy space, but as soon as you do it, you will wonder why you waited. If you’ve got an awkward, rather small space which you can not envision being useful. Small rooms are instantly comfy due to their romantic nature, so look at altering it into a reading area or little study.

MN Builders

The attic. The loft isn’t only for storage. It can be transformed into a snug living room (more cozy if you are fortunate enough to have sloped ceilings). It might be a small project, but it’s worth it. Outfit it with a fireplace (consider a fake one if a real one is not possible), a shag rug and cozy furniture, and voila — it’s chic, cozy and more space for living!

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