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What Can I Use to Cover a Hole in My Ceiling From an Old Light Fixture?

You have more than 1 option for minding the gap it leaves behind, when your renovation plans involve the removal of a ceiling light. Before undertaking any process, it is important to disconnect the wires and pull them out of the electrical box. You may not wish to take out the boxit might be a good idea if your plans include a fixture that is potential sooner or later, to leave it.

Removing the Box

You need to remove the electrical box, if you would like to patch the gap with shingles, that is 1 option for covering the hole. This isn’t hard if you’ve got access to do. Only pull it out with a pry bar, if the box has been nailed in; simply unscrew it if it is attached with screws. The ideal option is to cut out a section of drywall large to access the box if you can not get from the attic. Don’t worry; large holes in drywall are more difficult to repair than small ones.

Patching the Hole With Drywall

Rectangular holes are more easy to patch than irregular ones, which means you have to shape the opening with a drywall saw. To give something to attach the drywall, slide a piece of timber that is 1-by-3 and drive drywall screws through the ceiling to hold it. After attaching it into the wood with drywall screws and cutting the patch to the very same dimensions as the pit and finish the patch with joint compound and drywall tape. It should be invisible, after you feel the patch to match the rest of the ceiling and then paint it.

Using Cover Plates

Two options exist for cover plates. Should you leave the electrical box set up, you may choose a metal or plastic cover plate large enough to conceal the hole and screw it. Use a spring-loaded cover plate if you remove the box. This handy facade has an anchor that crosses the opening and retains against the ceiling. You can paint the paint that you used to paint the ceiling on cover plates, but it will always remain visible. You may want to paint it with a design to take advantage of the fact.

Other Alternatives

Ceiling medallions are decorative discs that adorn the ceiling around a light or fan fixture, and you may buy one that doesn’t have an opening for a fixture. You glue one of these into the drywall, which means that you may use it in order to cover a pit whether you remove the electrical box. You can make your own decorative cover, if you are feeling creative. It may be as long as it is large enough to cover the gap. Glue it or screw it.

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